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Maya del Mar's November 2002 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1. Early November, ushered in by Halloween, is the season when the veils between dimensions are thinnest. Day of the Dead, celebrated now, is about honoring the other side. The Catholic Church designated All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day to occur this time of year. The pagans considered this time to be the death of the old year, and the birth of the new. Samhain is the old European name for this season, and it designates one of the eight power points of the year, the time midway between Autumn Equinox, when the light is dying, and Winter Solstice, when the light is born again.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this is the spring season, a time to celebrate the fertility of rising life.

The mood today is somber, as we journey into the spirit world and contact that great company of helpers on other planes, our ancestors, guides, and friends. We very much need their help during these difficult times.

This is a good work day; we can accomplish things on this plane as well as on other planes. There can be a focus on labor issues themselves, as well as on applied labor.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2. Moon is in sociable Libra, and we will want to create and communicate today. Energy is high, and we flow with the magical fire trine. Our personal goals can move ahead. This is a pleasant, flowing, active day. Do something that feels good.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3. Moon in Libra makes a grand air trine. We can talk over concepts and ideas, and make plans for the coming Scorpio Moon cycle. Tonight Vesta squares Pluto, to involve the power of transformation in security issues. Two hours later, Uranus turns direct. Uranus is a planet of sudden change. When it turns direct, it often manifests with a surprising, shocking incident. At the same time Mercury and Venus have their annual conjunction to begin a new cycle in consciousness of our priorities.

(This combination of energies certainly fits one we’ve already seen—a terrorist incident, government restrictions in the service of security, and public acquiescence.)

Uranus raises our vibrations. Thus it stimulates our nervous system, and during the few days around a Uranus station we tend to feel stirred and wakeful. There is lots happening in the heavens tonight, as we make our final preparations for the Scorpio New Moon tomorrow. Sleep will be difficult.

When Uranus turns direct, there is always a big release of energy. I think of radioactive Uranium, and the radioactive transuranium elements, such as plutonium, neptunium, and americium, all created from Uranium. Lively indeed.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 4. New Moon at 13 Scorpio occurs at 3:34 p.m. EST. The Scorpio New Moon is about transformation, developing one’s true power. In the worst circumstance, the aim is basic ego-aggrandizement at any cost. In the best circumstance, this is great power for healing self, others, and the world. Deep change, in the world and in ourselves, always occurs during the Scorpio moon cycle. Scorpio’s method is to be involved in crisis, and through that vortex to experience death and rebirth.

This moon connects closely with Pallas Athena in Aquarius and Mars in Libra. Pallas in Aquarius is the voice of the future, the strategist for reform, the innovator in technology. Mars in Libra is the active associate and the competitor. They will both help Scorpio exercise her need for control and transformation.

Willful Uranus has just turned direct, and explodes on the scene with this new moon. He is connected with Saturn, who provides discipline and form, and with Juno, who indicates the presence of partnership and/or abuse. Uranus will catalyze shocking events.

This is a remarkable chart. Every planet, body, and sensitive point is closely aspected, which gives all action occurring this month a great deal of depth and intensity—even aside from the natural Scorpio extremism. Also, the determined Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius fixed T-cross dominates now. This Scorpio Moon cycle will be extremely intense, focused, and change-oriented. The many chart interconnections also maximize creativity.

Central to this chart are the Moon’s Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, that polarity which has been so active the last couple of years. (GW’s and Saddam’s Nodes are also in Gemini and Sagittarius.) The Nodes are destiny points, and the U.S. Uranus is now exactly conjoining the transiting North Node at 9 Gemini. This means that action now revolves around U.S. needs for independence and "specialness," and that the direction of world history is deeply affected.

Most likely the U.S. goes it alone.

Aquarius is the dominant sign now. Each body in Aquarius stands out on its own, and together they make a smashing team—Neptune, the dreams of a new world order, Pallas, the strategist, who knows how to bring that world into being, and Uranus, the will to revolution and the desire to disrupt the status quo to make a space for change.

In Washington DC, Chiron, the expert on realignment, is overhead. Ceres in Aries ("The Mother of all battles," as Saddam Hussein once said) is rising, and Mars in the war and peace sign of Libra is setting.

Any planets at or near 9 degrees, 13 degrees, and 17 degrees will be highly activated by this Scorpio New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Scorpio is

"AN INVENTOR PERFORMS A LABORATORY EXPERIMENT. The driving urge towards achievement, which is at the root of civilization. At whatever level, the development of more complete and efficient forms of social interplay—the essence of the process of civilization—demands ingenuity, inventiveness and the willingness to experiment within relatively secure test conditions. One must try to go to the roots of problems of interpersonal or international relations, as well as to discover the principles controlling the interaction between material particles and larger bodies. Modern technology is only one approach to an immensely complex problem. Intuition is as necessary to success as intellectual analysis. What is most needed is the ABILITY TO RELATE SEEMINGLY UNRELATED FACTS."

Action is concentrated in the Middle East and in Europe, as well as in the United States. In the U.S. the usual areas are active—the East Coast and the Rocky Mts. Saudi Arabia is jumping.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5. This is an odd Election Day. Besides the influence of the New Moon in Scorpio, we have a restless, rebellious Uranus bursting forth. And to add to the unpredictability, Moon is VOC for most of the day. This means surprises. The Scorpio influence dominates when the polls open on the East Coast. The New Moon had Mars dominating the East Coast as well. There’s power and aggression in the air on the East Coast.

When the polls close on the West Coast, Saturn, Chiron and Vesta dominate, and the Moon has entered Sagittarius. This is a more focused, more conscious, influence, and more open to change.

Surprises mark the morning on both coasts. At 11:48 a.m. EST, Moon goes VOC in Scorpio. It enters philosophical Sag at 8:01 p.m. EST, so all the East Coast voting is under the aegis of Scorpio.

All day we have Mercury, perception, connecting with Neptune, the creator of illusions. This makes it impossible to evaluate candidates realistically. On the other hand, it gives the true idealists an edge with voters. Neptune is also oil, so oil supply will be a major factor in the minds of many.

Mercury with Neptune can open our intuitive, creative, and psychic channels. Divine guidance can help us make good election choices.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 6. Moon is in wild Sag today, connecting with Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter, an adventurous gang. Go for something big, and with scope, now. The gods and goddesses are on our side.

Moon continues in Sagittarius, making us ready to take off at the drop of a hat. At 7:14 p.m. EST it goes VOC, and at 9:59 p.m. Moon enters solid Capricorn.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8. This is the kind of Capricorn moon that sends us looking for fun and excitement, as well as building something constructive. The future beckons, and we can figure out a strategy to meet it. Late evening features Mars' fighting spirit, and we are apt to be wakeful and perhaps feisty.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9. Moon is VOC in Capricorn for the entire day, so the day may not go exactly as planned or expected (which can upset purposeful Capricorn.) Nevertheless, it’s a big day. Sun squares Jupiter for the last turn of a wheel which began June 14, 2001. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and Sun gives it extra vitality. Pluto, the regenerator, ties into this square, which gives it a lot of power. Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto all have extra-big presences.

At that time Penelope and I were working on healing in a way which strengthened her taking charge of her healing process. At that time GW was tripping around Europe trying to get support for his missile defense system, and not getting it—instead getting flak for his opt-out on global warming. A Senate Report that day stated that Big Oil had been cutting output since the mid-90’s to raise profits.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10. Moon is in silver-winged Aquarius, and yesterday’s action takes off. For the next two days, the power-driven fixed T-cross is set into motion. We have lots to do. Let love and compassion move through you as you begin this new chapter. Tune into spirit.

First Quarter Moon at 20 Aquarius occurs at 3:52 p.m. EST. We are working now with Scorpio’s goal of regeneration, which happens through a process of crisis, death, and rebirth. Aquarius is quite willing to disrupt the status quo to help achieve this purpose. First Quarter is when we break through obstacles to join the collective, and we can expect disruption on a collective level. In the U.S. this is Veterans’ Day. Veterans may have a lot to say about the prospect of war on Iraq.

There are many many aspects today, which means a great deal of activity for all of us, both mental and physical. We get right into it, for our consciousness is both optimistic and assertive.

Sun and Moon are both tightly connected to Vesta at 20 Virgo. Vesta is comfortable in Virgo, where she is free to be dedicated and focused, as is her nature. Now she focuses on the social change which Sun and Moon are propelling, and aids that process. Virgo is a sign of work, service, and health. It relates to both labor and to the military. Vesta tends to be involved in both financial and turf matters, so claiming and protecting one’s turf, especially in the fields of work and the military, will be a major issue now.

Mercury squares Jupiter, sending our thoughts far and wide. Mars is at the center of this square, and we can think big about aggression. In addition, Mars is strengthened by a mundane square with Chiron. Anything can happen with this maverick combination.

Juno squares the U.S. Mercury, making the nation think about terrorism.

Socializing and talking things over is important today. We may run into conflict, but we can practice listening to one another.

Planets in the degrees between 16 and 20 in all signs are highly stimulated. This includes the U.S. natal Juno and Chiron, which I see as the cowboy mentality in U.S. politics.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 12. We may awaken with some very good ideas. Make a note of them. After 9:06 a.m. EST, moon goes VOC in Aquarius. These next hours are great for brainstorming. Give yourself time and opportunity to let your mind wander, perhaps contemplating yesterday’s action. At 12:42 p.m. Moon enters Pisces, and heads for a trine with Venus. Emotions flow freely for the rest of the day. Indulge in a tearjerker movie or documentary tonight.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 13. Pisces says, join the flow. But we’ve got Chiron involved, and Chiron actually likes to disrupt the flow, to bring in something new. With Chiron in Capricorn, it’s apt to do with institutions or government.

Tonight Sun conjoins Mercury in Scorpio. This is the beginning of a new cycle of communication and perception which will last for about 90 days. In Scorpio, its contents are deep, hidden, and secretive. Many many secrets are being exposed now, and I expect this conjunction to speed up the process of exposure, especially since it is squared by Uranus in Aquarius, who wants the truth.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 14. Moon continues in imaginative Pisces. Energy today flows very well, and we may find ourselves accomplishing more than we thought possible. Take off your blinders, and be open to creative opportunities.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15. Moon in Aries is much simpler than moon in Pisces. All we have to do is to move into action as the urge moves through us. Today we can bring heaven to earth, and make dreams real. Tonight our nervous system is disrupted, and it can manifest in nervousness and wakefulness, in crazy thoughts, or in genius.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16. This is an extremely energy-burning day. Make sure you do something physical, or get involved in a demanding project. Mercury squares progressive Uranus today, and Sun squares Uranus tomorrow to make us conscious of the old ways we need to leave behind. Uranus often acts disruptively, so be prepared for the unexpected today and tomorrow.

At the same time, Mars conjoins the U.S. Juno, to indicate potential of attack. Juno passes over the midpoint of Mercury-Pluto, which shows U.S. awareness of its power, along with fear, or indulging in terrorism, or both. This is the same point as the April 15, 1995 Lunar Eclipse which preceded the Oklahoma City bombing. In addition, Juno now squares GW’s Saturn, making terrorism a very big issue with him.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17. Sun squares shocking Uranus early this morning, to awaken us with a bang. At 9:06 a.m. EST moon goes VOC., still in enthusiastic, assertive Aries. Moon enters mellow Taurus at 1:23 p.m., and immediately connects with its mentor Venus, the planet of love. The rest of the day can be loving and lovely. Connecting with nature would be especially satisfying. Get caught up on sleep tonight.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 18. This is a day for meditation and contemplation. Take the day off if you can, walk in nature, absorb the truth and the sustenance of the earth. Tuning into divine spirit is the best way to prepare for tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse. Tonight we will feel more energetic, and energy rises for the next 36 hours.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 28 Taurus occurs at 8:34 p.m. EST. This eclipse is visible in most of the world, except for western U.S. and eastern Asia.

Scorpio Sun is about power and transformation. Taurus Moon comes along and says, hey, we’ve got a lot to preserve and care for, and we can make more. Scorpio is willing to destroy, while Taurus wants to nurture and grow things. The good gardener needs to know how to do both. Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs, and this combination is very connected with the material and tangible. We can expect changes in physical circumstances to take place around this eclipse. One already has—the crash of Sen. Paul Wellstone’s plane. This eclipse is exactly conjoined his Juno, the victim energy.

This November 19 eclipse will work in tandem with the total Lunar Eclipse of next May 15 at 25 Scorpio. All planets at 24-29 degrees of fixed signs—Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius—will be changed during this next year. Fixed signs resist change, and thus crisis is usually part of fixed sign transformation.

Eclipses close old doors, and open new ones.

Their action occurs over a long period of time, including before the eclipses, but highlights usually occur within three months before or after an eclipse, more often within two weeks, or even on the day.

Eclipses occur across a particular zodiacal polarity for about one and a half years. They usually occur in pairs about every six months. Many events correspond with an eclipse period, the peak of which lasts about two years, and the net result is transformation in that zodiacal area.

Those periods tend to overlap. For instance, we have two polarities activated now by eclipses—the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity and the Scorpio-Taurus polarity.

Moon corresponds with the body, and lunar eclipses are associated with physical circumstances, endings or beginnings.

Moon is also associated with instincts, feelings, basic needs, and with the past. These things, rising from the subconscious, can be eclipsed now, and consciousness is free to reign, unimpeded by lunar impulses.

(The Solar Eclipse, in two weeks, will eclipse consciousness and allow ancient instincts to rise and prevail. That eclipse is on the Ascendant of the U.S.)

We have a fixed grand cross in the sky now.

This indicates that not only is crisis involved with these eclipse changes, but that the changes will be enduring. A new world order (or disorder) is in fact emerging, and this eclipse represents one of the big steps on the way.

Taurus is an earthy earth sign. Land is Taurean, as well as money, and all survival needs. Saddam Hussein has his Sun in Taurus. So does John Ashcroft.

The complementary eclipse on May 15 also includes a strong fixed T-square. Neptune turns retrograde at that time, indicating that U.S. oil hegemony dreams then move to the back room.

Venus is stationing and will turn direct tomorrow.

This is a powerful Venus, at a powerful spot—just into the first minutes of Scorpio. Here Venus is filled with passionate desire, and can indulge in extreme actions to get what she wants.

It’s extremely relevant that this Venus is only 9 minutes from exact conjunction with the point at which Mercury stationed on November 7, 2000, when GW was selected. That Mercury was at the very end of Libra. This Venus is at the very beginning of Scorpio. What began in Libra is now given substantiation in Scorpio.

Jupiter, now at 18 Leo, conjoins the Sun-Moon of the historic Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999.

Jupiter is considered the ruling planet of the U.S. The South Node in the heavens has only now caught up with the Pluto of that powerful (fixed grand cross) 1999 eclipse. This means complete transformation of old conditions.

Remember the path of that famous August Eclipse? It went from the coast of New York City to India, moving across Europe and the Middle East. The path of totality included England, France, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and India.

Solar Eclipse paths are important. The last Solar Eclipse across the U.S. was in May 1994. Its pathway corresponded exactly to the life history locations of Timothy McVeigh. The center of that pathway was Oklahoma City, bombed by McVeigh after another eclipse in April 1995.

Important events always occur at the Taurus and Scorpion full moons in November and in May. This year there are lunar eclipses with both of these impactful moons, and we can expect many tangible, concrete changes to occur during, as well as preceding and following, this six-month period.

Israel, with Sun and Mars at these degrees, is particularly impacted by these eclipses. Israel’s big concerns of land and resources is also the theme of Taurus-Scorpio. In addition, Mars is rising through Israel now.

This Lunar Eclipse also conjoins the Sun of the New York Stock Exchange (5-17-1792). It is also right on the Pluto of the incorporation chart of Standard Oil Trust by John Rockefeller (1-2-1882). This Trust is considered the first (modern-day) multinational corporation, and as such is a founding chart of the global corporate culture.

It surely looks like big money is involved now.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Taurus is:

"A WOMAN, PAST HER "CHANGE OF LIFE," EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE. Humankind’s capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations. He or she should freely open his or her mind to the possibility of always new REBEGINNINGS. Ideally, the new beginning should imply a more mature response to the new possibility of experience."

There is a lot of Mars energy with this Eclipse. Mars IC goes through Venezuela. Besides Israel, Mars ascending goes through Moscow, Turkey, Cairo, and down Africa through Capetown in the south. Mars midheaven goes through Beijing and Indonesia. Mars brings activation and often conflict to an area.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 20 and THURSDAY NOVEMBER 21. Moon is in busy Gemini, perfect for helping us to process all the information which is now flowing in to us. And there will be more, for Venus turns direct around midnight, between these two days. Aspects are harmonious and flowing, and we can move ahead on our new Scorpio Venus consciousness. With Gemini, communication and physical movement are lifelines.

Venus turns direct at 2:12 a.m. EST. at 1 Scorpio, conjoined Mars in late Libra. Mars is now challenging the U.S. Pluto, the nation’s power. Venus in Scorpio is commonly associated with money, lots of it, often greed, and this timing supports Tuesday’s Eclipse indications. Saturn and Ceres, along with Juno and Mars, are also involved with Venus now. The whole combination speaks of government, military, and abuse.

The chart set for Washington DC is fascinating. All four of the chart angles are closely involved, which means that this energy will be expressed in all directions. It will not be hidden. Furthermore, those angles are at 1 degree of each of the cardinal signs, the four most expressive places in the zodiac—Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. These are the points that usher in each new season. This is, then, a very new beginning in Washington. The Sabian Symbol is most appropriate.

The midheaven now is at 1 Cancer, the degree of the June 21, 2001 Solstice Eclipse. Much happened then. Particularly relevant is the U.S. charging 14 suspected terrorists, including 13 Saudis, in the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing. Also, the Israeli settler violence began then. In California, the truth about the power manipulation for profit in that state was just beginning to emerge.

All of these things are very connected to each other, and to events now.

Aspects, which can awaken one, last until late both nights.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22. Moon goes VOC in Gemini at 7:06 a.m. EST, and the morning may be filled with distractions. At 11:48 a.m. Moon enters Cancer, and we start having thoughts of going home, or perhaps starting on a trip. Afternoon and evening we may want to be reclusive, and with people we love. Sun enters Sag today, and this could, in fact, be a good weekend to start on a vacation.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23 and SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24. Moon in Cancer makes for a good homebody and family weekend, perhaps preparing for Thanksgiving. We could also be preparing to travel for the holidays, for we do have "on-the-road" energy during the entire weekend.

Transpluto turns retrograde today. We have six months to assimilate and absorb the process of social resurrection which dominates our lives now.

Moon is VOC after 11:51 a.m. Sunday. At 8:00 p.m. it enters Leo, and the evening can be passionate.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 25 and TUESDAY NOVEMBER 26. Moon is in bright, enthusiastic Leo. We want to share our talents and our love with others, and we do. These are super-creative days, filled with energy. Moon goes over stationary Transpluto around 6 p.m. EST Tuesday. Notice your reactions around that time.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27. Last Quarter Moon at 6 Virgo occurs at 10:46 a.m. EST. Sun now conjoins South Node, which means letting go of something from the past. This is most appropriate for Last Quarter. This is the end of our Scorpio Moon cycle, and we can let go of our intense drive for power.

Moon squares the Nodes, which shows that being in service conflicts with the freedom desired by the Gemini and Sagittarius Nodes. All planets at mutable sign degrees between 4 and 9 will be sensitive to this conflict for the next week. This includes Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini.

This is a much-stimulated degree area these last several years. Thus events occurring now will have special depth, intensity, and links to the past.

This is also Black Hole Tiamat’s territory. She was the Babylonian Goddess of Chaos who birthed the Gods. She can be a powerful ally in the healing of the physical body, but we must go into the Black Hole energy vortex.

Virgo is good work energy. It will stimulate Cheney’s Ascendant and GW’s Mars and progressed Sun, so we might see some new action from the Administration. Tonight we may find ourselves staying up late, and worrying about the future. Work on centering and on faith can be helpful.

We may have reason to be concerned, for the U.S. Pluto is brought into play again. Victims of U.S. power may be featured now.

Juno enters Scorpio, where she will be a tough negotiator. Intensity increases in partnership, and the need to control can make for manipulation and jealousy.

This moon family began on August 29, 2000. Pres. Clinton then gave a speech in Colombia announcing a $1.3 billion aid package for Colombia, mostly military. Israel deployed a Patriot missile. That weekend I visited the magical Perelandra Gardens in Virginia with Linda Parker and Ann Buzenberg, and was introduced to the healing Perelandra Essences.

Virgo itself is excellent for healing both self and others.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28. Blessed Thanksgiving! We will probably gather in small and devoted groups this year, and the mood will be serious. Service will be important.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29 and SATURDAY NOVEMBER 30. These are particularly sociable days, filled with pleasant interactions between people, although intensity now underlies all our relationships. We are apt to be involved in conversations which deepen and expand our thinking, particularly about large social problems. Power, terrorism, and security remain major subjects, and in particular the government’s relationship to those issues.

Sun lights up South Node to return us to the past. These would be excellent days to look at old photos, and to share memories.

Mars during these two days conjoins a very sensitive point—that unstable place where Mercury turned retrograde the night of the Bush selection. Juno conjoined that same point during the last few days. The attack and abuse which has characterized this Administration now comes to some kind of a head. On Sunday morning Mars moves into Scorpio, and there will be no holds barred.

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