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Maya del Mar's May 2004 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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In many ways, April has been a prelude to real healing. Conflict has indeed worsened in many areas, but it has brought into stark relief old dysfunctions which need repair. Slowly, issues which have been cloaked in clouds of denial are emerging into clearer skies and being seen by more people. This is the first day of Mercury’s direct motion, and we are eager to get going. Values are the big issue for the coming two months, and both today and tomorrow, we get a fix on what is currently most important to us. Consciousness is high today, and at the same time, with Chiron turning retrograde, we begin a long inner healing period.

Awareness of social roles is strong. What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to do now? Today you might feel a powerful push to do it. Mothering is under stress now. In that regard, a major national question today is, How is the U.S. caring for the people of Iraq? And for her own people?

This morning moon is VOC in problem-solving Virgo. At 2:03 p.m. moon enters Libra, and we want to be nice. This afternoon will feel pleasant, but by late evening emotions will be very intense. There will be a tendency to be impulsive, but it is rational and fair judgment which will keep the peace (as usual).


Moon continues in social Libra, and our interchanges will be both useful and pleasant. There is a serious cast to this day. This could be a stimulating, wakeful night.


This morning we start our workweek very nicely, with harmony and ambition. At 12:49 p.m. EDT moon goes VOC, and the afternoon is apt to be less productive. However, after moon enters Scorpio at 4:39 p.m., we want to bore right into life’s deepest questions. Great insights are possible tonight, as we move into Full Moon mode.


Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 15 Scorpio occurs at 4:33 p.m. EDT. Because it happens in daylight here, this eclipse is not visible in the western hemisphere. It is visible in most of the rest of the world.

The Scorpio Full Moon is perhaps the most powerful full moon of the year. It is about deep transformation of the resources which Taurus has been carefully husbanding. Shifts in financial systems are certainly possible. The question of dividing up the spoils of the Iraqi invasion will be on the front burner. The Israeli occupation and takeover of Palestine is always highlighted in May. Greed is quite in evidence now, along with feeling defensive. This combination makes for desperate clutching, which is counterproductive in the long run. Fortunately, the freeing energy of Uranus is also strong now. We can let go. In fact, we may be pushed to release something important to us.

Neptune in Aquarius is the heavyweight at this eclipse. Neptune is the dissolver, and we will see some old conditions dissolve. Neptune also refers to visions, which may be unrealistic. For instance, the "religious" myths which pit people against one another are Neptunian. So is the highest inspiration which fuels noble deeds. Neptune includes fog and denial. Oil and drugs are both ruled by Neptune. Neptune is often associated with chaotic and/or confused conditions and states of mind. The CIA is Neptunian, working in the murk and trying to make sense of it.

In other words, situations are apt to be confused rather than clarified at this time. Chaos will increase. Keen observation and analysis are particularly important now.

Jupiter turns direct tonight, and the already-expansive energy of this Full Moon is greatly amplified. Spreading conflict is apt to be a major manifestation.

The New Moon which planted the seeds for this Full Moon occurred on November 4, 2002. This was the first widespread use of voting machines, and there were some very weird, as well as suspicious, results in that election.

Eclipses can zap our energy. This is particularly the case with an eclipse which features Neptune, who dissolves structures.

The Sabian Symbol for 15 Scorpio is

CHILDREN PLAYING AROUND FIVE MOUNDS OF SAND. Early steps in the development of a mind seeking to be attuned to the higher level of human evolution. This is a particularly cryptic symbol. It may be deciphered if one realizes that a person’s essential destiny is to develop as a five-fold being, a "Pentagram" or five-pointed star. Number 5 symbolizes mind in its most creative and penetrating aspect, while number 4 refers to the life processes operating at present within the Earth’s biosphere. Our Western civilization has realized only the lower level of this vibration 5; i.e., mind contaminated by compulsive instincts and emotional involvement. Some individuals, however, are born with a special potential for development of the higher, creative mind, and in social circumstances favoring this development. In most cases, they are still "playing around" with this capacity. They are in the kindergarten stage of this higher mind development. The free spirit of scientific inquiry is only a foreshadowing of such a type of mind, which demands dedication to humankind as a whole. What is seen here is FUTURE-ORIENTED GROWTH."


This is a full-blown day, with few limits. Moon is in ever-adventurous Sagittarius, its ruler, Sky God Jupiter, has just turned direct and is ready to fly, and watery Neptune, who spreads things all over, makes its final square with Sun. There is success today, with little effort. In fact, sudden circumstances may simply catapult us into a favored position.


Yesterday’s optimistic outlook continues, and the day moves along well.


This is a freewheeling day. Moon is VOC in Sagittarius for most of the day, until 5:16 p.m. EDT. In the meantime we have a number of oppositions. With oppositions we can see the other side, and thus greater understanding and awareness are possible. On the other hand, we don’t always like what we see (even though often it might be part of ourselves projected into the world), and there can be conflict. The entire process of getting food on the table remains highlighted (as it has all winter). Moon enters Capricorn this evening, and gets a new shot of ambition.


Moon is in industrious Capricorn with truly excellent aspects. This is a great day for successful work, as well as for contacting people connected with work.


Moon continues in Capricorn, but it is VOC from 9:03 a.m. until 6:46 p.m. EDT. Capricorn favors older people, so do enjoy your mothers or mother substitutes. VOC leaves us free to be spontaneous—in fact, we'd better be!—so have a fun day. Mars just entered Cancer, another "mother" sign, and the asteroids, who promote what we call "women’s interests" are also highlighted. Mercury is strong, and today’s energy provides an opportunity to communicate with Mother. Even for those whose mothers have passed on, or are absent, communication in spirit can flower.


Moon is traveling through Aquarius, with loving vibes. This can be a very friendly day. It’s also a good day for planning high strategy. Moon conjoined Neptune tonight favors video, drama, or music entertainment.

TUESDAY MAY 11. Last Quarter Moon at 22 Aquarius occurs at 7:04 a.m. EDT. Taurus likes to hang onto things. Aquarius reminds us that it’s the ideas behind things which are important, and allows us to release the specific things. Last Quarter is release time. Moon and Sun have both just been inspired with Neptune’s vision, and they will inspire us to hold firm to the core of that vision. Neptune in Aquarius holds high ideals of freedom, and will support those who are struggling for self-determination. When Neptune was last in Aquarius in the 19th century, conditions, such as the Underground Railroad and the Abolition movement, unfolded in the U.S. for freeing the slaves through the subsequent Civil War. Slaves were, in fact, freed all over the world during those years.

Aspects today are harmonious, and include that maverick, Wounded Healer Chiron.

The New Moon on December 12, 2002 started this moon family. In Washington, the Bush Administration was working out their plan to invade Iraq. According to reports at the time, they planned to create a weapons inspection crisis as the reason. At First Quarter was the fiasco at the UN, when they tried to do just that. The Full Moon in August 2003 was when the Shi’ites in Baghdad gave the U.S. an ultimatum to get out.

These Aquarian moon phases marked stages of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and of resistance to it. Each phase was also marked by the development of new weapons by the U.S., both nuclear and biological. (Was the invasion a testing arena for new weapons?) Energy and power problems in the U.S. also showed up at each of these moon phases. Self-determination, technology, and energy are all Aquarian issues.

The Sabian Symbol for 22 Aquarius is

A RUG IS PLACED ON THE FLOOR OF A NURSERY TO ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY IN COMFORT AND WARMTH. The warmth of understanding which comes to those who, early in life, are open to new possibilities. We are never left without assistance when eagerly seeking to grow emotionally and spiritually. Even if we do not consciously realize the intent and value of what sustains our self-development and cushions the shocks which growth provides in understanding, still the assistance is there. We may think: No one understands me. But the understanding is there if we do not egotistically take for granted that life and society owe us everything. Through a warm appreciation of basic opportunities, and even small comforts, we can safely and happily grow into maturity.

WEDNESDAY MAY 12 and THURSDAY MAY 13. Two easy days here. Moon is in mellow Pisces with harmonious aspects. This is a time to follow your intuition, and to enjoy life. Psychic, spiritual, and artistic activities are favored. Pisces always likes some time by the water.

FRIDAY MAY 14 and SATURDAY MAY 15. Energy shifts to Aries’ enthusiastic charging ahead, and we become dynamos. These are good days to look into the future, and to envision the kind of future you’d like. Dance, play, run, be active now.

SUNDAY MAY 16. Mercury just went into Taurus last night, and we start to think of having rather than of doing. We might start by having a delicious brunch this morning. Moon goes VOC at 8:17 a.m., and by 3:57 p.m. Moon too has entered Taurus. Tonight we will want to communicate our desires.

This is an extremely active day in the heavens. We must be preparing bigtime for tomorrow night’s midnight New Moon. This is a transition time. We’re closing up shop on the outgoing month of Aries, and stepping into the receptive month of Taurus. Three bodies turn retrograde today, emphasizing the transition character of this day. This is the time of month for maximum envisioning of the future. Take some time alone to meditate on where you want to see yourself, your nation, and humanity headed. With planets now in Taurus, the condition of earth herself can provide a central focus.

The planets now turning retrograde give us an unparalleled opportunity to make turnarounds in our current directions, to redo the past.

Juno begins the retrograde parade in the early morning. The major issues with Juno are fair and equal partnerships, and human rights for everyone. Juno wanted a happy marriage, but was abused instead by Jupiter. (Like the Iraqis with the U.S.) Juno situations are often loaded with abuse, fear and terror. Juno is also goddess of the weather, and she can, in her anger, create storms and catastrophes. At a Juno station there can be a big earth or weather disturbance. We can emerge from our Juno retrograde period, on September 1, with a clearer sense of justice for ourselves and for others.

In the meantime, big Neptune is stationing, and a couple of hours later it makes its ponderous turn. Neptune is the Cosmic Channel. Our personal channels are not sufficiently developed to tune into the essence of the cosmos, and we get rather confused as we try to bring spirit to earth. We need time alone to tune into that quiet inner voice of spirit, and to work effectively to fine-tune our receptive channels. When Neptune is retrograde, it is easier to listen to spirit as it speaks through us, and to tune out the zeitgeist. When Neptune turns direct on October 24, we can manifest a wider and deeper spirituality, with more empathy and compassion.

Later, just before New Moon, Venus turns retrograde. Through Venus we express our desires, our values, and our priorities. When Venus is retrograde, it reduces our need to "keep up with the Joneses", and to go along with majority opinion and mores. Instead, we turn to our inner selves and find our own treasures, accumulated over lifetimes. Getting along in the standard society sometimes becomes problematical during this time. We emerge from the 45-day retrograde period with a clearer idea of who we are and what we really want.

Three retrogrades at once makes for a big turnaround in our pathways. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus marks an especially important new beginning.

The significance of this new start is further supported by another turnaround in the heavens. Slow-moving Transpluto made its annual direct turn on May 12, and is just now beginning to move ahead. Transpluto represents the principle of resurrection and rebirth. It deals equally with spiritual and material matters, both on a grand scale, and is the energy of transubstantiation, the change of substance within form. It may be called the alchemist. Transpluto has been traveling in Leo, the sign of the ruler and the sign of the U.S. North Node, since the beginning of World War II. It can slowly work with the deep inner changes which are beginning now, and which will continue throughout the summer.

Today is an active and productive day. There will be many demands on us. Try to be conscious during your interchanges and activities, and notice what they are telling you. Make an effort to spend some time alone, just to assimilate today’s information.

TUESDAY MAY 18. Moon continues traveling in the sign of Taurus, the Gardener. There are no aspects today. This leaves us free to absorb yesterday’s overwhelming information. On the West Coast, New Moon is at 9:52 p.m. PDT. On the East Coast, it is tomorrow. There is another big change in the heavens today. Ceres, the Great Mother, has been traveling through Cancer since August 2003. This was when the Iraqi insurgency increased greatly as they expressed much anger about the U.S. killing of civilians. Cancer Mommy (and the U.S. is a Cancer nation) was, and is, not caring for her children. Today Ceres enters Leo, the sign of command, and this situation will change. (Many alternative options are possible.) Ceres will travel in Leo through July 2004.

WEDNESDAY MAY 19. New Moon at 29 Taurus occurs at 12:52 a.m. EDT. Taurus New Moon ushers in a month with the theme of productive work and growth. This New Moon is particularly interesting.

The degree of the sun-moon now conjoins a maser, which Alex Miller-Mignone says are points of high voltage intensity, "cosmic cattle prods." He says that they seem to have black hole affinities in that they act as psychic catalytic energy converters, but without the unpredictable nature of black hole manifestations. Rather, current conditions are likely to pertain, but become more exacerbated in their effects.

Another special feature of this degree is its lateness. At 29 degrees, we are almost through experiencing the Taurus solar field, and yet we have our Taurus new moon, just now setting into motion Taurean activities. On Thursday we enter the Gemini solar energy field. This means that tending our gardens will occur in a Gemini matrix—which indicates much information, communication, and interchange. Taurus is stable, Gemini moves around. We can expect much movement in the service of tending territory and interests.

This Taurus New Moon also conjoins Alcyone, the major star of the Pleiades. This star is considered ambitious, which can lead to turbulence and/or honor. Ruthlessness can create enmity and fall from power.

The degree of this sun-moon trines the natal U.S. Pluto, feeding right into the U.S. power urge.

The degree of this New Moon is featured again because it sits right between and very close to two recent eclipses. This New Moon will manifest a turning point in themes of those eclipses.

First, I want to point out that a study of the eclipses in late Taurus and Scorpio, and in early Sagittarius and Gemini, during the course of U.S. history shows that they accompany a steady buildup of U.S. financial power and a spread of U.S. power in the world. (See my articles in the Mountain Astrologer for April-May 2003 and for October-November 2003.)

The immediate most relevant eclipses were a Lunar Eclipse at 28 Scorpio on November 19, 2002, and a Solar Eclipse at 2 Sagittarius on November 25, 2003.

The two themes which stand out at both eclipses are step-ups in anti-American activity in the Middle East, and actions by the U.S. Congress to further expand corporate profits at the expense of U.S. taxpayers and others in the world. (Are these by any chance related?)

If past history is any guide, we will see both of these activities increase now.

(As I write, the U.S. Congress made a huge step in this direction—by happily appointing John Negroponte, known by Latin Americans as the father of death squads and master of the cover-up while he was Ambassador to Honduras in the 80’s, as the new Ambassador to Iraq. This will be the biggest embassy mission in the world. Yesterday’s first quarter moon conjoined the U.S. north node in Leo. Does our behavior in the world really make us proud of this nation?)

How about each of us? Yes, we go on continuing to establish a personal base of security. But what about our spiritual base? What about ourselves as citizens of a community? Essentially, all of our support for living comes from spirit, and secondarily from the earth and from community. We as "Americans" need to do a lot of hard thinking about the larger environment which supports us, and rethink our ethics and our role as contributors to society. The summer’s retrogrades will allow us that opportunity.

In Washington DC, this New Moon sits on the nadir, showing the seeding of new foundations for the United States. The fourth house cusp (roughly, the nadir) itself conjoins the fixed star Algol, considered the most evil of the fixed stars by the ancients.

Moon gets us started on Gemini energy when it enters Gemini in the very early morning. Its aspects today are dynamic and expansive. Our endeavors will meet with success. Remember, however, to keep in mind your spiritual grounding as you fly high. Moon and Sun both came into this meeting with dominant Neptune vibrations. Can we tune into Neptune’s spiritual connection, or do we choose to hang out with Neptune’s alluring curtains of denial?

(Pluto is now, and will be through 2006, squaring the U.S. natal Neptune. Pluto is the destroyer. It will destroy our national Neptunian illusions. The more we feed them, the harder will be our fall.)

THURSDAY MAY 20. Moon continues in lively Gemini, and we do stay busy and connected. Long-distance communications are favored. Sun enters Gemini to set in motion the solar Gemini vibrational field. With Moon and Sun in Gemini, today is almost a new moon in Gemini. However, Moon is traveling behind Gemini, where it can peek into the future. Information is our key tool now, as we work on our Taurus grounding.

FRIDAY MAY 21. Moon is VOC in Gemini this morning. Let your spontaneity bubble forth. At 4:35 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Cancer. In the meantime, Mars and Mercury make harmonious aspects. We will move things along, but the outcomes will be unpredictable.

Today’s big event is an occultation of Venus by Moon at 8:13 a.m. EDT. It is visible in most of Europe, central Russia, and northern India. This is the same as an eclipse of Venus. It indicates a major change in priorities, resources, values, and desires.

At some point the enormous debt load of the U.S. will cause big problems, and a possibility is that we could see now a big erosion of our financial credibility in the world. Venusian peace could be another casualty of this eclipse, both in our own households and in the world.

Aspects to Venus now indicate that we may become aware of institutional abuse to which we will no longer give allegiance. (Perhaps it is others outside of the U.S. who become aware of it, which seems the case these days.)

At the time of occultation, Moon and Venus have just risen over Washington, and Mars and Saturn are just about to rise—not a very auspicious signal. Venus has just turned retrograde, so it is in a good position to review its wants and needs.

On June 8, Venus makes a rare transit over Sun. Now, with Moon, the unconscious Venus is featured. We may see displayed, for example, gross greed. But when Venus joins Sun, it will be infused with new creative purpose. Depending on consciousness, it could be to pursue that very greed. At any rate, there is apt to be uncertainty and instability during these next two weeks, until Venus is centered by her visit to Sun.

Look for more about "transforming Venus" in the June Daykeeper.

Moon is in homebody Cancer, with hardworking aspects. Work around the home will fly. It may slow down after 2:58 p.m. EDT, when Moon goes VOC. After that, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

SUNDAY MAY 23. Moon is VOC in Cancer for the entire day, and this can be a very relaxing day. At the same time Mercury trines Jupiter, and we have a wealth of practical ideas which may push us into action. This is a common sense combination, excellent for grounding. Take some time alone to assimilate these vibrations.

Moon is traveling in dramatic Leo during both of these days. We will be enthusiastic and persistent in our activities.

The days are tied together by the midnight meeting of Mars and Saturn at 12 Cancer, which begins a new two-year cycle of unrelenting action. Mars and Saturn together are difficult, especially in Cancer. They are pushy and defensive at the same time, and can be harsh and destructive. They are now sextile Mercury, and will influence everybody’s thinking about security. Taurus will also add to the natural stubbornness of this combination. It bodes poorly for a world in conflict.

This conjunction is very close to the Suns of the U.S. and of GW. Stimulating Mars will conjunct both of them in a couple of days, as part of the First Quarter Moon action. Saturn, the Great Teacher, will conjoin them by mid-June. Again, these next few weeks will be very difficult for the U.S.

On Tuesday there are also aspects which enable us to think big, to see the large perspective, and to call in spirit. We simply need to get our egos out of the way.

WEDNESDAY MAY 26. Moon is VOC in Leo until 3:52 p.m. EDT, when it enters Virgo. This can be a creative and outgoing day.

THURSDAY MAY 27. First Quarter Moon at 7 Virgo occurs at 3:57 a.m. EDT. A Virgo Moon day loaded with aspects—what more can we ask for to motivate us to bustle around and do what needs to be done? We may not ask for it, but we are also getting Sun square Uranus, and Moon opposed Uranus, a very exciting configuration. Uranus’ hallmark is unpredictability. Our nervous systems will be racing. We end this dynamite day with Mercury square Neptune, that shady lady of the sea who often feeds us illusions.

Remember we are working in a Taurus moon month. Virgo is another earth sign, and at this getting-moving first phase of the moon, we can be effective and practical. Our main challenge is keeping our goals clear. Again, listening to inner guidance is important. We have many aspects to help us.

This is another particularly active degree. There was a Solar Eclipse here on September 1, 1997, which accompanied Princess Diana’s death. Watch the UK. Other issues there have surfaced at this degree.

The New Moon family in which this is the first quarter began on August 27, 2003. In Iraq there was a watershed: more U.S. soldiers had been killed after the end of the "war" than during it. Also in Iraq, the holy city of Najif was car bombed several times. There were many injuries and deaths. Bombing at a special Shi’ite mosque killed the moderate leader al-Hakim. Also at this time, North Korea announced that they were working on a nuclear bomb.

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Virgo is

A HAREM. The fateful (even if sought-after) subservience to the vagaries or desires of the emotional nature.

Enough said.

FRIDAY MAY 28. Moon continues in industrious Virgo. This morning it aspects Pluto and Venus, intensifying our love and desire nature. At 12:17 p.m. EDT it goes VOC, and is VOC for the rest of the day. We may be left with restless, unsatisfied, and undirected feelings this afternoon. Physical activity would be helpful, perhaps a workout or a yoga session.

Moon is in Libra with a lovely trine to airy Gemini Sun. We must have someone to talk with! Conversation can be most satisfying today. A serious note creeps in tonight. A scary movie may appeal to us.

SUNDAY MAY 30. Moon continues in Libra, with loving aspects. Sharing an experience with the arts would be very satisfying. At 3:09 p.m. EDT Moon goes VOC for the remainder of the day. This is a prime time to simply enjoy yourself as you share with another. Tonight Sun squares Jupiter to bounce us into big expansion. With Moon in Libra, this could be an action motivated by a need for social justice.

Today there can be an extreme push for getting what we want. Moon in Scorpio intensifies feelings, and powerful Pluto gives the Venus-Pallas conjunction a jolt. Women’s issues could be prominent. This is an excellent day to accomplish our goals, whatever they are.

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