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Virgo New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Have you been hoping for an angelic ride to manifestation? Discover it now, as you apply the suggestions below to synchronize your mind, spirit and daily actions to implement you your hottest ideas.

In her Daily Success Guide, Maya Del Mar has emphasized the connection of this spectacular lunation with Pallas and Saturn, masters of strategy and work, respectively. The Virgo New Moon will light up our capacity to focus on the practical daily steps required to implement our most brilliant strategic hunches in relation to our work.

The energies are very interesting and the manifestation potential enormous, as we will now see. Maya’s Retrograde Guide points to the Pallas retrograde leading up to this New Moon, since May, as a time to devise strategies. Whether or not we have consciously followed her recommendation, the Pallas energy has been inspiring us intuitively with strategic plans and hunches for our work. The New Moon portal is the time to begin--or intensify--implementation of our brilliant leadings or dreams. Maya points out another blessing: as the first of set of two Virgo New Moons, this magical time for implementation doubles the normal 28-day lunar cycle.


Harvest symbols such as orange flowers, stalks of dry grass and squash will remind you of earth time passing, and the need to use it in the most productive manner. Earthy-scent incense (Sandalwood is for Virgo) and beeswax or another earthy-looking candle, especially in yellow or beige tones, will connect you with the late harvest energy. Make your prayers a celebration of focus by dressing in garments that are comfortable and that will also facilitate your directed action as soon as you are done with your New Moon prayers. As you light your candles and incense, direct the action mentally as an offering to the Angels of Effective Action, of self-confidence and particularly to Hamaliel, (which Lucy Aspra associates with Virgo), requesting their assistance for implementation of your most brilliant plans and intuitions.

Inner work for the Virgo New Moon of August 23

Keep a pen and paper by your bed. Just before sleep on the evening of August 23 (or thereafter, if you read this later), refer to the suggestions above to invoke the angels and ask for their assistance. Then, sitting on the edge of your bed (so as not to doze off mid-exercise), repeat to something to this effect:

“I am worthy of receiving all the angelic help and clear, positive guidance that is coming to me in dreams, and I will remember it.”

Repeat the thought aloud, with full attention, at least ten times.

The next morning, write down any guidance you remember. Don’t worry if it takes you a few nights’ repetition to start recalling, and in any case, write down your strategy to implement the most brilliant hunches in relation to your work, especially those that have been coming to you during the last several months. Then write some concrete steps you can take towards their implementation starting this morning.

Finally, repeat the following words to yourself, fondly and with concentration, at least 15 times:

I love myself. I believe in the divine genius in me, and, without guilt or reserves, I take advantage of these miraculous times to concentrate on taking whatever actions, large or small, that I can on this day.

Continue to adhere to these suggestions daily until the next Virgo New Moon, and stay tuned for additional miracles at the upcoming Full Moon.

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