Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


November 17
Mercury direct

November 20
Uranus direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

We have two planets turning direct this month, at almost the same time, Mercury and Uranus. They are both mind-oriented: Mercury refers to the ordinary mind and thought, and Uranus refers to the brilliant, intuitive mind. Even though both planets will be very busy all month, even while retrograde, their action will really step up after they turn direct. Not only that, but their trine aspect shows that they will work smoothly together.

Mercury turns direct at 7:25 p.m. on November 17 at 10 Scorpio. It does indeed form a lovely trine with Uranus at 11 Pisces, who is already beginning to station for his direct turn. Independent thinking, brilliant strategy, being run by subconscious emotions, most likely a power drive, are the keynotes here.

Mercury likes to analyze, but in Scorpio, even though analysis can be keen, deeper motives drive us. Mercury is approaching Mars, a ruler of Scorpio, so thoughts have a martian tone of aggression, challenge, and battle. Scorpio provides good strategy, and with Uranus’ intuition available, strategic action for the purpose of promoting one’s own purposes can be brilliant now. Scorpio is a self-centered sign, and it knows how to use Uranus’ insights to promote itself. Uranus itself is a willful energy. There is much motive power in this combination.

It’s time to take charge of the reins of one’s life.

Uranus turns direct in the very early morning on November 20 at 11 Pisces. Uranus often signals out-of-the-blue events or inspirations, and combined with Mercury’s station, we may experience a surprise. Planetary stations often signal earth or climate events, and if there is one now, water will be involved. Maybe the looming water shortages due to global warming will come to our attention in a new way.

Uranus is a do-your-own-thing energy, and independence will flower now. Uranus also relates to progress and reform, and moves into the future now take off. In Mexico, Lopez Obrador’s parallel government is inaugurated, and the timing is perfect.

With these two direct turns, ALL of the planets, all of the asteroids, and even Chiron, are now moving direct. This is a most unusual, and most favorable, circumstance. All lights are green; there couldn’t be a better time for moving ahead. This is all just in time for the New Moon, which occurs later today. Let’s get going! And let’s do things that count, that are dear to our hearts and to our values. This energy is too effective to fritter away.

In two weeks Saturn turns retrograde, and we hit the delays again.

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