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Crystal Pomeroy

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August 2006
08/23 New Moon in Virgo
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06/11 Full Moon in Sag

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February 2006
2/12 Full Moon in Leo

January 2006
1/29 New Moon in Aquarius
1/14 Full Moon in Cancer

Pisces Wine Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

The current lunar portal is known as the Harvest Moon, or Wine Moon, because it marks the culmination of the wine grapes harvest. According to so-called pagan tradition, this lunation is quite compatible with Pisces, with festivities characterized by libations and connected to the superior dimensions. The veil between reason and the world of dreams unravels; portals for divine guidance are now opened. This year, the Wine Moon is further empowered by the eclipse and the intense influence of Pluto, which has just gone direct and is moving in the Galactic Center, as described by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide.

Prayer provides a sober alternative to access subtle forces. More than two glasses of wine weaken the aura shield, while prayer allows us to choose the kind of entities we receive, aligning us with the highest vibration available in any astrological occurrence. In fact, because of the intense energies around our Full Moon portal (Pluto, Uranus, eclipses), if we listen for a moment in the silence of our souls, we will hear the Piscean call to deepen—or resurrect—our devotional practice. To quote a Hopi Elder’s message about these times (as shared by our friend Billie Robison): “There is a lot in store for all of us….. Practice your spirituality, whatever it may be, like you have never practiced it before.

As we align with this Full Moon by renewing our commitment to nurture the patterns of good and love in our consciousness, not only will we access a power portal for spiritual goals, but open doors for the manifestation of major dreams that seem pending in any area: be they professional, material, physical, relational, even political. The suggestions below are synchronized to partake in the highest promise of the Eclipse Wine Moon.

Prayerful Altar-ations

Author Dorothy Morrison suggests wearing or using purple in your prayer space now, to honor the Wise One within. You may also enjoy burning purple candles and incense—especially sage—as an offering to the immanent divine, and to the angels. Call on the angels of divine dreams come true, and ask for their assistance in discerning and focusing on those goals that are truly major.

Affirmations for the Eclipse Wine Moon

I apply all my will to living my spiritual practice. As I put Spirit first throughout this day, the Universe responds by guiding me to the doors of manifestation. I act with decision on this guidance, passing through them to discover my dreams come true.

Repeat ideas like those above during at least 15 minutes, preferably in the morning. Do this each day at and following the current lunar portal, until the next New Moon portal (which starts on September 19). Slowly and with concentration, direct the words to your inner self. Make sure to pay attention to signs received, in dreams and while awake, and act audaciously on those leadings that can significantly advance your inner and outer goals. Now is your time of power.

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