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Crystal Pomeroy

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Scorpio New Moon, November 2006

by Crystal Pomeroy

The portal opened by this lunation is accompanied by a blessing of healing, love and success (detailed by Maya in her Daily Success Guide) for our inner and outer goals. Scorpio reminds us that the inner comes first, and allows us to go where no human in a complacent mind-frame would dare venture.

As Maya points out, the lunation in the late degree of a sign has to do with conclusions. Luna now blesses us with resolution of issues we have been running from which have weighed on our souls and even blocked our success-receptive circuits.

Have you worked on healing painful childhood memories, but sometimes sense they still lurk in the closet of memory? Do current situations thrust you back to an inherited sense of insufficiency? Do you wonder if challenging circumstances may reflect deep-seated self-rejection? At this lunation, if you listen, you can hear Archangel Gabriel coming to enunciate the birth of your own Sun, and your right to love it. If you heed him, he will tell you that this is work you cannot save for another time. The angels are here to help you to walk through the shadows in your soul, into the light of self-acceptance, where you will naturally magnetize the peace and success which are your divine right.

The following prayers and related tools are designed to optimize this miraculous lunation.

New Moon Altar-ations

At this lunation, may the flowers and fire you offer be for the divine child within you, who glows intact beyond the layers of remembered and current pain. Use those colors, blossoms and other sacred touches that you personally find healing. Choose an incense you especially like, and procure an appealing notebook which will be your self-healing journal for the next 28 days. Light your candle, then your incense, knowing that it is an offering for the divine child within, who you now pledge to defend against any programs from within or without that would divide you against yourself, making you doubt your worth. Finally put your hands over your notebook, and bless it as a donation to your sacred self, and a doorway to your healing.

Prayers for the Scorpio New Moon

I am not alone in my intent to complete the healing of the child within and recover my self-esteem. The Divine Helper is with me, helping me in every way that’s necessary. The Divine Helper takes my hand and guides me through the shadows of memory and unconscious to see, face and heal whatever keeps me from embracing myself. The Divine Helper assists my awareness and memory of my first priority now, that is to heal, love, forgive and accept the child and the adult within. She helps me to be honest with myself and others, to acknowledge my true feelings and perceptions. The Divine Helper attracts and facilitates whatever connections and conditions are necessary to follow through on this intent, as She also works to free me from connections and situations which would block my divine purpose of wholeness and love.

Starting at this New Moon portal and until the next New Moon, begin each day by repeating words like these several time. Then spend some minutes writing about your feelings of self-rejection, whether remembered or current. Next, write words of forgiveness for all involved, followed by messages of love and worth your inner child needs. Finish your healing session by assuming a relaxed position, and with eyes closed speaking to that part of yourself that needs healing for around six to seven minutes:

I love myself, and I allow myself to receive all of the wholeness and success that is here for me now.

During the day, remember to make self-love, integrity and self-respect your first priority and to pause occasionally to listen to your feelings and perceptions. Also, heed Maya’s astrological advice and take decisive action each and every day on projects that are important for your success, including creative or business opportunities, as well as those for self-healing books, courses or therapy and related tools that may turn up. Combined with your self-esteem journaling, such action is bound to bring you exciting results.

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