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Crystal Pomeroy

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Snow Moon, November 2006

by Crystal Pomeroy

The November Full Moon has been associated since Pagan times with completion of the year’s activity before Winter’s rest. In Taurus this year, it can help us to ground the desire for transformation inspired by the current Scorpio energies.

The Sabian symbol quote in Maya’s Daily Success Guide for this lunation describes a man carrying a load that is too heavy. Now is the time to unburden our souls through release of old baggage or an overload of plans for the future. Now is the time to focus on completion, to focus on tying up projects and plans—those loose ends that are nagging in the corner of our minds. If we apply ourselves, Luna’s energy can give us a great hand in bringing to a close endeavors and situations which weigh on our souls, whether they be the unfinished business of immediate projects and intentions, or the resolution of financial or moral debts. (They can even include the love and respect we may have pending for ourselves.)

In this month of Thanksgiving, let us activate our power of grateful blessing and receive Luna’s help to finish and consolidate those matters of soul or work that are crying for completion.

Prayerful altar-ations

Incorporating seasonal fruits into our altar, circle or prayer space such a pumpkins and apples, will bring in the earth’s energy of consolidation. Another great addition are colored, fallen leaves. Water can be present as cider or apple wine.

Candles for this lunation include earthy hues of red and purple. Light them as you say something like: I turn on the conscious light of the Full Moon, as I also turn on my divine will to complete any pending projects.

If you like incense, timely scents include violet, rose, vanilla, or honeysuckle. A powerful way of invoking higher assistance is to hold to the awareness that the act of lighting your incense is an offering to the Angel of Completion. Ask that s/he work with your angel and the angels of all involved to move projects and other cycles towards completion.

Prayers for the Snow Full Moon

After invoking the angels, bring to mind those projects and situations from the past and present that seem to have dragged on. Make a list of such concerns. This will help you concentrate and further clarify your intent to complete them.

I am not alone in my need for completion. The Divine Helper and all Its angels are with me, inspiring, fortifying and guiding me to close and consolidate pending intentions and projects. I am part of the One Mind, which brings anything It starts to a successful conclusion, and the One Mind works perfectly in and around me to facilitate the completion required in every way and project. Conditions are now coordinated, people are brought together and motivated to right action, and any other necessary miracles are being worked to generate divine consolidation, in me, for me and through me now. I give thanks for the divine assistance I am receiving for successful completion now!

Repeat thoughts like those above, slowly and with feeling, at least fifteen times around the Full Moon portal, and then daily, at least until the next New Moon. Expect miracles and remember to give thanks as each blessing for consolidation, small and large, appears on your path. You will receive help, and your gratitude will in turn help bring these divine interventions to their fruitful consolidation.

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