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Crystal Pomeroy

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Oct 2006
10/6 Full Moon in Aries

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Libra New Moon Portal October 2006

by Crystal Pomeroy

When dark shadows seem to loom on the political horizon (see Maya’s many articles in this issue), one can feel overwhelmed. We may find ourselves asking: What positive contribution is left for me to make? This lunation is a ray of hope in the midst of apparent conflict. The Sabian symbol for the degree of Luna’s rebirth reminds us that our highest efforts on behalf of Greater Good are never truly lost, they will indeed be woven into the fabric of all future reality. When we remember the creative power within, we will realize that these efforts include our very intent, whose supernatural reach can lift our daily existence and fruits beyond even the most threatening appearances, and optimize the alchemical kernel of good in all future creations.

Our prayers for this New Moon portal are designed to connect both our waking and sleeping mind powers with the current opportunity. Such prayers, along with our active efforts, offer a most powerful way to participate as well as strengthening the link with the Divinity Within.

Prayerful Altar-ation

Adapting or creating a prayer space with special objects, can be an expression of our highest selves, as well as providing a focal point for our intent. If you wish to take such initiatives now, choose soft colors, such as pink or light blue, for candles, garments, flowers and other touches; choose minerals such as coral or hematite and sweet incense such as vanilla or tangerine.

As you light the candle, remember that you are turning on a bright awareness of the Spirit within you, around you and throughout creation. “I bring the light of highest intent to my mind and to the world.” When you light your incense, know in your heart that this act is an offering for the angels of high intent, and request their assistance in fortifying this quality.

Prayers for the Libra New Moon portal

1) In a relaxed position, take a few minutes or more to connect with your best and highest wishes: that you, that your country, that all beings express their highest and their best, that all enjoy abundant goodness. If anyone who irritates you comes to mind, take a moment more to send them good will.

2) Repeat thoughts like this, slowly and with feeling:

I will to express the best, to do the best and to enjoy the best I can. I will this for all others too. The Divine Helper is with me, helping me in whatever way is necessary to fortify and express my highest intent, so that it mark my actions, words and deeds, my intent opens me to divine assistance. The strength of my highest intent connects me to the highest and the best in all others, and our lives and legacy are guided by this shared intent for good.

3) After the first day, each night before sleeping, invoke the angels and repeat steps one and two, during ten to twenty minutes or more. Be sure to keep a notebook by your bed so you can write down the perceptions from dreams. Those who can find, make or steal the time to do this in the morning will have even more spectacular results. Continue with this program daily, at least until the Full Moon, and you can count on exciting blessings for all, including future generations.

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