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Gemini Full Moon, December 2006

by Crystal Pomeroy

I can’t write for Daykeeper now without including some mention of Maya, who blessed me so much by allowing me to be born through her, which meant coming into a room with a view—onto other galaxies. My mother’s presence was in the highest part of all my work—it still is. Her life and being left a legacy that is in fact connected to this Full Moon, as we will see a bit further on.

Her prediction for this lunation included mental inspiration, illuminating information and the energy of the warrior.

One of Maya’s many pioneering initiatives was that of including the Sabian symbols of lunar phases in her predictions, a resource now fairly popular in astrological journalism. The key word for Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is INSPIRATION, whose central metaphor is a successful pianist:

Having entered the path which brings him in touch with higher realms of inspiration, the individual is able to become a source of inspiration. His role is to mobilize emotions… to see farther. This is the role of the true and ideal virtuoso, whose example helps people to leave behind their pasts and to venture forth into new realms of experience. INSPIRATION.

What does this have to do with Maya? Her work, her mission and her example inspired the many people connected to her to be our best selves. Her style wasn’t moralistic, in fact there were few, if any, more freeing experiences than talking with her. My Buddhist husband, who loved and loves her dearly, used to joke that she was a Zen monk, referring to the inner freedom she exhibited in such ways as a conspicuous detachment from the material plane, as well as a non-judgmental way of listening and being with whoever she related to: family, clients, friends, the cleaning lady. She lived and worked according to her own highest ideals, which might be in contradiction to or ahead of those of others; and in a very loving yet clear manner, actively encouraged the rest of us to discover and live according to our own.

Daykeeper editor Susan Pomeroy (who happens to be my sister), found the lines Maya had written for the upcoming solstice in her computer and remarked that it seemed like she had written her own obituary. The words speak to life’s cycles, to endings and beginnings, to the sadness of farewells. But our mother also wrote: I light candles to try to hold onto the light. She—as a spiritual warrior—did this in a thousand and one ways: making plans, working right up to the last moment, focusing on whatever could be praised wherever she happened to be. Her body had tired after a long life of intense and passionate activity, and leaving was no doubt a relief to her vital mind and soul. But she never stopped lighting candles of inspiration for the world, for her country, for her city, for everyone she knew. She called the winter solstice “bittersweet,” Everything about her was so beautiful that even our bereavement is filled with the sweetness of her legacy as a spiritual warrior.

People are saying and will say many other things about her, the breadth of her contribution cannot be covered here. But more than the virtuoso pianist described by the Sabian symbol, Maya’s way of living, of working and in many ways of being, were and remain an inspiration: as a virtuous astrologer, activist, writer, mother, friend, teacher, grandmother, daughter, founder of this magazine and of many other cutting edge projects during her long and fruitful life.

At this Full Moon portal, the last one she wrote about (on this plane, anyway), let us meditate on Maya’s example of inspiration, of generous and constant effort, as we heed our own individual calls as warriors on behalf of the highest and the best. Our prayers now are designed to empower that path.

Timely altar-ations

Yellow and purple candles and clothing synchronize you and your prayer space with Gemini’s energy for inspired endings and vital beginnings. Light your candles and incense (sandalwood and lavender are especially tuned to Gemini), as you mentally dedicate them as an offering for Ambriel (Lucy Aspra calls him Gemini’s archangel), and for the Angels of Inspiration. Call on such helpers to work with your personal angels, helping you discover and manifest your own highest expression, to connect easily with whatever tools or resources are needed for its unfolding, and to fortify your will for continual effort to ground and live that inspiration.

Prayers to connect with your highest inspiration and attract whatever you need to express it successfully

The One Mind thinks through me, revealing my highest inspiration. The One Mind knows, shows and connects me with whatever inner and outer resources, whatever people, ideas and opportunities and actions are necessary to express my highest inspiration successfully. I will accept nothing less than the highest and the best now.

Application and follow up

Repeat words such as these during at least ten minutes, on or around the Full Moon portal. The best results come from daily application, at least from now through the next New Moon.

Action is a loud prayer

Maya spoke of brave action in connection to this lunation’s energy. Also, in a personal conversation, she told me that the first days of December would be very propitious to positive outcomes. Actions born from prayerful intention can only produce perfect results. In some part of yourself, you are perfectly familiar with your highest inspiration. As you confirm it on and around this Full Moon portal, act on the changes you are lead to.

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