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Eclipse Full Moon in Virgo, March 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

Are you interested in synchronizing the power of your mind with the Moon’s most important energy portals? If so, you can’t miss this lunation. In the Wicca tradition, the total eclipse is the most magical of all Moons; and the chart for this particular one promises breakthroughs for restoring the spiritual-centered faculties of leadership. Focus the magic of your creative attention with tools like those shared below, and revive the force within and around us that can lead the way to personal and planetary victory.

According to Wicca author Dorothy Morrison, “…the Lunar Eclipse energy brings the impossible to fruition…. Want an entirely new life? This is the time to change your personal reality.” As to the astrology of this particular eclipse, Uranus closely conjuncts Sun in Pisces opposite the Full Moon. In her book, Eclipses, author Celeste Teal predicts: “Uranus becomes Lord, emphasizing surprising factors… including solutions.” In her Daily Success Guide, Nina Bouska points to the influence of two other planetary patriarchs: Saturn and Jupiter.

These three planets represent different leadership archetypes, a theme that is reinforced by the protagonists of the Sabian symbols for the Sun and Moon involved in this eclipse: “A powerful statesman”, and “a man of courage”, respectively. This lunation will intensify your spiritual magic, especially for manifesting right leadership, both in your own life, as well as in the public sphere. Our soulful ceremony and thoughts below are designed to optimize that promise.

Eclipse altar-ation

This lunation takes place on the Chaste Moon. Traditionally, white is now used for candles, garments, flowers and other décor of sacred space and person. Add a purple and or bright electric blue candle to accentuate leadership qualities. Call on the Angel of Will and the Angel of True Leadership to bring these qualities forth, so you can lead yourself to victory, and the planet can manifest enough leaders who are capable of doing the same for humanity.

Prayers and visualization for the Eclipse Chaste Moon

Repeat thoughts like these fifteen times or more:

I am not alone or without the leadership strengths and opportunities I need. The Divine Leader is with me and in me, strengthening the qualities and facilitating the opportunities It needs for expression. The Divine Leader guides me to victory, with the right ideas, knowledge, people, freedom and opportunities. Its presence in me expresses as courage, self-control, audacity, discipline and the ability to act in a timely and decisive manner.

Repeat these thoughts slowly, with attention, and then repeat this version to bless the world with divine leadership:

Humanity is not alone or without the leadership it needs. The Divine Leader is present, in Its omniscience It finds and motivates the key people to express the qualities of wisdom and courage necessary to lead the human race to victory.

Finally, take a few minutes to visualize what your life will look like when you are assuming a fuller leadership of yourself and your affairs. Close with a few more minutes for the world: What would planet be and feel like if its leaders were true in spirit and capacity? See the answers materialize before your mind’s eye as though they already were.

Eclipses work in pairs: this one prepares us for the next, which we will share more on when it takes place in two weeks. Follow up now by using thoughts like those above daily until then.

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