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New Moon in Aquarius, February 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

In general, New Moons give a jump-start to initiatives, internal and external. The impulse from this lunation is particularly intense, as it heralds the Chinese New Year. What kind of beginnings are most favored? Aquarius supports independent ideals. The Sabian symbol for this lunation’s degree of Aquarius shows a window for developing our divine power and relationships, as we will see a bit further on. In her Daily Success Guide for Febuary 17, Nina Bouska suggests that these goals are not entirely new, but rather an actualization of “realignments” we have previously considered. The new impulse is actually focused on past longings, an idea reinforced by the current Mercury retrograde that will last throughout the better part of this lunar cycle.

The Sabian symbol for 29 Aquarius gives us a clear directive:

The capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural pattern of one’s everyday living and the kinds of relationship one enters upon…. nothing but a complete renewal of all the implications of being alive as a human individual will do. At this stage, this change is individual and mental against the backdrop of humanity as a whole….. entering a higher realm of existence and thereby joining sacred company.

“Humanity as a whole” is juxtaposed to our inner call, and Aquarius is so good at heeding the latter in the face of pressure. Most of us can use that kind of freedom more than we realize. In her book, Mind Control, Denise Winn shares studies that reveal a fascinating tendency: people tend to become passive when we are with others. Many of us will rush to help if witnessing an accident or tragedy while we’re alone, yet if we happen to be surrounded by others or even accompanied by one other person, we may end up sitting by passively, or delaying a proactive response.

The reflections and spiritual treatment below are designed to help us invoke independent will, clarity and divine help to break free of subconscious bondage to group complacency, so that we may carry forth those dictates of the higher self that have been nudging us from within.

Prayerful alteration

Flowers will bring nice energy to your altar or prayer space, lilies especially will boost your courage. Use mentally inspiring shades for your person, prayer corner and candles, such as electric blue, violet or mixed colors. Apt incenses include sandalwood and jasmine. As you light incense and/or a candle, focus on knowing that this is an offering to the Angel of Inner and Outer Freedom. Then ask for assistance to release any limitation, relationship or habit that no longer forms part of the divine plan of your life.

Affirm your way to freedom

1. Repeat thoughts like these for around fifteen minutes:

I am willing to release whatever is in the way of my freedom.

Infinite Intelligence is guiding and fortifying me to release activities, habits and relationships that don’t form part of my highest and best path.

Right circumstances, attitudes, behaviors and relationships rush to the place now opened in my life.

2. Before going to bed at night, repeat such thoughts again for several minutes. Keep a notebook or freedom journal handy to write down direction received while sleeping.

3. Each morning from now until the Full Moon, make a list of activities, attitudes and interchanges you will let go of on that day, followed by a list of activities, attitudes and relationships you would manifest.

4. As you go about each of your initiatives of freedom, affirm several times:

Every time I exercise my will for freedom, my will and my freedom are multiplied.

Continue steps 2-4 daily from now until the coming Full Moon. Stay tuned for more magic then!

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