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Crystal Pomeroy

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Gemini New Moon, June 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

We are now before a magical portal for unblocking our personal paths of communication. The word is powerful, to create, to clarify, to persuade, to educate, to cheer, to reveal, to heal. Words are central to mental life, to work, to relating.  To live artfully, to live wholly, is to develop the power of the word. The possibilities vary for each of us according to our current purposes or needs and may include one or several interests, such as: writing letters to Congress, articles, a book, doing school work, public speaking, promotion of some idea or product we believe in, saying constructive things to those around us, establishing a habit of harnessing the power of words for healing or creating only good, keeping silent when that´s appropriate, repeating affirmations or other sacred thoughts, or simply learning to express our feelings and perceptions in a timely, clear fashion that fortifies our self-respect.  Consciously or not, most of us want to improve our use of word-power in one way or another, yet often there are blocks to fulfillment lurking among the shadows of our deepest programs.  In a patriarchal culture that promotes conformity and what John Bradshaw calls toxic shame, few of us have been brought up to focus on our innate gifts of independent thought and communication. To develop these powers is to slay what Stuart Wilder calls the “dragon of negativity of the collective unconscious,” with its programs of “don’t stand out,” and “who are you to think you really deserve to be heard?” 

This lunation opens an alchemical portal for taming such dragons. Pluto is still in the region of the Galactic Center, highlighting that which is in the center of our beliefs, and lighting the way to deep transformation as it opposes the two luminaries in Gemini and also in the third house, multiplying Mercury rulerships. What is the God of communication himself doing? He is stationing to go retrograde, optimizing the Pluto opposition to begin a cycle of reviewing and reclaiming our individual gifts of communication.  

After our mother Maya’s transition, my siblings and I found many references among her notes of long ago, expressing the need she felt to “find my voice,” which she eventually did during her stay on the physical plane through Daykeeper and other venues. This lunation seems to echo that intention, opening the way to discover our own voices. A bit further on you will find inner work designed to reconnect with your particular timbre and dissolve the blocks to bringing it forth.

Prayerful alterations

There are elements you can integrate into your sacred space or corner to synchronize with the current lunation; these include:

  • Flowers and plants ruled by Gemini, such as daisies, acacia, ivy or other vines, fern or carrots
  • Incense, particularly lavender
  • Gemini stones such as tiger eye, topaz, coral white quartz
  • Infusion of water with a few pinches of oregano or mint
  • Two candles: one yellow and the other white or gold, to be used as described below

There are angels specially focused on refining and redeeming communication projects, and the will and skills to complete them, and you can call on them, requesting the kind of help you feel you need in this area as you light the yellow candle. They include:

  • Ambriel (the angel that expert investigator Lucy Aspra associates with Gemini)  
  • The Angel of Communicative Powers
  • Your preferred guide and/or somebody who is no longer in the physical, but who seems to exemplify command of your chosen field, genre or type of communication.

Call on helpers like those above to guide and expand your abilities and will to find and use your true voice, and, as you light the gold or white candle, the Angel of Alchemy or Archangel Michael to help dissolve your blocks.

The Clear-Voice Journal

A very powerful way to start the new lunar cycle is this magical journal, designed to free your power of communication.

  • Begin your journal with some sort of dedication, which may be to guides and angels like those suggested above, to all the healing voices of past and present that inspire and lead by their examples, to the intent of synchronizing with the June New Moon by resurrecting your gifts of communication.

  • Write down a way or some ways in which you would like to refine or develop your verbal expression.

  • Once you have the goal or list of goals, choose no more than three types of communication whose development you will honor during the next 28 days (or until the next New Moon cycle), and write them down again.

  • After reading this step, close your eyes for a moment and let your mind wander back to the earliest memory you have of hearing or sensing messages that challenge your right to effective expression, voices like these: “You don’t have a right to speak out.” “Just shut up.”  “How selfish to think what you have to say is so special…” “What makes you think anyone will actually like what you have to say?”
  • After meditating like this for a few minutes, write down those phrases and sensations that have risen in your memory.
  • Go over thoughts like these slowly and with attention during the next several minutes:

Infinite Intelligence perceives and speaks in an original way through me, and it is right and good that I develop Its expression now. I deserve to give myself the time, attention, training and whatever else I need to find and express my voice well and successfully. Only for today, I will take the necessary initiatives to fulfill and dignify my call of powerful communication.

  • Make a list of initiatives you can take to move towards your chosen goals. These may include anything relevant,  such as acquiring and studying new information, taking some bureaucratic steps (to present a dissertation, enroll or re-enroll in a course of study, change one’s course of study or whatever, contact an agent and so on), writing two pages a day, taking time out for reflection to get in touch with and write about your feelings, going to therapy or a 12- step group for that purpose, making sales calls, improving your website or the presentation and promotion of your work, calling and writing dear ones, the possibilities are myriad, just apply your imagination to see what you might need to begin reclaiming your gift and path of communication.
  • Follow up by starting each morning during this moon cycle by looking at your chosen communication project, repeating your affirmations and setting your goals for progress in this area.

We send a special blessing to Maya for helping us all find our voices, through teaching and example, and to you, Daykeeper reader, for sharing the voices of the collaborators and sharing your own in ways that are more inspirational than you can know.

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