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Crystal Pomeroy

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New Moon in Aries, April 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation promises major breakthroughs for whoever takes the time to study and apply its message. The New Moon portal in the first sign of the zodiac is quintessentially propitious for beginnings. Aries not only sets the stage for seeding intentions, it can also shake us out of the patterns of passivity that keep us from actually going into movement towards our dreams.

Luna now is particularly poised to push us out of our own particular comfort zones and into our deepest potentials, as she closely trines Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. The latter aspect is one of the most important signatures in the Winter Solstice chart: 2007 is a time of going within to bring forth our path of power. Now Luna helps us break through whatever barriers have kept us from stepping into that path, and thanks to Pluto’s trine and Saturn’s going direct, we can find the will and discipline to keep the momentum going. A bit further on you will find consciousness tools to optimize this promise.

Open your space to Luna’s rays

Connect your altar, prayer corner or circle with the positive Mars energy by integrating into it elements like these:

  • bright pink or red flowers (like geraniums or roses)
  • candles and other touches in these same colors
  • red or warm colored stones such as ruby, blood agate, coral or topaz
  • metal objects including jewelry   
  • Myrrh or carnation incense

As you light your candles and/or incense, ask the Angel of the Moon, the Angel of Purpose, the Angel of True Action, your own guardian angel and/or other favorite guides, to bless your mental and physical bodies with the power of focus and prompt action.

Move from what-ifs to manifestation

The urge for progress is universal, an impulse strengthened at the New Year by Pluto’s crossing the Galactic Center. This lunation is the time to do a reality check of the dreams we had around Winter Solstice, and with the help of higher forces, move them into the arena of bold, powerful action.

The following steps are designed to lift this intention into its most effective frequency. They require a writing implement and two pages of paper:

1. Make a list of those aspirations you have tooling around in the back of your mind. Look for something that really seems grandiose, and make a list of sentences beginning with “What if I did this or that…”.

Of itself this approach can be sobering, we might realize just how many “goals” have been unconsciously downgraded to the what-if status.

For example:

What if I meditated for half an hour more each day…
What if I did my Master’s…
What if I started writing to my representatives…
What if I organized an exhibition of my paintings…
What if I stopped eating sugar…
What if I asked for a promotion…
What if I wrote to that relative that needs love…
What if I went into a different field…
What if I stopped criticizing…
What if I auditioned for that play…
What if started doing exercise…
What if I got up an hour earlier each day…
What if I read that book…
What if I moved to another place…
What if watched less TV…
What if made a treasure map…
What if I took on that volunteer project…
What if I finished my degree…   

2. Once you have it, choose two or three goals that seem most essential to your life’s purpose, and write them down on a separate page, under the title: MANIFESTATION.

3. Write the something like the following words below your chosen goals:

I am here for an important purpose. I’m not content to relegate its stirrings in my soul to the basement of neglect. Only for today, I will to take whatever concrete, practical measures I can to move my aspirations into the area of action and manifestation. The Entire Universe responds to the power of my intent, information and circumstances are now being coordinated to favor right action in consolidating my higher purpose; for this I give thanks.

Repeat your affirmation slowly and with attention during five minutes.

Dream-catcher follow-up

Move on the momentum of this lovely lunation by starting each day until the next New Moon with a look at your manifestation page. Connect with your chosen dreams and then repeat the affirmation during five minutes. Finally, use the morning quiet and prana to take some kind of concrete action, however small or simple it may seem, on your dreams!

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