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Capricorn Full Moon -- Blessing Moon, June 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

At this portal, Luna brings us her full light for a powerful intent indeed, to open our inner sight and ability to perceive the truth about any situation, the truth from the highest perspective. In her Daily Success Guide, Nina Bouska underscores the Capricorn emphasis on purpose, and the Sabian symbol for this lunation’s degree clarifies the kind of purpose we can now access: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.

The pagan tradition for the Herb or Blessing Moon of late June multiplies this message. Fiona Blackwolf calls it “a time of meditation, of planning spiritual goals… and dream work.” She also suggests making a dream pillow now. I first learned this wonderful technique from author Dorothy Morrison, and have since enriched it with sacred geometry, metaphysics and other esoteric elements that you will see below. It’s a great focal point for the development of dream wisdom, especially at the Full Moon. At this particular portal, we can greatly enhance the ability to perceive the spiritual purpose in situations that concern us.

(Note: If you already have a dream pillow, you can skip the following instructions and go directly to the section on charging.)

Make your dream pillow

Cut two small squares or rectangles of your favorite natural fabric—cotton, silk, wool or the like (about four to five inches across). Sew them together by hand, leaving a small opening for stuffing with cotton and dream herbs before closing. Some of most aromatic and powerful kinds are cloves, chamomile, lavender, anis and rose petals.

You might also add some amethyst or other quartz to the filling (these crystals are ancient dreaming tools). When you are done making your pillow, hold it in your hands for a few moments, put it against your forehead, and visualize dreams of prophetic guidance pulsing to you and through you from the light center of Infinite Intelligence.

Charge your dream pillow for answers

Traditionally, the Full Moon is an apt time to charge the pillow for general dream guidance or specific answers. At this particular lunation, the following method will produce amazing results:

1. With your pillow in your hands, call on Jofiel, or the Angel of Higher Perception.

2. Hold the pillow gently against your forehead.

3. With singular intent, repeats words like these a few times:

There is a spiritual purpose and answer to this situation and I will to perceive it.

4. During a few minutes, see the answers you need flowing to you through the dream cushion, as you repeat:

Only divine messages fill my mind as I sleep.

5. Place the cushion inside your pillow case, and enjoy the results.

6. Be sure that you have a notebook and pen on hand for writing them down as soon as you wake up.

Continue to do this nightly until the next New Moon, to decipher the meaning and follow up for one or more situations (focus on only one at a time).

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