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5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

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New Moon in Sagittarius, November 2008: Thanksgiving Ceremony to Increase Your Capacity for Gratitude, November New Moon, 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy  

As the US financial system shakes, calling popular notions of material security into question, the last New Moon before the Winter Solstice takes place on Thanksgiving Thursday, reminding us of the spiritual principles which once made the US economy the strongest in the world. Sagittarius is about inspiration, optimism and faith. Pluto in Capricorn would have some of us believe that such qualities are unrealistic or superficial. Before entering into a strongly Capricorn New Year, we do well to remember that Sagittarius comes first, envisioning the ideal that we will later ground with the goat’s sustained effort.  One of the highest forms of inspiration, that is also available whatever our circumstances may be, is gratitude. Much more than a social courtesy, it is a magic that stirs as we engage our attention with the best in life, keeping us on a wave-length above—and therefore immune to—the vicissitudes of circumstance, allowing us to release the future as we enjoy the present moment, and multiplying whatever good we have, rather than multiplying the limitation proposed by media reports of scarcity looming before us.

Altar-ations to create a space for gratitude

  • Adornments for your person and space with shades of rose and pink
  • Candles in these colors
  • Rose quartz, ruby, coral, garnet, smoky quartz
  • A penny or another copper object
  • Carnations, roses
  • Rose incense

Alchemical Gratitude Ceremony

Use, adapt or combine with your own Thanksgiving festivities.

1. Light your incense, knowing it is an offering for Chamuel, Angel of Gratitude, as well as your own guardian angel and/or guides. Ask that they assist and empower your intention to live centered in thanksgiving.

2. Light your candle or candles, as you repeat words like those that follow:

As I light the rosy fire of gratitude in my heart, it illumines my pathway to spirit-centered abundance.

3. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a flame like the one before you burning in your heart.

4. Repeat words like those that follow for several minutes:

I praise all the tangible and intangible gifts which grace my life, including (name specific blessings you can be grateful for). If done in a group, take turns to personalize this affirmation.

5. Conclude your ceremony by enfolding the globe with a praiseful mind, repeating words like these during several minutes: 

The light of praise that warms my heart connects me to gratitude in hearts everywhere; we surround the entire planet with a praiseful mind, blessing the planet for the holiday season and through all coming changes now.   

Continue prayers like these each morning during the next 28 days, as part of a daily practice of thankfulness. This lunation is also wonderful to begin a gratitude journal, in which to write such thoughts as part of your daily mental nutrition. The journal can be consecrated with words like these:

I consecrate this journal to the awareness of spiritual good and bless it with the intention to expand the rays of gratitude in my own life, helping to fortify the energy network of divine praise throughout the universe. My intent is of the highest order and will be used by the Highest Mind for good alone, my own and that of all.

Like all positive propositions, we may understand the concept, but establishing a new consciousness requires that we incorporate it into our daily lives. May the current lunation nourish the seed of humanity’s highest visions as we meet the changes the world faces with the irresistible power of a praiseful mind.


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