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Crystal Pomeroy

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August 2008
8/30 Virgo New Moon
8/16 Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
8/1 Leo New Moon

July 2008
7/2 Cancer New Moon

June 2008
6/18 Sagittarius Full Moon
6/3 Gemini New "Super" Moon

May 2008
5/19 Scorpio Full Moon

5/5 Taurus New Moon

April 2008
4/5 New Moon in Aries
4/20 Full Moon in Scorpio

Mar 2008
3/21 Full Moon in Libra
3/7 New Moon in Pisces

Feb 2008
2/20 Virgo Full Moon
2/6 Aquarius New Moon

Jan 2008
01/22 Leo Full Moon
01/08 Capricorn New Moon

Dec 2007
12/23 Cancer Full Moon
12/9 Sagittarius New Moon

Nov 2007
11/30 Gemini Full Moon
11/9 Scorpio New Moon

Oct 2007
10/10 Libra New Moon
10/25 Taurus Full Moon

Sept 2007
9/26 Aries Harvest Moon
9/11 Virgo Solar Eclipse

August 2007
8/12 Leo New Moon
8/28 Pisces Full Moon Eclipse

July 2007
7/14 Cancer New Moon

June 2007
6/30 Capricorn Full Moon
6/14 Gemini New Moon

May 2007
Full Moon

5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

Apr 2007
4/17 New Moon in Aries
4/2 Full Moon in Libra

Mar 2007
3/4 Full Moon in Virgo

Feb 2007
2/17 New Moon in Aquarius
2/1 Full Moon in Leo

Jan 2007
1/18 New Moon in Capricorn


Jumpstart Your Path to Mastery by the Dark of the New Moon in Virgo, August 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy  

This cycle began with a New Moon in Virgo that invited us to improve our nascent gifts. As it becomes full we are called to offer them up to the collective good. Just as Uranus appears in every natal chart, each of us has some kind of brilliance, whether intellectual or intuitive. A small handful of people receive public recognition for their talents, while many apply their gifts in more subtle but equally vital ways. Still others know they have a unique contribution they could make or have made, if only there were more inner or outer resources, such as time, contacts, faith or fortitude.

Whether or not we are applying or even aware of our particular brand of brilliance, this Full Moon opens a window to consecrate that special gift or gifts to the collective good. The Christ archetype seems to be intertwined with this opportunity. Luna herself is in the sign of the Savior, closely trine Uranus, lord of genius. The Sabian symbol expounds: “A MATERIALIZING MEDIUM GIVING A SÉANCE… sacrifice … some power of value which is deeply ones own… has to be offered to others”.

The lunation also closely sextiles Neptune, which rules saviors and which, for most of 2008, has been conjunct two Christ-like points: the North Node—ruler of dharma—and Chiron, the wounded healer, an archetype that investigator Graham Hancock confirms to be a shamanic precursor of The Christ. In an altered state of consciousness, the shaman traverses a painful experience of wounding or even death; only then can she or he return to the community with gifts of knowledge and healing.

We tend to think that an individual´s talents hold the keys to her or his greatness. This Moon reminds us of another side to our special gifts: by relinquishing ego attachments, such as concern for personal benefit or shame in relationship to developing them, we can discover the alchemy of greatness in service. Does it sound like an ominous process? As we will see a bit further on, to simply offer up our treasures to Love allies us with this power.

Pre-prayer your space for consecration

Have on hand:

A candle or candles, purple for the Wine Moon and/or in Neptunian shades such as sea-green or sea-blue
Purple garments, flowers or decor
A stick of sandalwood or jasmine incense
An Amethyst or smoky quartz
A glass of wine or grape juice

Consecration for the Wine Moon, 2008

Light your candle, saying something like:

I bring the light of Higher Purpose into my mental and physical space.

Light your incense, knowing it is an offering for your favorite angels; those connected to this Moon include The Angel of Consecration, The Angel of Service, and The Angel of Release. Invite them into your space, and into your attitude towards your abilities. Ask that they help you give up any ego-attachments towards your talents. These might include concern for recognition or other rewards, as well as self-destructive attachments, such as guilt or toxic shame about reaping their fruits.

Take a moment to become conscious of the tension you may cause yourself about whether or not you are using your talents well, benefiting from them, or afraid of developing them.

If you wish, write down the reflections that come to your mind about this…

Repeat affirmations like those below during about seven minutes.

I don’t worry about the opportunities and talents I have or shall receive. I offer up my best gifts for loving use by the Higher Power for the good of all. This consecration releases them to their perfect expression, and releases me to perfect harvests now.

Continue to use thoughts like those above for several minutes each day from now until the next New Moon. You may also enjoy keeping a card in view or in your wallet to remember and use these ideas if you ever happen to feel nervous, worried or frustrated about the fruits of your abilities. There is a perfect application for the gifts of every person, as we prayerfully remember that they really don’t belong to us alone, we allow the Higher Power to exalt and protect our harvests.


Aspra, Lucy, Manual de Ángeles, Las Emisiones Sidereales de los Ángeles de la Astrología (Mexico City, Casa de los Ángeles, 2000).

Bills, Rex E., The Rulership Book (Tempe, Arizona, AFA, first printing 1971; 2007 edition now available).

Hancock, Graham, Supernatural, Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind (NY, New York, The Disinformation Co., Ltd., 2007).

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