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Full Moon in Libra, Seed Moon, Spring Equinox 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

According to pagan tradition, this lunation is one of the best times of the year to start something new. That impulse is intensified as Moon becomes Full right after the Equinox, also bringing Sun and Moon into a close cardinal cross with Mars and Pluto, adding a sense of urgency to our desire to act. Mars the mover has been opposite Pluto—Lord of Power—since the Winter Solstice, reflecting the feisty pressures that have characterized international and domestic dynamics in these politically challenging times. According to authors Shaneman and Angel, Luna represents empathy and compassion. In Libra, she opens a window of love to balance the forceful energies now driving personal and world affairs.

In a world torn by cruel wars, global warming and what appears to be imminent totalitarianism, it is easy to lock into emotions of fear and conflict, forgetting the sweet force that each of us can choose to turn on in our lives and attention. This consciousness brings harmony and joy to our personal spheres, touches the lives of our sisters and brothers in wounded areas around the globe and this same radiance is even capable of softening the hearts of those who would continue to inflict the wounds, as each ray of unselfish kindness contributes to the critical light-mass of good.

Whether or not our personal lives seem connected to the geographical areas or ruling circles we’d like to heal, our soul power is with us wherever we may be, waiting to be activated as soon as we bring it into focus through conscious reflection. The options we share below are designed to align that power with this portal’s invitation to sow the kernels of a new era of love.

Synchronize your space with love energy

Elements and colors that favor this intention include:

  • Amethyst and rose quartz
  • Rose incense
  • A pink candle
  • Rose hip tea
  • Honey
  • White Roses

Also have on hand a notebook and pen, and if you wish to do the divination ceremony, three hard-boiled eggs and a felt-tip pen per person.

Invoke the angels to bless your intent

You can do this by lighting your incense, knowing as you do so that it is an offering for the angels of love, including Chamuel and Zadquiel. Say something like:

I invite these angels and any other celestial forces of love to harmonize and heal the world through me, balancing the vital activity of the season now beginning with a resurrected awareness of love.

As you light your candle, say words such as these:

I turn on the healing light of kindness, inviting it to bless my prayers and grow in my heart, relationships and world.

Prepare your eggs

1. In your notebook, list four things, optional sacrifices you can make for love. That is, four things you might give up that would allow you more time, energy or other resources to increase your love-centered consciousness or activity. Some examples may include:

Certain number of TV hours

Reading trivial magazines

Power-point presentations

Gossiping with ______ about _________

Neglecting my exercise

Neglecting recycling efforts

Neglecting my emotional needs

Condemnatory attitudes


Addiction to _________

2. Draw a different symbol next to each item on your list.

3. Write another list, this time of things you can do to increase love in your heart and in the world. These might include:

    • Pray for world peace
    • Affirm for forgiveness
    • Use my work as a vehicle for loving service
    • Volunteer in ______________ (name of organization)
    • Donate talents or money to ______________(name of person or organization) 
    • Listen to others with more attention __________

4. Repeat step 2, drawing a different symbol next to each item in this list.

5. Do the same procedure for a third and final list, now for ways in which you can express more love for yourself, with a symbol next to each one. 

6. On each of your three hard-boiled eggs, draw four lines lengthwise from one end to the other, dividing it in four sections.

7. Use one egg thus divided for each of your lists, drawing a different symbol in each section.

8. Gently roll the eggs across the floor (this is easier on a rug) one by one. The symbol on top will point to what you most need to work on. If two symbols face up, choose the highest, or if they are even, roll again, taking a moment to quietly ask for guidance beforehand.

9. In your notebook, write the thing you will give up, the one you will do to give love to others, and the one to love yourself.

10. Affirm words like those that follow during seven minutes:

My will-to-love increases each time I exercise it. My will-to-love connects me with the will-to-love in the hearts of all people everywhere, and we encircle the world with victorious, healing kindness now. 


Keep your list of three goals and affirmation on hand for daily reference. For the next 15 days or more, be sure to look at them in the morning. At night before sleeping, take written note of your progress. Finally, repeat the affirmation slowly and with attention during six minutes before going to sleep.

Inner work can be simple, but the fruits are miraculous when we persist on a daily basis. Whether we call it prayer, meditation, or positive concentration, it offer ways to optimize the cycles of the earth and stars, blessing our minds and the world with the highest of all powers and going beyond spontaneous acts of kindness as we contribute to a new and lasting paradigm for the entire planet.


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