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Wolf Full Moon in Leo, January 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

The January Full Moon is usually in Cancer, shedding her light on family and home, the base from which we pursue our Capricorn New Year’s goals. This archetype is reinforced by the pagan name, the Wolf Moon, alluding to a creature whose pack is decisive to its emotional and physical survival. This January, however, the Wolf Moon takes place in Leo, inviting us not only to honor our roots and dear ones, but to apply creative intent to manifest the pack we desire, and release whatever has not been supportive in them.

Programs from our families of origin go deep, and may seem to take a lifetime or longer to heal. However, the kernel of creative divinity within is a player whose role in our lives should not be underestimated. Furthermore, we are receiving help from spiritual dimensions to fulfill a purpose of beauty and freedom in this lifetime. The New Moon in Capricorn that began the current cycle opened a portal to heal victim programs. Now, at her fullness, Luna helps us recover our creative role in choosing to keep only affirmative aspects of our family experience, and direct the power of intent to manifest a more circle.

Altar-ations for the Wolf Moon in Leo

The following elements may be integrated into your prayer space and/or personal attire before beginning your ceremony:

  • Candles, garments and other decorations in warm colors, such as bright pink, orange or soft red
  • Carnations or your favorite flowers in these same shades
  • An evergreen branch or sprig
  • Amber, blood agate, rose quartz
  • Gold
  • Apple cider or clove infusion (boil cloves in water)
  • Sandalwood or lavender incense

Ceremony for the Wolf Moon in Leo

  • Light your incense, saying something like:

Angels of Courage, of Freedom and of Spiritual Family, this is an offering for you. I invite you accompany me (us) and all created beings to release toxic family programs and ties, and attract and generate a circle of true support that reflects the divine plan of our existence.

  • Light your candle, saying something like:

I turn on the light of awareness that I was created to be happy and victorious, and I choose to start and. I accept only those family programs and dynamics that enforce my happiness and victory, and release the rest as I manifest a circle of constructive, trustworthy, enriching dear ones, who assist me in my highest expression, emotions and work, as I assist them.

  • Describe in writing one or more programs absorbed from or dynamics within your family of origin that you find disempowering, focusing on those that relate to your own identity, how they make you feel about yourself.

  • Write one or more blessings that you feel you receive/d from your family of origin.

  • List one or more fears you have of closeness to your biological family.

  • List one or more fears you have of closeness to people in general.

  • Describe one or more things that you like about your extended family.
  • Repeat words like those that follow during five minutes or more:

 I give thanks for the good that has come through my family and other close relations, and I declare myself free from the rest.

  • Describe your ideal spiritual family, the intimate circle you would like to attract, experience and create.

  • Repeat words like those that follow during at least five minutes:

My (our) intention has been clarified, opening a powerful, magnetic channel that is now drawing appropriate, healthy, happy relationships to me, connections that support my healing, my success and my highest work. I love and give thanks for the good relationships in my past and present.

My (our) vision is blessing the entire planet as it heals from limiting programs now.


There are forces of good at work on the subtle planes; each lunation opens doors to connect with them. By invoking angelic helpers and clarifying our intentions for personal and planetary healing, we can enter into moonbeams of grace. For lasting results, its advisable to read over your written reflections and repeat words like those suggested above during several minutes each day. Do this from now through the upcoming New Moon, or beyond as intuition dictates. Enrich them with your own inspiration and whatever additional tools may happen to appear on your path as part of the response—that is even now flowing from all corners of the Universe—to your intent for an empowering family circle.


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