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Crystal Pomeroy

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Capricorn New Moon, January 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

The first New Moon of the year is usually in Capricorn, giving us an opportunity to connect our daily, emotional energies to organizing our goals. With Pluto and Jupiter both very close to the midheaven, our pursuits are certainly expanded and intensified. How can we access this potential personally? Certain solstice themes are underscored and clarified by this chart, among them: the need to assume power unto oneself instead of projecting it onto authority figures, the importance of questioning early programming that might make us feel unable to do this, and the magic that healing these programs can bring to our goals.

Two keys to effective goal-setting are activated when we start this healing. Both of them require overcoming the victim programming that is part of our upbringing (or upbreaking, as the case may sometimes seem to be). The power of creative intent is greatly multiplied if we are able to connect with the artist within, releasing external opinions or models as to what we should want or enjoy, and listening to our true feelings and priorities. This initiative requires giving credence to our own perception, in opposition to the common program learned in authoritarian models at school and home, which teach us to doubt our own opinion.

Another factor which can greatly multiply the effects of spiritual magic is the awareness that we are allowed to choose, and because of that gift, our persistent, constructive intent can and will overcome any blocks from outside circumstance or influence. The latter principle challenges another popular atavism of the victim mindset: the world is divided into two groups, the meek and the powerful, and the latter somehow decide the fate of the former.

Such knots in our deep mind cannot be resolved by a single Lunation, however beneficent she may be. However, to synchronize our perception with the highest and the best of this portal’s promise is to plant a quantum seed of intent that will unchain a series of effects on present, past and future situations, allowing us to start this year with the right brain—metaphorically and literally speaking.

Altar-tions for the Capricorn New Moon

The following elements will synchronize your sacred space and person with this portal.

  • Silver candles, decorations, garments and/or accessories
  • Stones such as onyx, white or smoky quartz, amber
  • From the realm of flora: carnations and/or potatoes and yams
  • Sandal wood incense

Also have a notebook or paper with pen on hand.

  • Light your candle, saying something like:

I turn on the light of my awareness to neutralize, heal and overcome the belief in victimhood or any other emotional block to my power to manifest my goals.

  • With Jupiter right next to the midheaven in this lunation, angels can make a major difference in results. If you wish to invoke them, light the incense, as you say something like:

This is an offering for the Angels of Manifestation, of Power and of Healing. I invite you to work with my personal angels and those of the planet, to multiply the power of our intent, opening the road to recovery of our freedom to choose victory of good.

  • Take a moment to direct your attention within, towards the center of your chest, and ask yourself what does success look and feel like to you, personally—from the perspective of an original entity, different from the world around you. Start with goals to overcome victim trips or other blocks to being a victorious, empowered person, as well as any other spiritual goals you may have, and move on to other areas you deem important, such as:

Spiritual/Inner growth
Healing self-esteem, victim programs
A world free from those limitations
Professional direction
Creativity, and so on…

  • List these goals in writing, as one brief affirmation for each area, such as:

My self-esteem is entirely healed.

I can see myself free from the idea that any person or condition can oppress me.

Money flows naturally to cover all my situations and share with others.

I am well, strong and happy and I have amazing energy to do everything I want to.


After making your list, repeat words like those that follow during several minutes, slowly and with feeling:

The power for right success abides in me. My awareness of this power now attracts whatever opportunities, people, understanding, and resources that are necessary to heal any attitudes that keep me might keep me from manifesting. No one can deny me my power to manifest any good thing I imagine or work for. I refuse to accept any mental or emotional suggestion in my own mind or the minds of others that my holistic success can or should be limited, I declare them null and void. I know that I am not a victim, but successfully manifesting everything I choose to believe. I know myself worthy even as I am now healed and manifesting complete good.

To help another or others, repeat the following adaptation for several more minutes:

The power for right success abides in (name of person, group, etc. you wish to help with this thought). My awareness of this power activates (name of person, group, etc.)’s natural magnetism for whatever opportunities, people, understanding, and resources that are necessary to heal and manifest this success. I know this (person or group) is not a victim, but is successfully manifesting everything (she, he, they) choose to believe. I know them worthy, my thoughts help them heal and awaken their manifestation of good.

Read your list before going to bed each night, and at your chosen time during the day, take several minutes to repeat affirmations like those above.  As we already mentioned, this ceremony is by no means an entire solution. However, it is a powerful point of departure. Once we’ve applied or adapted it, it’s wise to pay attention and integrate any compatible information or resources that appear in our paths as part of the solution, such as: therapy, support groups, books, inspiration, understanding and so on. The child within deserves all the love and attention it needs to be released from the shadows of doubt and participate in humanity’s recovery of our path of power.


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