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Crystal Pomeroy

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Full Moon in Leo, August 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation, if we know how to align with it, brings a burst of new life to our most important projects of the year, along with the power to ground them.

As I wrote in my predictions for 2007, Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center promised great awakenings, “esoteric secrets will be revealed”, as well as decisive progress for major goals, with special emphasis on creativity and spiritual love. The global distribution of the movie, "The Secret," has been one intriguing fulfillment of those predictions, centering popular attention on the gift of supernatural creation which masters have worked with since antiquity and reminding those of us who already hold such knowledge to apply it.

The August New Moon has interesting links to the patterns of the Winter Solstice chart, some quite powerful. As at the New Year, Venus conjuncts the luminaries, along with Saturn and Mercury, making a radiant stellium who together shine the vitality and will of the Sun into the arena of power set by the influences that have been in play since the beginning of 2007.

Saturn, lord of manifestation, further sets off those influences, having just entered into a trine with Pluto, lord of power. Merriman calls this link, ”the superman signature”. As one of the decisive aspects of the year, it promises major, lasting results to those who are willing to work extremely hard and “with a sense of urgency” to ground projects. What kind of projects are we talking about? This time it’s not about fixing the bathroom sink. Consider those transcendental, idealistic aspirations that you’ve had on the back—or front—burner, at least since December: aspirations emphasizing creativity, children and empowering your capacity for higher love. This lunation reminds us that as we focus on the latter, spiritual gift, the magic will flow to bring our other goals to fruition. The prayers that follow are designed to optimize this promise.

Note: We have also included a blessing for personal and planetary foods. It was inspired by two current tendencies: In her Daily Success Guide, Nina mentions Ceres in relation to this New Moon and the need for protection of world food supplies in the face of GMOs and climate change—yet another influence reiterated from the New Year’s chart. This concern seems especially synchronized with Lammas, an ancient August celebration for blessing the bread of the first crop and with it the main harvest yet to come.

Pre-prayer your altar or sacred space

Have on hand:

  • Two or more candles, preferably in bright shades: yellow, gold, orange and fuchsia
  • Incense, especially sandalwood or lavender and/or sunflower petals to burn
  • Optional: Seasonal flowers such as geraniums or sunflowers; quartz crystals—rose, white and/or smoky

As you light the candles and incense, know that they are an offering for the angels of divine light, love and will, and ask such assistants to empower your intention to direct sustained and effective effort, shining love and bringing your year’s destiny to fruition.

Gaze at the candle flames for a few moments, then close your eyes and see the same bright, burning glow in the center of your chest. Hold to this image as you repeat the following love treatment three times slowly, pausing to visualize as indicated:

My heart is a radiant center of love’s fire. I can feel love’s light in my heart grow. It envelopes my being, healing mind and body. It shines out to all (one by one, feel the rays from your heart reach those people who come into your mind now), touches and heals (name someone you wish to heal). Divine love streams through me and to me into my being and into my world (pause to visualize) healing my body (pause), activating my will to love (pause) and showing me whatever I need to see to consolidate my highest aspirations.

Repeat the above treatment from one to three times daily, during fifteen minutes each time. If you do this from now until the Total Lunar Eclipse of August 28, you will be building up what author Dan Winters calls a charge field to nurture your soul and consolidate your destiny for 2007. It is also a wonderful way to bless the planet.

Until the upcoming Eclipse portal, we leave you with a gift of blessing for your table and world food supply. (Feel free to change the words, but do remember to bless our sustenance!):

I bless this nourishment with the intention that it nurture my will to love and to give thanks for every good thing of the present moment. I give thanks now because the world food supply is being blessed, protected, multiplied and distributed to all beings from the unlimited plane of Omnipotent Spirit, in divine order now.

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