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Full Moon in Aries, Harvest Moon Blessing, September 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation commemorates the Earth, who has given generously of her fruits for myriad generations.

She expresses the Divine Mother and the opulent abundance that—thanks to her love—is part of our birthright on this planet.

Some aspects of this portal are similar to the Equinox—for which we already shared metaphysical suggestions— although the Aries energy now balances the Libra search for harmony, impelling us to action.

Gratitude is still the predominant theme: for which we share a blessing for the Earth and the Divine Abundance she represents.

Prayerful Altar-ations

The Harvest Moon is also known as the Wine Moon. Purple is the shade for candles and décor. Timely incense—to represent air—includes copal or rose, earth can be present as dried fruits and nuts, water as red wine or grape juice.

Harvest Earth Blessing

Call on the angels of the earth, of environmental causes, of protection, and of abundance.

Ask that they gather the energy of all initiatives in favor of spiritual-based abundance and love of the planet, and bless and multiply the results of those efforts.

Then say a prayer of blessing and gratitude for the earth, repeating several times over slowly and with feeling. Use words like these or create your own:

I bless you, Earth, for all you have given, all you have been and all you are to me, my ancestors and my descendents. I thank you for sustaining this and any other incarnation that I’ve had here. I bless you: vital, dear one, and I bless all the angels that watch over you with a thankful heart. My harvests of good have been your harvest, the cycles of my life connected to yours; you are with me and around me, I am of you.

In gratitude, I make an offering: to persist in my prayers and efforts on behalf of your wellness. Each of them expresses and fortifies the worldwide field of intent that you be honored, loved and whole; this field of intent touches a chord of power in the Source of unlimited abundance, from whence it unleashes a series of circumstances and events that contribute to the manifestation of your wellness. We love you.

Continue to use such blessings during the several days following this lunation and remember: Aries is about action. A great way to close your ceremony would be to do something on behalf of the Abundant Mother such as: ecological activism, improving or creating local parks, planting a tree, improving your garden, writing letters to Congress, or sharing such intentions with others.

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