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Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse, September 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

Do you have dreams of service, of spiritual growth and of success? Maybe you have written them down, thought about them, made plans, visualized and even started working, but something seems to hold you back from grounding them. This is the challenge of the Pisces-Virgo axis, and the portal of the Solar Eclipse in Virgo, can wipe away whatever obstructs your ability to work with persistence and efficacy for such dreams.

Solar Eclipses intensify the seeding impetus of New Moons. With the grounding force of Saturn just entering Virgo and in what Merriman calls a “super[wo]man” trine to Pluto, this portal comes as a major blessing to close the gap between what we visualize and wish for, and what we do on a daily basis to materialize those dreams.

Besides reading and analysis, the direction of my articles often comes intuitively, accompanied by messages, signs and occasionally experiences that seem to illustrate the energies of a given astrological event. The metaphysical promise of this eclipse seems played out in a theme which recurred during my recent participation in a media blitz in Mexico, where I live, around Dr. John Demartini, one of the authors featured in The Secret.

It was the first of a cycle of conferences with those authors, each emphasizing different elements of the Law of Attraction. The organizer of the event had invited me to participate in television discussions as an expert on the topic, including a debate in which Dr. John also appeared. On others occasions, I translated his newspaper, radio and TV interviews. From our first conversation, he mentioned a concern I had already discussed with my friends and colleagues in Mexico, one that also preoccupied the teachers involved with the movie, as it turns out. They disagreed with the exaggerated simplicity of the message, since the Law of Attraction is only one of many elements involved in the miracle of awakening the power within. The Mexican media also seemed particularly concerned that people would use the book to feed their fantasies instead of working hard.

Radio and television hosts took a challenging stance to The Secret’s main premise (although those of us who have taught related principles over the years have seen countless miracles). What does all this have to do with the Solar Eclipse? One of Dr. Demartini’s persistent responses to the controversy emphasizes Virgo’s role in manifestation of dreams: you must be willing to make whatever efforts are required on a daily, pragmatic level. Judging from his own life and results, he walks his talk.

This lunation does more than just remind us of that Virgo message. It also opens an energetic doorway that allows for sudden releases of inner and outer barriers to the process of grounding our dreams. The tools that follow are designed to align us with this celestial assistance.

Synchronize your prayer space

The following symbols express the four elements during this portal:

  • Flowers and candles in shades of yellow, cream and earthy greens
  • Sandalwood or lavender incense
  • Stones such as tiger eye, amber, blood agate or smoky quartz
  • A clay or earthy-looking vessel, containing an infusion made with boiling water and anis or juniper

One you have prepared your space, begin your eclipse prayers by lighting a candle. As you do so, hold to the thought that its light is a symbol of your radiant intentions of service, spiritual development and success. Then light your incense, knowing as you do that it is an offering for the assisting angels. If you wish, call them by name, whether they be your guardian angels, “The Angel of Grounding Work” or “The Angel of Pragmatic Initiatives.” Erudite author Lucy Aspra associates Hamaliel with the New Moon in Virgo, whose name means “God’s Grace” and whose angelic chorus is the Virtues. Then tell the angels you are receptive to their assistance in expressing a new level of manifestation and discipline.

Affirmations for the Solar Eclipse Portal

  • Clarify your intent by writing down the most wonderful goals you can dream of, focusing on service, spiritual growth and success.

  • Write down one type of effort you must make each and every day in order to put feet on your dreams.

  • Repeat thoughts like the following during seven minutes or more:

My intent has been seeded and the entire Universe responds, activating whatever events and providing whatever resources are needed for it to materialize, including the inner resources such as the discipline, will power, understanding and strength to make whatever daily efforts are necessary to consolidate my intent. Help appears magically, blocks of any kind are swept away, the path to manifestation is clear. Only for today, I will believe in myself and in my vision enough to take whatever practical initiatives are necessary to express my highest purpose.


For the next four to 12 weeks, establish the following habits:

  • Before retiring, read your intentions and imagine they have already come true.
  • Begin your day by reading them once again, then repeat affirmations like those above during several minutes before organizing and optimizing your morning hours.


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