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Pisces Full Moon Eclipse Portal August 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

The black portal of this eclipse is one of the power spots of 2007, taking place in the most spiritual of signs and graced by what Merriman calls the “super[wo]man signature” of Pluto trine Saturn. Those who take the time to consciously synchronize—with methods like those we share a bit further on—can enter a new era in mind and relationships. 

The Sabian symbol for 5 degrees Pisces clarifies this focus: “A CHURCH BAZAAR…The idea of giving the most spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges…  the need of giving a more permanent significance to interpersonal relationships.”

The theme of blessings in relationship is reiterated by several features: this eclipse activates the North Node, usually considered more pleasant or fortuitous than the South. According to astrologer Celeste Teal, a Dragon’s Head lunar eclipse opens a positive “inflow” with “the people most intimately connected “to home and environment," emphasizing “soul and emotion” and “joy.” The highest vibration of Pisces would tend to accentuate the mystical side of those emotions and those relationships. Yet another layer of love surfaces in relation to this eclipse: August 28 honors the birth of Nepthys, the Egyptian equivalent of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Jean Shinoda Bolen has described the function of the latter in Jungian terms as the part of each of us that can engage with others with ease, success and charm.

Love is more than a sentiment; it is an alchemical force that is flowing to us constantly from the invisible realm of Spirit. Whenever a door is opened in consciousness, it can and will shine through to work whatever miracle is needed. There is an angel at your door during this eclipse and it’s saying: Make a wish about how you would like divine love to bless your mind, world and relationships, and that wish shall be granted. A bit further on you’ll find tools to optimize your wishes.

Prayerful altar-ations

Synchronize your altar or sacred corner with the highest vibration of this portal by integrating symbols like those that follow:

  • Candles and décor: in soft, cool colors, such as grey-blue, sea green and lavender
  • Incense: orchid, sandalwood or jasmine
  • Stones: Moonstone, jade, smoky quartz, turquoise, amethyst
  • A goblet or shell filled with sea or tap water

As you light your candles and incense, know in your heart that they are an offering for the angels that work through this portal, such as the Angel of Universal Love, the Angel of Successful Relating and the Angel of Happiness. Call on them and any compatible guides to augment the power of your intent.

Establish your intent  

Most of us would love to have more love in our hearts and in our lives. What’s your wish? Would you like to be more constant in forgiveness? Do you wish that your relationship with yourself or others become more successful and fulfilling for all involved? Would you like your business or professional connections to work with greater ease, harmony and results? Now is a very powerful time to establish such aspirations.

Some examples include:

I would like my attitude and relationships be blessed with love, harmony and success.
I wish to be able to concentrate on love affirmations when I use them and for that consciousness to last after prayer.
I imagine myself healing the child within and attracting relationships that reflect self-love.
I wish to overcome my fixation with the approval of others and to learn to seek my own approval first.
I wish to live in a state of constant love toward all beings.
I wish to have a volunteer activity to express my intention for loving service.

Choose or define one or at the most two personal intents and then think about one for the world. A few examples:

I wish to see love predominate in the relationship between countries, and between people and their governments.
I would like to see industrial practices reflecting humanity’s love for Earth and for all species.
I wish that divine love could dissolve any impulse to harm others on the entire planet.

Affirmations to synchronize with divine assistance

Commit your intent to writing, then repeat ideas like those that follow for around seven minutes:

I am not alone in my intention to experience the fullness of love consciousness and affairs. The Divine Helper is with me, guiding me, opening my understanding, providing key information, fortifying my will and facilitating all circumstances in whatever way is necessary to manifest my intention to express and receive the power of love and see it manifest in my relationships and world.   

Follow up

Close your eclipse prayer session by thanking the angels and guides for their assistance. You can then leave the candles burning or save them to light for tomorrow’s prayers. Each day, during the next four to nine weeks, look at your intention and repeat the above words for at least six minutes. For those who do this, doors will open within and without. Remember, you are an instrument that’s necessary for the answer to your prayer; stay alert to signs and opportunities and take whatever additional action is necessary to ground the blessings that the Divine Helper is even now putting on your path.


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Suggested reading for the eclipse portal:

The Intelligent Heart, by David McArthur, ARE Press
The Prospering Power of Love, by Catherine Ponder, DeVorss and Co.
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