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Gemini Full Moon, November 2007: Apply Your Gifts of Courage and Caution Effectively

by Crystal Pomeroy

This is the last Full Moon of the solar year, and it is a great one for strategic and brilliant action. Traditionally known as the Snow Moon, it is an apt portal for intuitive magic, marking the earth’s time of rest. On the other hand, the astrology for this lunation points to a time of exciting action, a chance to consolidate goals established eleven months ago. In her Daily Success Guide, Nina Bouska makes a brilliant point: the current Saturn-Uranus opposition signifies a chance to work out the access of daring vs. caution, a process that will become increasingly useful in our lives until this aspect becomes exact within a year.

The following ceremony includes affirmations, angel invocations and a pendulum exercise, all designed to best act on our current blessings, and to meet the approaching year with a vibration of success.

Metaphysical pendulum ceremony for the 2007 Snow Moon

Have on hand:

  • A pendulum (if you don’t have one, you can make it by tying a small, perforated object such as a ring or Oriental coin to a 13-inch piece of string.)
  • A notebook or journal, in which you have prepared three special pages:

    On one page of the notebook, draw a cross in the middle, consisting of two lines intersecting each other at right angles, on one line write the word, Daring, on the other Caution.

  • On separate pages of your notebook, make two short lists, the first of times when your courage and daring have generated many blessings, and the second of situations in which you were glad to have applied caution.

  • Candles, as well as decorations and/or garments in shades of purple and dark blue, to accentuate the intuitive potential of the Snow Moon.
  • Incense—mugwort or patchouli are especially apt for this portal.

Sacred steps:

  • Light your incense, mentally dedicate it to the Angels of Daring and Caution, and whatever other angels or guides you would like to include. Ask them to guide the pendulum and fortify your aptitudes of daring and judiciousness as needed to consolidate your highest goals and best interests.
  • Light your candle.
  • Repeat words like those that follow during several minutes:

This flame represents my awareness of the power of discernment lying deep within my mind, my higher instinct that knows and shows when to dare and when to take care.

  • In your notebook, name one or more specific situations in which you would like to confirm the need for daring or caution.
  • Hold your pendulum in the left hand, over the paper with the cross, right at the latter’s center.
  • Directing your attention towards the angels, guides and the Infinite Intelligence within, ask to know which approach to accentuate in the first situation you thought of above.
  • Wait for the pendulum to begin swinging along the line for Daring or Caution.
  • Repeat these steps to know the answer for any other situations.
  • Write down your answer and any related reflection in your notebook or journal.

As Nina has pointed out, the cycle of discernment emphasized by this lunation lasts for over a year. I suggest you continue to light your candle and repeat the affirmations daily at least until the next New Moon on December 11.

I leave you with the blessing of their magic, as well as that of the pendulum, along with any compatible resources and guidance that the Universe may send in response to the seed of intent that you now plant by the brilliant glow of the November Snow Moon.

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