Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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Full Moon in Aries, Harvest Moon Blessing, September 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

Are you interested in renovating your relationships? Are you willing to transmute your own attitudes in relation to others? You came to the right place under the dark of this lunation. In Libra, it seeds a new cycle of our connections with others, and this particular portal’s influence signals an opportunity to transmute our relationships: those we generate and those we attract. Jupiter square Uranus can help break to break ties and habits that have limited our authenticity: we are in a power moment to create our ideal social and partnership context with tools like those we share a bit further on. But even as we seed the intent for what we want from others, the skies are now reminding us that on some level what we give is what we get, and that true transformation requires assuming responsibility for our own projections, and untying the knots in consciousness that have bound us from within to less than satisfactory results.

Nina Bouska points out the “bundle pattern… of Mercury, Black Moon Lilith and Juno in the fourth house of home,” a conjunction that will help us to analyze our shadow projections and victim programs, especially in relation to our family of origin; and with Mercury almost stationary retrograde in Scorpio and accompanied by Pluto on the nadir, to transform them.

The stars, guides and angels now conspire to multiply the creative power of our intents and efforts in this process. Specifically, this Mercury working with the two goddesses can help us first look at and then beyond self-pity, discovering our own hidden motives and family issues, then applying the insight to release toxic shame, both that we have accumulated as well as that we may be directing towards others. The image that comes to mind is a dredger scraping along the ocean floor, picking up bits and pieces of our emotional past and bringing them to light in to be healed in forgiveness. These are the rays that will free us to attract and generate a new, more desirable level of relating, and with it greater success in all our enterprises.

Prayer and meditation are always powerful, but as Nina points out, “This… is a Moon-month to limit activity insofar as possible and withdraw to contemplate… our lives and our futures.” Our suggestions for this portal are designed to make the most of Luna’s invitation to deep transformation: healing ourselves as we attract freer, more authentic alliances and blessing the families of this world so in need of love.

Prayerful altarations

You can put your space or altar up to date with autumnal symbols of the elements, such as:

Earth element: foliage, including purple daisies, rose moss, petunias or a branch with colorful leaves, or stones such as lapis lazuli, rose quartz, emerald, opal or aquamarine (you may also enjoy wearing these as part of your New Moon ceremony).
Fire: lit in your fireplace or candles in cool Libra shades of blue, green and
Water: Mint tea
Air: incense, especially lilac, rose or sandalwood

Invoking the angels

If you wish, you may call upon your favorite guides and angels including:

The Angel of Truthful relationships



whose name means “The Light of Spirit” and whom Lucy Aspra associates with Libra. Uriel’s message is indeed key now, as it is the light of Spirit that will lead us through the mire of self-examination into release and forgiveness, and also because Uriel is the archangel of supply, underscoring the relationship between the consciousness of love and our abundance, both of which will be activated by the prayers below.

As you light your incense, know that it is an offering for such beings, and ask that they accompany you in renovating your connections with others.

Affirmations for the Libra New Moon

At this portal, I suggest an adaptation of an amazingly effective prayer that we use in my group. Different versions of this prayer have produced amazing results, including: healing severe mental and attitudinal problems which seemed incurable, helping a businesswoman get out of some $200,000 of debt, harmonizing previously rebellious teenagers and restoring a young woman’s love life. Everyone in my group considers it most miraculous. Read, edit if you wish and then repeat sentences like those that follow five times or more, slowly and with much attention.

I am not alone with my own limited, personal perception. Spirit’s light is with me and in me, showing me everything I have to see in order to find fulfillment in relationship, including: mine and others’ hidden issues and motives, effective and honest analysis, my deepest needs and how to fulfill them, humility, self-esteem, forgiveness, mercy and understanding of myself and others, and Spirit’s light is blessing me with love in attitude and experience.

After repeating it during several minutes for yourself, spend a few more directing it to the collective family:

The human race is not alone with its own limited perceptions. Spirit’s light is with us and in us, showing us everything we need to see in order to find fulfillment in relationship, including: our own and others’—including politicians—hidden issues and motives, effective and honest analysis, our deepest needs and how to fulfill them, humility, self-esteem, forgiveness, mercy and understanding of ourselves and others, and Spirit’s light is blessing us with love in attitude and experience.

Next, write down your ideal scenario in relationships, both those you want to see as well as any hidden issues or defects of character that arise as you write.

Take advantage of this introspective lunar month

Each night before sleeping, continue to repeat the above affirmations. Conclude by reading your ideal scenario of relating just before you doze off, which is the greatest natural power portal of the creative mind. I can assure that whoever does this will receive great revelations during this lunar month. Remember to apply the information, opportunities and insights received.

We bless you with the happiness that is here for you now, in true love with yourself and others!

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