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Sagittarius New Moon, December 2007: Heal Personal and Planetary Power.

by Crystal Pomeroy

Have you felt impotent in the face of apparently rampant abuse by ruling groups? How do you feel about the idea of power in general? What are your beliefs about having it yourself? Your beliefs contribute to how you—and the world you live in—experience power, and this last New Moon of the year gives us a chance to transmute that condition.

2007 has been marked by a lengthy rendezvous between Pluto and the Galactic Center, emphasizing the supernatural force of consciousness, a message made popular in the movie, "The Secret." The year comes to a close with fireworks as this intense conjunction is joined by Jupiter, along with Sun, Mercury and the New Moon, making a wide stellium in Sagittarius. It is a dynamic portal, integrating themes of cosmic truth and global power with the personal forces of emotion, will, belief and mental programs. A volatile square to Uranus can bring great liberation as it shakes up unconscious patterns.

Much has been written about the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto that becomes exact two days after this lunation. From a worldly standpoint, it could coincide with an upsurge of power-mongering in the same circles whose dominion already seems close to choking the planet and its species. (Indeed, as Jude Cowell points out in Stars Over Washington, the Feds have arranged a meeting on that very day.) With these two honchos of the solar system involved, it’s particularly important to bear in mind that astrological aspects have different octaves of expression. Part of the message of the conjunction of the Galactic Center to Pluto that has flavored this entire year is precisely that:

Your true, cosmic self is the center of your own experience; you can and do wield power right now, from wherever you are, and you reclaim your influence as you stop projecting it onto outer forces and figures that seem to control your destiny.

In an interesting article on the subject, Shelley Ackerman says that Jupiter with Pluto “refers to an inexhaustible supply of both spirit and riches. How wonderful it would be if the two—the generosity and wisdom Jupiter and the power of Pluto—would merge and work together again for the highest good of all concerned.....Providence indeed!” Thankfully, providence isn’t something we have to sit by and hope for. It is already with us, awaiting our quantum attention to create a new cycle of empowering beliefs by the dark of the New Moon in Sagittarius. The metaphysical suggestions below are designed to optimize that promise.

Metaphysical New Moon Ceremony

If you enjoy synchronizing your sacred space, choose:

  • Candles, garments and decor in tones of brilliant purple with touches of gold and silver
  • Sagittarian stones such as amethyst, white quartz, lapis lazuli and turquoise
  • Bright flowers
  • Jasmine or sandalwood incense

Angelic Assistance for the December New Moon

Jupiter rules angels, and these heavenly helpers are especially connected to this strongly Jupiterian portal.

We receive their vibrations by remembering and invoking them, and for this portal, by calling on the Angels of Higher and True Power, and also what Lucy Aspra calls the Angel of Sagittarius, Adnachiel.

Ask for their assistance to release blocks against expression of your true power, as well as for connecting with and expanding vibrations of healthy power around the planet.

Clear the way to pray.

  • Have on hand a notebook and pen.
  • To connect with your resistance to power, choose one of the thoughts that follow, write it down and complete it with whatever comes into your mind.
    • I was brought up to believe that it was good to be powerful. This is not true for me because:
    • The following beliefs I have absorbed or promoted unconsciously are disempowering:
  • Write at least five examples of times you may have abused power in large or small ways. Answers from our prayer group included:

I was arbitrarily bossy in a volunteer position of leadership.

I criticized someone I was jealous of behind her back in an exclusive group I belonged to.

I was overly aggressive when scolding my children because of frustration in other areas of my life.

I have used my imagination to visualize negative things that worry me instead of desired outcomes.

  • Read your abuses over slowly, and then, with your attention on your heart, repeat a thought of forgiveness—for yourself and for all others who have allowed power to corrupt them—during ten minutes.

For instance:

Forgive us our trespasses against your law of love, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Or, try Neil Douglas-Klotz’ translation from Aramaic of this timeless phrase:

Untie the knots of failure binding us, as we release the strands we hold of others’ faults.

  • Write down five or more types of power you consider positive.
  • List five or more ways in which you personally would like to be powerful.
  • List five beneficent kinds of power you would like to see more of in the world.

Repeat affirmations to heal your connection with power during seven minutes, such as:

I am not alone in my need and desire to experience positive power. The Divine Helper is with me, freeing me from any blocks, personal or collective, conscious or not, and the Divine Helper is guiding me in any way that’s necessary to expand empowering beliefs and actions for myself and for the world.


There is only One True Power, that is Omnipresent Good. I now remember that Higher Good is present in all situations everywhere, with all beings that may possibly need help, in all meetings of government and other circles that are vital to planetary concerns. Omnipresent Good is at work in all these circumstances and It is greater than any other influence. My recognition of Omnipresent Good attracts powerful manifestations of good to me, as it also connects me to a like awareness in all people everywhere; together we surround the planet with the consciousness of victorious good now. Any false displays now fade away in the light of the One True Power.

  • Follow up daily at least until the coming Full Moon:

Read steps five through seven, and do steps four and eight. Also, keep alert for signs of manifestation and opportunities for powerful action, and consolidate the flow with by giving thanks, and taking action, as each is required.

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