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Cancer Full Moon, December 2007: Heal Personal and Planetary Power.

by Crystal Pomeroy

In some parts of the ancient world, this lunation was called the Oak Moon, in honor of the Oak King who overcame the Holly King at Christmas. In Europe, trees had long been considered sacred. Oaks, in fact, were the most venerated of all, until the Church succeeding in wiping most of them out, when the evergreen stepped in as a central symbol.

In his book, When Santa Was a Shaman, Tony van Renterghem writes that the first Christmas trees were decorated with strips of raw meat and burned to appease the gods and give thanks for the miracle of fire received through trees from lightening. Although this book is fascinating, ever since I read that passage I wondered if maybe there wasn’t more to this ancient tradition. After all, trees are very special, and many early cultures possessed greater wisdom about the natural world than we do. So it was especially exciting to learn about the ancient Mexica custom of Panquetzalitzli, The Raising of the Banners. This is the name of the 20-day period that started on December 17, during which colored strips of bark paper were tied on trees and other plants in gratitude for their fruits, as well as to connect human intentions in the new solar cycle with the energy of growing foliage. Thus trees helped prepare for the birth of the Precious Child, the Solstice Sun (for more on this see our Winter Solstice Ceremony available to Daykeeper Premium subscribers).Could Panquetzalitzli reflect ancient knowledge of a more global kind behind the Christmas Tree, knowledge that runs deeper than the meat burning ceremony described by Renterghem?

In a more European style, authors John and Caitlín Matthews share a Wishing Tree ceremony in their book of Christmas traditions, a practice that strikes a synchronistic chord with the Mexica tradition. Your own tree or branch, whether in your yard, living-room or local woods, is a sacred link to nature, and to the richness glowing in the collective memory. A bit further on you will find suggestions to revive these archetypes and empower your own blessings at the Christmas Full Moon.

In her Daily Success Guide, Nina Bouska has said that this portal’s energies are quite similar to those of the Solstice chart. She cites the Sabian symbol for Luna’s degree: the ability to expand one’s consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level, and the opposite degree in Capricorn: Three rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war; the necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group integration.These symbols reinforce the message of Mars in Cancer in opposition to a heavy Capricorn stellium in the Solstice Chart, reminding us that this year will require special attention on harmonious conflict resolution. For that purpose, we have included suggestions for forgiveness, as well as a solstice power prayer to fortify the universal will to love, which we also share below.

Oak Moon Christmas Tree Ceremony

Have on hand:

  • 3” by 1” leaves or strips, cut out from sheets of red and green paper. You can draw single leaf shapes and make a small hole in the stem for tying on the tree, or cut out double ones with the stem drawn on the crease of a folded page, snowflake style, and tie the stem.
  • 12” pieces of red or green yarn, one to tie each leaf on your Christmas or other tree or branch.
  • On each of your five red leaves or paper strips, write one of the ways you in which you would like to improve what you contribute, give or put out to life in the coming year.
  • On your five green strips or leaves, write a blessing you would like to receive for yourself, your family, someone you know, or the world.
  • A white candle
  • A green or gold candle
  • A stick of incense (preferably frankincense scent)

1) Choose your tree or branch for this occasion, whether in your living room, yard, nearby park or some woods you go to celebrate this Full Moon.

2) Light, your candles, saying as do so something like:

My appreciation of trees, of light and unity now illuminates this space and connects me with all the good that’s growing everywhere.

3) Light the incense, knowing that it is an offering for the angels of the natural and supernatural worlds, and asking them to help you connect with the spirit of growth and love in all the trees around the world, and all compatible consciousness anywhere.

4) Hug, caress and/or kiss the tree or branch you have chosen for this occasion.

5) Tie the leaves and/or strips of paper to the tree.
Note: The next two steps are designed to bless the New Year with thoughts that offset the potentially conflictive effects of Mars in Cancer in opposition to the aforementioned stellium.

6) Choose someone who has hurt or irritated you deeply, and spend two minutes thinking of that person and how uncomfortable or downright angry they make you feel.

  • Take another three minutes to think only of the Higher Power, going over in your mind everything good and lovely that Power represents to you. Let all the gratitude, tenderness and any related feelings flower clearly in your mind.
  • Return your attention to the person in step one. Look at your feelings now. Notice the difference.
  • Finally, repeat words like these several times, slowly and with feeling:

Each initiative I take to love strengthens my will to love, synchronizing me with the will to love in all hearts around the world, a will that increases while the planet is healed now.

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Special thanks to adviser in the Mexica oral tradition, Xolotl.

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