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Full Moon Eclipse in Virgo, February 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

The Full Moon of February is traditionally “Chaste”, associated with purity and discernment. This year’s eclipse in Virgo further intensifies its power, opening a portal through which to detect and release whatever may detract from our soul goals—the work of dignified service that characterizes our personal legacy.  Luna, now conjunct Saturn and trine Pluto in Capricorn, is also inviting us to make breakthroughs in the practical implementation of these goals.  (In fact, Celeste Teal has named this eclipse, “Practical Solutions”.) Do you by chance have any doubts about what exactly your own might be? A bit further on we share tools to synchronize with this power gate: clarifying our most important work at hand and opening the door to permit grace to sweep any obstacles for its successful manifestation.

Synchronize your space…

with touches like these:

  • A green, yellow or natural beeswax candle
  • Hyacinth or Sandalwood incense
  • Whole grain kernels or coffee beans
  • Amber, tiger eye, blood agate

Ceremony for the Eclipse Chaste Moon

Have a notebook on hand.

  • Light your candle.
  • Light your incense as you call on the angels, saying something like: 

I call on the Angel of Discernment to assist me in clarifying my goal of higher and successful service, on the Angel of Fortitude to strengthen my resolve and persistence in working for it, and Archangel Michael, the Angel of Release to free me from any inner or outer, past or present obstacles to their manifestation.

  • Consider the following words, and write down one situation in the present and three in the past whose message seems to be: “You do not deserve to have success.”

  • Starting in the southern side of the room (or prayer area if done outside), leave the paper on the ground and walk away from it, northward. Once you are on the other side of your space, say three times, slowly and with decision:

Whatever has made me feel unworthy or disempowered, I put behind me.

  • Assume a comfortable position, then repeat words like these, during several minutes:

I am note alone in my desire to be free and focused to consolidate my soul goals. The Divine Helper is with me, strengthening me and supporting me with contacts, opportunities, inspiration, courage, self-confidence, discernment and whatever else is required to carry out my great work and follow the call of my true self. The Divine Helper wishes to see me free and is now acting to cut and draining or distracting ties so that my time, attention and talents are available to implement the goals of my soul.

Note: Feel free to adapt or enrich those words according to your own inspiration.

  • Pick up the paper you threw on the ground and to it add any situations you consciously want freedom from. These may include emotional programs, addictions, distractions, circumstances or whatever other apparent limitation on the goals of your soul that comes to mind.

  • On another sheet, list whatever inner or outer resources and support you think you need.

  • Write five or more practical steps you can take in your current situation to facilitate the expression of your higher work.

  • Burn the first page, the one you want freedom from.

  • Repeat the affirmation in step five again.

  • Repeat the following words, slowly and with feeling:

Each time I clarify my intention to manifest my highest service and success, the entire Universe responds, sending opportunities, resources, discernment, will power and whatever else is needed for it to materialize. Help appears magically, blocks of any kind are swept away, the path to manifestation is clear. Only for today, I will believe in myself and in my vision enough to take whatever practical initiatives are necessary to express my highest purpose. 

Dream Work for the Eclipse Chaste Moon

For those who would like to work with this eclipse energy in dreams:

  • Just before sleeping, sit on the edge of your bed and read, focus on and if so inspired, enrich what you wrote in steps six and seven. 

  • Consider your practical options for advancing your path of successful service. (If you haven’t yet been able to clarify your highest, successful service, take a few moments to think about the options.)

  • Ask the Angel of Intuition to help you receive guidance in dreams for these goals and initiatives, and that you may remember it.

  • Repeat words like those that follow during several minutes, slowly and with attention:

As I sleep the Divine Helper stays awake, activating my powers of discernment to clarify my greatest work, as It supports me in whatever inner or outer ways are required to carry it out and follow the call of my true self.

Follow up

The influence of eclipses lingers with intensity during the following 40 days, a period in which to continue using the prayers, reading and enriching your list of desirables and practical steps above, or through mid-April or mid-June, when Saturn will activate the eclipse point exactly. 

Each of us was created to do something wonderful, and we are receiving all the guidance and other assistance that we could need to accomplish it. As we consciously synchronize with the promise of this portal: applying our free will to negate the force of disempowering programs, taking the hands of the angels waiting to lift us in forward flight, and connecting our dreams to the wheel of daily effort, we can co-create a magical eclipse experience. 


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