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Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse, February 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

There is a spark of idealism in every human soul. It moves us to dream of a better world and be willing to act on that vision, courageously and with no eye to personal benefit. Though expressed individually, this spirit is fraternal, moving us to help others, as well attracting those who share such motivations in group endeavors. There are times in history when it has surged forth, spreading like a wave that mobilizes nations. This Aquarian archetype is universal in nature, but it finds a special expression through the US Moon in Aquarius, as expressed in the American Revolution, abolition and women’s movements, among myriad others. Have you been feeling discouraged about the apparent lack of courage or idealism in your own life and the direction of the US? This eclipse portal can detonate a new beginning, a revival of those forces in our own psyches and around the world capable of overcoming Big Brother with “bigger brotherhood—and even bigger sisterhood”.

This quote from comedian philosopher Swami Beyondananda seems amazingly in synch with the Spirit of the current lunation, which author Celeste Teal has named “Attaining Group Ideals” in her book Eclipses, and which happens to conjunct the US Moon degree. This same lunation marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Rat, associated with renewal, action and cunning, and considered good for fresh starts.

Altar-ations for the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Synchronize your sacred space or corner with symbols such as:

  • Candles, personal attire or decorations in shades electric or brilliant blue
  • Flowers, especially geraniums or orchids
  • Water, boiled with a pinch of rosemary
  • Minerals, such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire or white quartz
  • Incense, especially jasmine or sandalwood
  • Bach essence: Water violet

Ceremony for the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Besides a candle and incense such as those suggested above, have on hand a pen and paper.

1. Light your candle or candles as you say something like:

I light the flame of shared ideals in my heart, connecting the light in all hearts that leads us to work for and attain ideals for the good of all.

2. Call on the angels by lighting your incense, consecrating it as an offering for the Angel of Shared Ideals, the Angel of Courage and the Angel of Success. Then say something like:

Please take the intentions I now sow and carry them to the highest spheres so that their power is blessed and multiplied. Help eliminate whatever would keep me and others from heeding and manifesting the vision of common good that lives in our hearts, as we now connect with one another and with the inner and outer situations, information or other resources that form part of the divine plan for manifesting ideals.

3. Establish your intent to do something to activate the spirit of common good. It may be a project you’ve been considering for some time, or one you started before but gave up on or postponed –the latter type are particularly apt with the multiplied renewal energies at this portal of the New Year of the Rat. Other options might include writing letters or making calls to Congress, volunteering at or donating to a local center for the homeless or elderly or other altruistic cause, joining or donating to Amnesty International, Truth-Out, or any related inclination that is smoldering beneath the ashes of dreams gone by. It could even be something really simple, such as voting (just in case you’ve doubted), praying for the planet, or even going about your daily routine or work with a renewed spirit of service and love.

I do my part to revive the Spirit of Idealism. My actions and intentions make powerful waves, fortifying my will to live my ideals and strengthening this spirit in the minds of all people.  My strengthened will leads me to generate more idealistic actions and intentions, and contributes to the will for common good that now reemerges around the world. We are not alone in our highest and best intentions. The Divine Helper is with us, guiding, connecting and assisting us in whatever way is necessary so that the Spirit of Good can predominate in throughout creation.

Follow up

With Mercury now retrograde, the next couple of weeks are an excellent window to refine and expand your idealistic intentions. During this period, study Step 3 each evening before going to sleep. First thing in the morning write down information received in dreams. Take an extra minute to refer to your evolving understanding, and another five or so to repeat affirmations like those in Step 3, before planning your day. You can be sure that such synchronization will unchain all kinds of blessings during the coming months, throughout the Year of the Rat, and for the following three or four years, which is the short-term duration of the eclipse influence. Big Sisterhood can and does prevail over Big Brother. 


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