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August 2008
8/16 Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
8/1 Leo New Moon

July 2008
7/2 Cancer New Moon

June 2008
6/18 Sagittarius Full Moon
6/3 Gemini New "Super" Moon

May 2008
5/19 Scorpio Full Moon

5/5 Taurus New Moon

April 2008
4/5 New Moon in Aries
4/20 Full Moon in Scorpio

Mar 2008
3/21 Full Moon in Libra
3/7 New Moon in Pisces

Feb 2008
2/20 Virgo Full Moon
2/6 Aquarius New Moon

Jan 2008
01/22 Leo Full Moon
01/08 Capricorn New Moon

Dec 2007
12/23 Cancer Full Moon
12/9 Sagittarius New Moon

Nov 2007
11/30 Gemini Full Moon
11/9 Scorpio New Moon

Oct 2007
10/10 Libra New Moon
10/25 Taurus Full Moon

Sept 2007
9/26 Aries Harvest Moon
9/11 Virgo Solar Eclipse

August 2007
8/12 Leo New Moon
8/28 Pisces Full Moon Eclipse

July 2007
7/14 Cancer New Moon

June 2007
6/30 Capricorn Full Moon
6/14 Gemini New Moon

May 2007
Full Moon

5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

Apr 2007
4/17 New Moon in Aries
4/2 Full Moon in Libra

Mar 2007
3/4 Full Moon in Virgo

Feb 2007
2/17 New Moon in Aquarius
2/1 Full Moon in Leo

Jan 2007
1/18 New Moon in Capricorn


Jumpstart Your Path to Mastery by the Dark of the New Moon in Virgo, August 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy  

This portal comes in the wake of the Olympics and also at the entrance to a new school year, summoning us to undertake projects that require mastery. What area of professional, creative or self improvement have you considered, and perhaps initiated, but have not dared get fully into gear on? Luna now opens a window to finally just do it. Virgo facilitates the structure needed to get a job done.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon describes a five-year-old girl taking her first dance lesson. Dane Rudyar relates it to a “transitional phase which may lead to mastery”. His italics suggest that excellence is a potential—yet uncertain—result of the projects we start at this portal. I took a few dance lessons myself as a child, and soon desisted after feeling so klutzy compared to more accomplished and better coordinated students. The child within has dreams, but also fears. To acquire a new skill is an expression of aliveness; the heart prompts us on a path of expansion of some kind, whether it be academic, creative, intellectual, spiritual, emotional or physical. Voices within may discourage us: “You’ll never be good enough.” “It won’t come out right.” “You’ll let yourself down.” 

Saturn conjunct Luna gives us the psychic stamina to roll with the punches and build the habits necessary to see incipient efforts through to a path of eventual dexterity. Its special mission at this portal is revealed by the position of 11 degrees and 22 minutes: two consecutive master numbers! Ever the demanding teacher, Saturn is charged with the task of mobilizing us on the path of expanded capacities we silently wish for.  

Altar-ations for the New Moon in Virgo

The following symbols synchronize our space with the gifts of Virgo:

  • Flowers and candles in shades of yellow, cream and earthy greens
  • Sandalwood or lavender incense
  • Stones such as tiger eye, amber, blood agate or smoky quartz
  • A clay or earthy-looking vessel, containing an infusion made with boiling water and anis or juniper

Pre-prayer your New Moon Ceremony

Lighting a candle, saying something like the following words as you do: I light the radiance of inner strength, audacity and trust to move on my goals for improved capacity.

Invoke an Angel

Light your incense, knowing as you do that it is an offering for the assisting angels. If you wish, call on one or several of those that are on call to fortify our intention at this portal, such as the Angel of Audacity, Angel of Productive Action, Angel of Consolidation, Angel of Discipline, Angel of Organization.

Ask for their support in moving on the path of mastery that seems most important to you at this time.

Affirmations to fortify your path of mastery

Choose or adapt some thoughts like those that follow, and repeat them for around ten minutes.

The Same Mind that knows what inner and outer resources I need to master this (name of project, skill or area of self improvement), also knows how to bring them forth and does so with Its almighty means here and now.

My intention of mastery through this (name of project, skill, new habit, etc.) sows a seed that brings forth all necessary elements for its manifestation. As I hold to the vision of an excellent result, no influence or condition can keep it from taking form. I give myself permission to take whatever initiatives I can to embark with decision on this path of learning. My active will mobilizes circumstances and conditions, and the entire Universe conspires to open the doors to excellence.

This New Moon is not only about inner work, but also about action. Like the five-year-old girl in the Sabian symbol, we are called to take whatever initiatives we can, one day at a time. Whether those include consulting professionals, enrolling in a course, daily practice, getting our materials together to make a treasure map, reading books, getting organized, or any other related initiatives, each active step we take challenges the voices of fear within and is in itself a prayer of power. Can we afford to let this wonderful portal go by without using it to support our deep urge to grow? The following thought is a parting gift. From now until the next New Moon, we invite you to repeat it, as well as the above decrees, during several minutes as you begin each day.

Only for today, I dedicate at least two hours to do whatever is in my power to move toward the mastery I desire. My own efforts fortify the collective will, empowering people everywhere to heed their own call to expansion.   



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