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Crystal Pomeroy

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April 2008
4/5 New Moon in Aries
4/20 Full Moon in Scorpio

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3/7 New Moon in Pisces

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5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

Apr 2007
4/17 New Moon in Aries
4/2 Full Moon in Libra

Mar 2007
3/4 Full Moon in Virgo

Feb 2007
2/17 New Moon in Aquarius
2/1 Full Moon in Leo

Jan 2007
1/18 New Moon in Capricorn


Say the Prayer of Effective Action by the dark of the New Moon in Aries, April 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

Each spring, the New Moon in Taurus invites us to plant seeds of intention for abundance. The Grand Trine in Earth which graces its chart this year denotes ease of material manifestation.

These are millenary truths, but times are changing and so must their application; as the Sabian symbol for 16 degrees of Taurus reminds us, pointing to, “The inadequacy of past knowledge in times of crisis”. For millions worldwide, prevailing economic and energy policy have created exceptional times indeed.

The North Node helps clarify just what a new awareness of abundance might include. In Aquarius, sign of the people, conjunct Neptune and Chiron—the healers of the solar system—it suggests a dharmic opportunity to direct this lunation’s seed energy not so much for personal prosperity, but to heal the relationship with supply of all people everywhere, including those most in need.   

Prayerful alterations for the New Moon in Taurus

  • A pink or light blue candle
  • Rose or jasmine incense
  • A semi-precious stone such as smoky quartz, jade, turquoise or coral
  • Wildflowers and/or roses

Ceremony and prayers

Light your incense, saying something like:

I call on Archangel Uriel, that He may help the entire human race –especially those who most need it– to heal and spiritualize our relationship with supply.

Light the candle, repeating words like those that follow:  

I turn on the light of my higher consciousness, remembering that supply doesn’t come from the limited dimension of matter, but rather flows to me and to all humanity from the infinite realm of Spirit.

If you have any other specific request for abundance, make it now.

Generate a clear vision in your imagination of Planet Earth, surrounded by divine light and love.

Repeat words like those that follow during at least 10 minutes:

The human race is not alone with our own dark and limited patterns and attachments. There is a great light with us and in us, showing us everything we need to see about our unlimited supply, our true spiritual origins and awareness, our universal, divine right and assistance to awaken this nature and receive our full good, as well as sharing it fearlessly, and Spirit’s light blesses us with intuitive understanding now.


You can effectively reinforce your seed of intent in ways like those that follow during the next 28 days.

  • Support a local or global group that feeds the hungry. 
  • Give gifts of books, audios or related tools that raise spiritual consciousness.
  • Besides tangible gifts like there, adapt your New Moon prayers for such groups or people, repeating three times daily. For instance:

(Name of person or group you wish to help) is not alone with her or his own dark and limited patterns and attachments. There is a great light with her and in her, showing her everything s/he need to see about her unlimited supply, her true spiritual origins and awareness, her divine right and assistance to awaken this nature and receive her good and share it fearlessly, and Spirit’s light blesses her with intuitive understanding now.

  • Give yourself a book, audio or course on abundance from a spiritual perspective, or dust off such tools you may already have in your book shelf and work with them.
  • Repeat prayers like those above during several minutes daily, for yourself and for all of humanity.

Humanity is in need of solutions, and there is a dimension from which they can and do flow. As we reach beyond our own personal sphere, embracing all people everywhere with our mind power while in tune with the highest of all realms, we open a channel for grace to lift all those who are ready onto a new level of consciousness, beaming them up to unlimited abundance. As we bless others, we also activate the law of giving, a dharmic principle that multiplies and protects our own good and that of our descendents, too. Can you think of a more magical way to enrich your efforts on behalf of the planet this spring? 

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