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Crystal Pomeroy

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Say the Prayer of Effective Action by the dark of the New Moon in Aries, April 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

The Hare Moon traditionally celebrates abundance of both beauty and supply, a promise accentuated now with the Sun just into Taurus. More than one prosperity author has pointed to nature’s fertility to remind us that our blessings flower of their own accord. This is an ancient truth, reflected in the sentence attributed to Jesus, “And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.” This season invites us to contemplate the wealth of good that springs forth naturally, and as we do so enter in the flow of our spiritual inheritance. Beautiful as this Truth may be, it can be challenging to apply when faced with the picture of “harsh reality” that often seems to dictate individual or planetary affairs.

The current lunation in Scorpio joins celestial bodies in earth and water, forming a kite configuration that includes a grand earth trine for manifestation, combined with an opposition for perspective. It takes more than one evening of inner work, but this lunation can be a turning point to penetrate the deep spheres of our minds, exposing and releasing hidden blocks and entering a new phase of personal and collective victories. I happen to be quite familiar with a number of these blocks, since facilitating their resolution has been a central part of my teaching and counseling work with thousands of people for over a decade. The prayers and reflections below include extracts from this experience, and are designed to help the user ride the moonbeam to freedom that this lunation can bring. Their application will also bless the planetary mind with a much-needed spiritual connection to the material sphere.    
Altar-ations for the Hare Moon in Scorpio

The pagan tradition emphasizes Taurus colors and symbols for the Hare Moon. We can integrate Scorpio’s transformational power with combinations such as those that follow:

  • Wildflowers of any species
  • Candles in pastels such as pink, blue, pale violet; add another in dark red for Scorpio, or integrate a red ribbon, either tied around the pastel candle or on your left wrist during your Full Moon ceremony
  • Vanilla or rose incense
  • Stones associated with both Taurus and Scorpio: jade, coral, blood agate, smoky quartz

Prayers for the Hare Moon in Scorpio

  • As you light your incense, you may enjoy calling on the Angel of True Alchemy, requesting that she help you and all of humanity release any blocks to our holistic success.
  • As you light your candle or candles, say something like:

I now connect with the radiant flow of divine supply that streams into my life to provide whatever is necessary for my complete wellness and victory. I give thanks for this luminous river of good which pours into my midst and into the midst of all created beings.

  • Ask the Angel of True Alchemy to help you see and transmute whatever is necessary, empowering your prayers and process of opening to divine abundance.
  • Repeat words like those that follow during at least ten minutes, slowly and with feeling:

I’m ready to face and release whatever hidden attitudes or programs limit my ability to manifest victorious living. My will to move beyond deep blocks synchronizes me with Spirit’s will for my complete good, allowing grace to move through my entire being and free me to a new phase of good. My willingness to heal contributes to the higher will in the collective mind, empowering people everywhere to face and move beyond blocks to the all-powerful grace which flows through us now.


Repeat prayers like those above for seven minutes or more each day until the next New Moon. For those who wish to coordinate dream work:

  • Spend several minutes in reflection, each night before sleeping, going over what you think might be your deepest blocks and how you might overcome them. Some considerations include:

Need to forgive
Need for self-love
Negative beliefs
Clutchiness towards people or resources
Attachment to the past
Sense of loss
Limited thinking

  • Ask your guardian angel for help to clarify and transmute such blocks in dreams.
  • Write down those you remember upon waking.

Be sure and act on the signs, information and opportunities received during this prayerful process, which should last at least from now until the next New Moon.

As quantum physics has confirmed, the mind does more than perceive information and stimuli from without. It participates. To quote the eminent physicist John Wheeler, “participant is the new, indisputable concept offered by quantum mechanics… It replaces the term “observer” used in classic physics.”  

As we synchronize our participatory mind with the highest astrological and pagan archetypes of this lunation, we allow its rays to reach into the recesses of our souls, opening them to a new era of grace, where personal and planetary miracles –a true outworking of Nature’s mysterious order– can, do and will manifest.   


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Quote from Mathew 6:28, King James Bible

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