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Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 2008, Activate Your Powers of Co-Creation During the Honey Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

The June Moon becomes doubly full: with its own energy and also with that of the Summer Solstice, which Nina Bouska compares to the Full Moon of the yearly cycle that started at the Winter Solstice. Traditionally known as the Mead or Honey Moon, this is a time of magical transformation. This particular Honey Moon precedes the Solstice itself by only two days, and also closely conjuncts Pluto, Lord of change.

The caldron is further stirred by the tight stellium of Luna, Pluto and the Galactic Center. Transits around this vast black hole tend to activate our awareness as galactic—and intergalactic—citizens, co-creators with the universe of the work of our lives. Fixed at 27 degrees of Sagittarius, its Sabian symbol reads:

A sculptor at his work, the ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials…revealing something of his inner life and purpose…intent on making his mark… To inhabit the Milky Way is to develop the art of manifestation.

The current grouping resonates with a previous one. 2007 began with Pluto at 28 degrees of Sagittarius conjoining the Solstice Sun and helping to bring the secret power of our galactic mission to light, as popularized by the movie released that same year, The Secret.

What does this have to with us now? The June Honey Moon portal reminds to renovate our powers of co-creation, applying them not only to personal, but to collective concerns. The Sabian symbol for its degree says,

An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use… The mastery of a few imaginative and trained individuals…enables the community to remain able to function in the best possible environment…The work of these sculptor-engineers allows their people to develop a relatively permanent culture.

Can you recognize yourself as sculptor-engineer of a better world? The prayer suggestions we share below are designed to optimize this portal of change, and fortify those who desire to use our imagination to co-create the best possible environment for the entire planet.    

The Ceremony

You may synchronize your space with the Honey Moon portal with elements like these:

  • Candles, décor and/or garments in shades of yellow, gold and orange
  • Frankincense and myrrh incense
  • Honey, dandelions, shed feathers
  • Mead, ale or beer

Also have on hand a notebook or sheet of paper and pen.

Light your candle, repeating words like those that follow three times:

This flame now brings to light the clarity and vision of all those that will or have willed to use their talents and spiritual magic to co-create the best possible experience for all. We are connected, we are bright, we are bringing light to the earth.

Light your incense, saying something like:

This is an offering for the Angels of Change and of Empowerment. I request that you fortify my blessings and all intentions to help the planet shift into the frequencies of love, of freedom and of wholeness.

Describe in writing the kind of changes you would like to see on a planetary scale. Include environmental, spiritual and humanitarian concerns. (If shared with another person or group, each can then read part of their vision.) 

Repeat the following prayer three times or more, slowly and with absolute attention:

Those who will and who can assist the planet are not alone with our own limited perceptions and information. There is a great light with us and in us, showing us everything we need to see about our powers of co-creation and how to apply them to release the planet into the divine design for its wellness and harmony now.

Follow up

At least from now until the upcoming New Moon, just before go to bed:

  • Read your vision of planetary wellness.
  • Invoke your guardian angel and request that It help you see how to apply your talents to assist collective concerns and co-create a better world.
  • Repeat the prayer above three times, adapted like this:   

I am not alone with my limited perceptions and information about how to help the world. There is a great light with me and in me, showing me everything I need to see about my talents and powers of co-creation, and to apply them to release the planet into the divine design for its wellness and harmony now.

There’s nothing new about the search for positive change, yet we do receive special reminders and invitations. This portal is one of those times. Could it be that galactic and angelic forces converge to remind us of the magic within just when the planet needs it most? How many more solstices can we afford to let pass before putting it to the test? You are not alone in your response to such questions; the Angel of Empowerment is guiding you to an ever more joyful, effective and wide-reaching practice of your powers of manifestation.



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