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New Moon in Gemini, June 2008: Awaken Your Telepathic Potential

by Crystal Pomeroy

We are before a wonderful activation portal for the powers of telepathic communication. The Sabian symbol for 14 Gemini clearly states, “Bridging physical space and social distinctions, two men communicate telepathically.” Sun and Moon, rulers of illumination, compliment this promise, forming part of a stellium in the sign of the messenger that includes its ruler, Mercury. This group sextiles Neptune—ruler of psychic portals and futuristic tendencies—in Aquarius, sign of light and intuitive intellect.

Webster’s Third International dictionary defines telepathy as, “communication from one mind to another” without “the channels of sense”. Unmitigated transference of knowledge and information facilitates communication beyond the limits of time and space, allowing instantaneous access to valuable information from both human beings and higher realms. We all have telepathic potential, and suggestions like those below can facilitate its growth into a dependable resource. Their power is further enhanced at this so-called Super Moon, a lunation whose increased proximity to the earth enhances its gravitational pull, increasing its metaphysical significance.

Altar-ations to have on hand for a Gemini Super Moon Ceremony

  • Candles, decorations and flowers in shades of violet and yellow (one yellow and another violet candle symbolize the dual nature of Gemini beautifully)
  • Yellow stones, such as tiger eye and topaz or yellowish quartz
  • Incense, especially hyacinth, lavender or sandalwood
  • Mint tea
    • Call on the Angels of Subtle Perception, saying something like: I bless you and request your assistance to activate, increase and fortify my powers of telepathy.
    • Light your candle or candles, saying something like: I light the flame of awareness of my telepathic connection to the One Mind, which allows me to communicate and receive divine information instantaneously.  

Affirmations to activate telepathy

Divine Telepathy is my birthright. I believe in my one-to-one connection with the One Mind, through which I share and receive whatever information I need. My awareness of my telepathic capacity is bringing it forth. I have moved to a new, more effective level of communication in spirit, emotions and mind.

Repeat such affirmations around this portal and continue repeating during at least seven minutes daily until the next New Moon.

If these instructions may seem too good to be true, ask yourself: Have you ever wondered how certain people seem to be able to bring together information and contacts with surprising ease? Those are only part of the many benefits of telepathy, which is in fact as natural a talent as thinking, speaking and loving. It is also one of the easiest gifts to activate with positive prayer, perhaps because of its instantaneous and subtle nature. If a skeptic desired to prove the contrary, s/he would need to put affirmations like those above to the test, repeating them daily and with feeling, during at least four weeks. I hope some readers will do this for the sake of spiritual magic alone.

With blessings for the telepathic connection between like minded communicators around the planet and beyond, have a sublime Super Moon.



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