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Say the Prayer of Effective Action by the dark of the New Moon in Aries, April 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy

Each May, the Dyad Moon brings together the Anima and Animus, the poles of Sun and Moon, will and intuition, in the collective psyche. The result? A great surge of creativity, and with it the ability to break through blocks to consolidation.

The current lunation conjuncts Venus in Scorpio, facilitating deep insight in the search for abundance. Whom do we seek to benefit? At the New Moon in Taurus that started this cycle there was a configuration that suggested collective concerns, a grouping that is still in place. About it I wrote then:  The North Node helps clarify [the new direction we seek]… In Aquarius, sign of the people, conjunct Neptune and Chiron—the healers of the solar system—it suggests a dharmic opportunity… not so much for personal prosperity, but to heal the relationship with supply of all people everywhere, including those most in need. Now, as that moon becomes full in Washington, D.C., this stellium gathers in the second house, putting further emphasis on values and supply. The aforementioned healers will both go retrograde in the next few days, intensifying their role in this Full Moon.

We have intergalactic assistance for this mission, indicated by the Sun’s degree of Taurus conjunct the Pleiades. This unique cluster is also known as The Seven Sisters, although it really contains hundreds of stars. As Stephanie Austin points out in the Mountain Astrologer, they are placed at a point of intersection “between the galactic and intergalactic planes”. From an esoteric perspective, this lunation bears a gift of help from higher dimensions. The grace we receive is not limited to the inner aspects of being. Luna and Sol form a grand cross that includes a square to Saturn, the lord of labor adding what Nina Bouska calls “steadfast resolve”, a necessary component for grounding intentions with decisive action. This aspect underscores the Dyad Moon’s theme of consolidation. The prayers and suggestions below are designed to optimize such opportunities in consciousness and manifestation.

Ceremony and prayers for the Dyad Moon, 2008

  • 2 candles, one gold and another silver    
  • Fresh, seasonal flowers
  • Floral incense (such as jasmine or rose)
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Gold and silver objects or jewelry
  • Light your incense, knowing that it is an offering for the angels connected to this portal, whose presence and assistance you may now request. They include: Uriel, Angel of Divine Providence, as well as the Angel of Collective Healing and the Angel of Intergalactic Assistance.
  • Light your candles, saying as you do something like:

With this act I bring to light my awareness of the forces of Will and Intuition that now spring forth to express themselves together through me and through the collective heart as creative thoughts and actions that break through any apparent blocks to victorious manifestation of divine supply.

Affirmations for the Dyad Moon

The suggestions I share below are adapted from an Abundance seminar I’m giving. Those who are using them have had some fascinating insights, including clairvoyant identification of specific opportunities and clear, detailed dreams of guidance. They are most effective if you write them down at least three times at night before sleeping, and continue to repeat them mentally as you doze off. Be sure to jot down—or record—your dreams upon waking for subsequent analysis.

The Same Mind that knows the best path to unblock my experience of abundance also knows how to make that path clear to me and does this through Its infinite channels and with Its unlimited means day and night, when I’m asleep and awake.

The Same Mind that knows the best path so that all beings, including those most in need, can unblock their experience of abundance also knows how to make that path clear to them and does this through Its infinite channels and with Its unlimited means now.

New patterns in consciousness require persistence to produce lasting fruits. Try affirmations and dream work like those shared above at least from now ‘til the next New Moon.

Complement your prayers and take advantage of the productive Saturn square at this portal by pushing through with practical initiatives you’ve been putting off. Are you ready for an inter-dimensional adventure? The Dyad Moon can happen around us, or, if we activate mind, body and soul it can happen with us and through us, connecting the deep self with portals beyond and blessing all sentient beings with holistic breakthroughs. Dharma is a result of persistence in seemingly small choices.


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