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New Moon in Leo, August 1, 2008, Eclipse the Saboteur Within

by Crystal Pomeroy   

This is a portal to release the tendency to subconsciously reject or otherwise undo our own success. The saboteur within is a personified accumulation of self-defeating voices that murmur in the depths of our subconscious: you’re not worthy, toxic shame issues make success too scary, my Mother or Father sent me mixed messages about it, if you succeed (name of person or people) will feel bad or get mad, it’s too late to start your life’s dream, you don’t have the contacts, resources, to name only a few.

Together, they lurk like a phantom in what the Mayans called “the heart’s mind”, blocking the gate to fulfillment. Our conscious intent is for wellness and progress, but the self-saboteur has another agenda, surreptitiously directing the creative power of perception to generate situations, behaviors and relationships that trip us up, throw us off course and otherwise carry out our unconscious rejection of success.

Solar eclipses intensify the fertility of New Moons. When they activate the South Node (vs. North) such as this one does, beginnings depend upon release of some obsolete condition. As for Leo, it is the light that activates whatever we need for powerful individual expression. This includes the will, determination, spontaneity, focus, and confidence to bring forth creative projects and receive recognition for them.

Yet to activate any sign is to touch the chord of its opposite, in this case Aquarius, the questioner, who keeps the Leo’s vanity and ego in check. The shadow side of the questioner is the tendency to go to extremes. Like a rebel without a cause on the back streets of our subconscious, it can break down any self-oriented, creative impulse before the latter can flower, paving the way for self-defeat. The Sabian symbol for 10 degrees of Leo speaks of the, “exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night that tested her strength and faith.” This portal can help us say good-bye to the behaviors and conditions of self-sabotage, awakening to a new day of powerful individual expression.

Eclipse altar-ations

The following symbols of the elements will synchronize your space and mind with the affirmative light of Leo.

  • A gold or bright yellow candle
  • Strawberry or other fruity wine
  • Floral incense
  • Sunflowers, poppies or other showy, summer flowers
  • A lovely loaf of bread, to represent the fruits of your creative harvest

Prayerful Work for the Solar Eclipse-New Moon in Leo

The Same Mind that knows what I need to release any resistance to my successful self-expression also knows how to facilitate this and does so through Its infinite channels now. I allow myself to express the artist that I AM and to accept the recognition that it attracts to me now.

Self-defeating programs are among the best-hidden of all humankind’s deep contradictions. Overcoming them takes work. Although this eclipse and these affirmations will jump-start the process powerfully when used together, their greatest results will come as we take the intention a step further. Let’s make of our actions a prayer during throughout this 28-day cycle, watching our dreams for guidance and applying our Leonean will and focus to consolidate the artwork of our lives, as we free our personal and collective minds from one more layer of taboos against happiness and fulfillment.



Bills, Rex E., The Rulership Book (Tempe, Arizona, AFA, first printing 1971; 2007 edition now available).

Spiller, Jan, New Moon Astrology (NY, Bantam, 2001).

Teal, Celeste, Eclipses: Predicting World Events and Personal Transformation (Llewellyn, 2006, Woodbury MN).

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