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5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

Apr 2007
4/17 New Moon in Aries
4/2 Full Moon in Libra

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3/4 Full Moon in Virgo

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2/17 New Moon in Aquarius
2/1 Full Moon in Leo

Jan 2007
1/18 New Moon in Capricorn


Release the Hold of Past Mistakes by the Dark of the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

by Crystal Pomeroy  

For practitioners of Wikka, the Lunar Eclipse is the most magical portal of all. Taking place at the Full Moon, it adds wattage to the power of completion associated with this phase.

Eclipses take place when the Sun aligns with either the Dragon’s Head or Tail. This portal activates the latter, calling us to give up something from the past. Sound ominous? If we focus our inner work to connect with a higher octave of expression, we can choose to release the undesirable, instead of having something unexpectedly ripped from us as sometimes happens during these lunations. Not that eclipses won’t shake things up anyway when growth requires it. However, by integrating the magic of affirmative prayer with the particularities of this phase, we can open channels of supernatural blessing, propelling ourselves and the collective psyche into new dimensions of experience and rendering such crisis either unnecessary or constructive.

The present portal is particularly laden with opportunity from its vantage in the third decanate of Aquarius: since antiquity, lunar eclipses here have been associated with changes of all kinds. Joining a stellium that began last Spring, it accentuates the dharma of healing prayer and meditation with the help of the North Node, Chiron and Neptune, all three directing their light inward through retrograde.

The promise extends beyond social and chronological divisions: in Aquarius, this configuration includes the masses, while the August Full Moon is traditionally associated with ancestors. Could we be before a threshold of release from personal and collective karma? Considering the miraculous power of our deep minds on the one hand, and present geopolitics on the other, can we afford not to try? May tools like those shared below help answer such questions, as we connect the magic within to that of the Moon, season and stars.

To synchronize your space with the Barley Moon, you may enjoy:

  • Candles, garments and decorations in shades of gold, yellow tan and warm browns
  • A stalk of dried wild grass, a sheaf of grain or ears of dried corn
  • Pictures or personal mementos of ancestors
  • Sunflowers, geraniums
  • Sandalwood, cinnamon or patchouli incense
  • Cinnamon or other spice tea
  • Amber

Eclipse Barley Moon Ceremony

1. Have on hand a pen and paper.

2. Light a gold or rich-yellow candle, saying something like:

I connect with the portal of consciousness now open, lighting my awareness to release the weight of past mistakes.

3. Take a moment to enjoy the sense of freedom and lightness the previous words evoke.

4. Light your incense, knowing it is an offering for the Angel of Restoration.

5. Call on this celestial helper with words like these:

Angel of Restoration, help me release the belief that mistakes—whether they be mine, my ancestors’, those of misguided leaders or of any group or individual—can interfere with Spirit’s design for my complete fulfillment and success, and that of all sentient beings.

6. Write a list of past initiatives—your own, your ancestors or anyone else’s—that seem to have set you off track or ruined your chances for advancement or fulfillment.

Affirmations for the Barley Moon Eclipse

Write and/or repeat verbally words like these during ten minutes or more:

There is no power over my life next to the power of Mother-Father God, who uses everything, including apparent mistakes, for my good. The forgiving love of Spirit flows through my heart and my life, and through the hearts and lives of my ancestors, washing away our mistakes of the past and freeing us from their results. Spirit’s full good now rushes in to fill my world and experience.

Consciousness is divine, so there can be no mistakes in my consciousness. If there had been, they are now washed away by the irresistible force of Higher Truth as it shines through my awareness.

Bless the planet and any individual or group you wish to assist by adapting such ideas. For example:

There is no power over humanity next to the power of Mother-Father God, who uses everything, including apparent mistakes of leaders, for our good. The forgiving love of Spirit flows through our hearts and existence, and the hearts of our leaders and ancestors, washing away our mistakes of the past and freeing us from their results. Spirit’s full good now rushes in to fill our world and experience.

Consciousness is divine, so there can be no mistakes in the consciousness of any person anywhere. If there had been before, they are now washed away by the irresistible force of Higher Truth as it shines through my awareness.

Continue to reflect on and affirm ideas like those above for at least fifteen minutes during each of the next 15 days.

This eclipse is an invitation to transmute the past by sending our prayers inward, where they can meet with compatible forms of light: lunar, solar and divine. Together they weave luminosities invisible to the body’s eye: rays that linger indefinitely to guide us beyond our myths of limitation, on paths of love and power whose omnipotent laws supersede those of nature and even of karma, personal and collective.



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