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New Moon in Taurus, May 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

Each New Moon in Taurus presents an opportunity to renew our consciousness of abundance. As Daykeeper’s Terry Lamb points out, this particular portal is great for “stability and wealth building.” Current global changes put such aspirations in a new light, and this lunation’s close trine to Pluto in Capricorn facilitates deep and lasting transformation in for those intentions we seed now.

The Sabian symbol supports this theme, describing a “fragile bridge across a deep gorge.” Can our efforts in consciousness help all of humanity discover the answers it needs in these trying times? Dane Rudhyar’s description of the symbol sheds a ray of hope: “…group cooperation [humankind’s] capacity to CONQUER OBSTACLES and achieve evolutionary continuity.”

In a time requiring new solutions, let us remember the power of our creative intent. As we apply it to personal and collective spheres, we can tap a power for success that is eternal, omnipotent and immune to fluctuation or crisis in material systems. As individuals throughout the world insist on a higher path to abundance, we may reach a critical mass that will demonstrate what Rudhyar refers to, in writing on this symbol, “the power of the collective mind…, to bridge over the canyon” of challenging times.

Whether physical or metaphorical, no important construction is instantaneous. But if we begin and accompany the process with prayer beginning we will open to a Help that never fails, guiding all other initiatives to more certain success. The tools below are designed to synchronize with that assistance.

Prayerful alterations for the New Moon in Taurus

  • A pink or light blue candle
  • Rose or jasmine incense
  • A semi-precious stone such as smoky quartz, jade, turquoise or coral
  • Wildflowers and/or roses
  • An image of Archangel Uriel and/or Planet Earth

Ceremony and prayers

Light your incense, saying something like:

I call on Archangel Uriel, that He may help the entire human race—especially those who most need it—to develop a consciousness of spiritual supply and spontaneous cooperation that will carry us forward successfully in the next phase of the divine plan for the planet.

Light the candle, repeating words like those that follow:  

I turn on the light of my higher consciousness, giving thanks for the assistance I am receiving to build a lasting consciousness of the steady, generous flow of supply that is my divine inheritance.

2. Describe in writing how you would like to be in the flow of your supply, as though you were already receiving all of the material abundance you could use. Also write an ideal scene describing humanity’s ability to work out solutions that allow the planet, its inhabitants and ecosystems to survive these times of change.

3. Repeat words like those that follow during six to seven minutes, slowly and with attention:

Everything is sustained by Love and connected in love. We are connected in love to all beings, resources and answers that form part of the higher plan for our successful sustenance and that of the planet.

Note: This portal will also intensify the effects of visualization for abundance. It is a great time to prepare checks for large amounts in your name, as though they had been emitted by a client, employer or other you would like to receive from, or from an name like, “Divine Providence,” “The Angel of Abundance,” etc. The most effective images for this type of tool are in color, and can also include gold ingots, title deeds and other pictures that represent supply in large quantities and detail. 

At this constructive and fertile portal, take inner and outer initiatives on behalf of projects you may have pending. Do the daring. Persistence transforms existence: do not limit your efforts to this lunar weekend. Beam up to a new level of abundance by using tools like those suggested above and complementing with practical initiatives daily from now until the next New Moon. If you use the affirmations at night before sleeping, your dreams will deliver important insights and guidance both for yourself and the planet. Write them down and remember: inspired action is one of the most effective types of prayer we can apply.

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