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Lunar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius, February 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

This New Moon portal is ominous, in the first meaning attributed to the word by Webster, “of or related to omen.” Coinciding with global financial and ecological crisis, the current appearance of comet Lulin could be taken as a sign of impending danger. In fact, some ancient astrologers gave comets just that role. Could such a beautiful light really be something to fear? Interrupting our familiar panorama as it crosses the night sky, this recently discovered visitor evokes our connection to cosmos beyond, with its larger cycles and mysteries. It seems scheduled by some higher intelligence to rendezvous with Luna, being visible to the naked eye only as she begins a new cycle. The lunar link is underscored by the fact that Lulin’s orbit around the Sun lasts 28.5 million years, the same number of days in the Moon’s orbit around Earth. Comets have traditionally been harbingers of a new age. The promoters of what Lucy Aspra calls the “dark control system” would no doubt like to see this one herald the New World Order: our planet enslaved by a global, martial government. But anyone can synchronize with Lulin’s invitation to further an era of great new good for ourselves and the planet.

Each New Moon represents a chance for a beginning, and this potential is exalted at the current portal by this newcomer, bursting in on our familiar little scene, going her own way as she orbits opposite the rest of the solar system. We are also graced by a forward thinking stellium in Aquarius, while traditionalist Saturn—in conjunction with Lulin—opposes Uranus, the inventor. Furthermore, the Sabian symbol for 7 Pisces speaks to “the supreme worth of a life guided by an inner voice”, independent of “collective values or traditions.”

This voice may go against the current but it is not isolated or ignorant. Lulin has been called “the comet of cooperation.” Pisces and Aquarius, the predominant signs, indicate mystical and group connections, respectively, and the latter rules science and technology. In fact, all planets of science are emphasized in this chart: Mercury and Jupiter—in stellium with the North Node, ruler of dharma—and Uranus and Saturn, whose opposition also juxtaposes illumination and ignorance, while Saturn transits the science sign Virgo. One of the greatest gifts that Luna and Lulin deliver together is the chance to bless altruistic science and its promoters of both the physical and mystical sort (spiritual science is ruled by Pisces).

Some very entrenched groups would enslave cutting-edge information to their short-sighted interests. However, those who actually possess and apply such knowledge include many who are working for solutions, developing vital, new approaches as familiar economic, environmental and spiritual systems become obsolete. This lunation provides an exceptional portal to protect and prosper innovators: the innovator within as well as those heroic few who strive to serve as they develop the solutions and options now required.

Prayerful altar-ations

Synchronize your space at this exceptional portal by integrating Piscean symbols:

  • Eucalyptus, mandarin
  • Moonstone, coral, amethyst, white quartz, turquoise
  • A blue-green or violet candle
  • Orchid, jasmine or sandalwood incense
  • Mint tea

Ceremony and prayers to prosper innovation

1. Light your candle, as you say something like:

I light a candle to innovation and innovators, whose voices are informed and protected by angelic assistants. I observe the rays of information and methods now streaming in to bless our entrance into a new era of good.

2. It is interesting to note the role of Archangel Raphael and his divine compliment, Truth, at this portal. Raphael rules science, scientists, healing, healers, and his color is green, like Lulin. Invite this presence into your space as you light your incense, with words like these:

This is an offering for Raphael and Truth, whose assistance I (we) request to awaken and prosper the powers of innovation, in my mind and in the minds of all humanity. I (we) request a special blessing for those heroic scientists and investigators who serve as channels for the solutions required to bring forth greater good from the current changes.

Affirmations to bless and prosper positive innovators

Repeat words like those that follow, on or after this portal, during five to 15 minutes daily, at least until the next Full Moon.

I bless the Spirit of Innovation and the myriad angels and guides that assist its movement, opening my awareness to whatever channels of information are necessary to begin a new era of efficacy, wellness and joy.

The Spirit of Innovation now moves across the waters of the collective unconsciousness, awakening humanity to new options, new connections and new ways of doing things that are streaming to us and through us. Infinite Intelligence guides us to manifest and apply whatever solutions and methods are required for the current phase of the divine plan for the planet. Those people who discover, promote, finance and support divine innovations are not working on their own or without effective, powerful assistance. The entire Universe conspires to strengthen, protect and prosper them in their efforts, in divine order now.

The Pisces New Moon is a great chance to increase our powers of intuition, and these words will precipitate insight in dreams if used for several minutes before sleeping. Keep a page and pen on hand to jot down their messages on waking.

At this portal, as we open our minds to welcome agents of higher information, let us learn to bless and heed the innovator within, as well as blessing, heeding and assisting in any way we can those dear individuals who have placed their scientific skills on the altar of Planet Earth.



Aspra, Lucy, Manual de Ángeles, Volumen 1 (Mexico City, Casa de los Ángeles, 1998).

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