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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius, January 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

The New Moon is propitious for seeding our intent. This portal, marked by a Solar Eclipse and the entrance into the Chinese New Year, is especially important for beginnings. In Aquarius, it is excellent for renewing our ideals and fraternal connections. Who wouldn’t like to have a more ideal life and social network?     

This potential takes on new importance in 2009. As Earth undergoes significant changes in climate, economic systems and politics, the Aquarian spirit becomes more than a life more pleasant or meaningful: we can see it as an energy field capable of joining all willing souls, mobilizing the masses in cooperation towards the best possible outcomes of apparent crisis. The metaphysical application we will share for this portal promises blessed results, as the Eclipse conjuncts Jupiter, ruler of opportunity and angels, and activates the Moon’s North Node, signifying that processes related to it will be fortuitous.

Altar-ations for the Aquarius Solar Eclipse-New Moon

  • Candles and other objects in shades of violet, mauve, pink or electric blue
  • A stick of incense, especially jasmine or sandalwood
  • Amethyst, lapis lazuli, coral or sapphire
  • Geraniums
  • Rosemary infusion

Have on hand a pen and page.

Ceremony for alchemical fraternity

1. Light a stick of incense, saying something like:

This is an offering for Archangel Gabriel, (name your favorite guides and angels), and all divine beings. I call on you to bless my intention and prayers now, increasing the Spirit of Shared Idealism that connects all souls on Earth, so that we find easy, effective ways to work together for common good.

2. Light a candle in one of the shades mentioned above, saying something like:

I light a flame to the Spirit of Shared Idealism that lives in the hearts of women, men and other divine beings around our planet, uniting us in desire and action for common good.

3. The Sabian symbol for this lunation reminds us to look for our very own inner voice as it describes: “a new type of human being… who is… free from the inertia of the past… a fresh expression of the creative spirit.”

Refer to your heart as you write your desires for any or all of the following areas, being sure to describe the kind of ideals that are different from what you are now experiencing or seeing in common standards. That is, define your own unique vision for:

  • An ideal social network
  • The kinds of projects you would like to collaborate with others on for the benefit of the planet
  • An ideal scene that describes humanity and celestial beings spontaneously uniting to work together on behalf of collective wellness
  • Any compatible ideal that comes to you now

Note: If you do the previous point with others, you may enjoy taking turns to share your intents aloud.

 4. Repeat words like those that follow for seven minutes or more:

The Spirit of Idealism in my heart draws me to others on a similar wavelength. Together we are divinely coordinated and directed to work in harmony for the best possible outcomes during the upcoming planetary changes.

The Prayer of Action

This is prayerful portal, but it is not a passive one. The entire year of 2009 is marked by action and sustained effort. The Chinese New Year in the sign of the Ox underscores this theme, reminding us that those who would progress must apply major effort to that end. Mercury is retrograde until February 2, which may generate frustration as efforts can meet with setbacks. If we find ourselves in that situation, we might appreciate one metaphysical astrologer’s advice for this lunation: focus on action, but not so much on results. If—in the process of taking whatever steps we can towards our ideals and goals—we can stay centered in the knowledge that each initiative is a goal in its own right, we will receive gifts of peace, freedom and often miraculous outcomes.


In the face of present and future Earth changes, may we give the best of ourselves, holding to the light of the One Mind in which we all live and move, a Mind that guides us to join forces for the divine outcomes to those changes. May we remember that our personal vision and prayers can make that light grow, and that each of our conscious actions is of itself a step forward; may many of us act on that knowledge.


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