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Full Moon in Virgo, March 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

Would you like to see communities around the world spontaneously emerging to work together for the common good? Do you sometimes feel that your own best projects would come together if only you had the right people to assist you? To visualize and affirm intentions like these can be most effective during the current portal.

Luna now fulfills the promise made at the New Moon that began this cycle, worth mentioning again here as it was a powerful seed-time for innovation and innovators. Graced by the extraordinary presence of Lulin, comet of cooperation, it reminded us of the need to participate in new solutions for a world in transition. This cycle now comes of age in Virgo, on a Sabian symbol describing a sports team and GROUP COLLABORATION, indicating we are before a cosmic window to bless the joint efforts that are necessary to implement those solutions, and constructive projects in general. The following keys are designed to make the most of the portal for personal and global concerns.

Prayerful Altar-ations

Elements like those below can create a propitious metaphysical atmosphere in your prayer circle or space:

  • Candles in Virgo and/or Pisces shades, such as yellow, natural beeswax, green, sea-green, violet
  • Incense: jasmine, lavender or hyacinth
  • Minerals: tiger eye, amethyst or mercury
  • Flora: azaleas, coffee-plant,
  • Bach flower essence: Centaury

Prayers and blessings for the Virgo Full Moon

Note: have on hand a page and pen.

  • Light a candle or candles, saying something like:

I light the fire of team spirit and take a moment to watch its rays spread across the planet, attracting those who are receptive to join in effective causes for the common good. Grace streams in, inspiring us with the right ideas and information for the next phase of the divine plan for the planet, and people naturally gather to collaborate in healing projects, large and small. The rays of team spirit now in my mind touch and attract those people who are my true collaborators for the highest projects I can work on.  

  • Light your incense, as you say something like:

This is an offering for the Angel of Team Spirit, whom I (we, if done with a group) invite to move my heart and mobilize my (our) entire being towards constructive collaboration. I (we) ask that you help me (us) connect with the perfect collaborators for the consolidation of my (our) own true projects, to bless (our) my current work relationships, and use my (our)  prayerful intentions to nurture team spirit around the planet.   

3. Describe in writing an ideal team situation: the atmosphere, efficacy, attitude and type of collaborators you would most like to work with on projects that are for common good. These may include projects that are personal but in some way healing or helpful for others. If you don’t have a clear idea of what these might be, just describe your ideal team for whatever endeavor Infinite Intelligence may be guiding you to participate in.  

4. Write the following words and any compatible thoughts that arise while you do:

I. There is only One Mind. Its natural unifying tendency guides constructive, loving, and able people to me, who are and in tune with the work I have come to do. I accept their support and stimulus now, as I share my support with them without fear.

I am not alone in my efforts, the entire universe supports them; circumstances and resources spontaneously align to manifest my projects with ease.

II. There is only One Mind, characterized by a natural unifying tendency which joins people who are constructive and capable of working together for the greater good. I can see groups now coalescing around the planet, mobilizing and cooperating in sustained and illumined efforts for the greater good. We are not alone in our joint efforts, the entire universe supports them, circumstances and resources spontaneously align to manifest our projects with ease.

Repeat the first affirmation during three minutes, followed by the second one for another three, concluding with a final three minutes of the first one, for a total of approximately nine minutes.

The need for right collaboration is a basic part of virtually any human endeavor. Globally, it happens to ring especially true at this time of planetary transition. Luna, the stars and Infinite Grace are never late, and they now speak in unison, reminding us that we are not alone, gracing us with a portal to manifest the kind of team efforts that can give our personal and collective endeavors the jump start they have been waiting for. May we remember to use the quantum power of our intent: reading our ideal team description each night before sleeping, and repeating prayers like those above daily, at least until the next New Moon.

By the way, thank you for forming part of our team in the invisible realm of true power.   


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