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New Moon in Aries, March 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

This lunation coincides with the Catholic feast of Lady Day or Annunciation, falling nine months before Christmas, when Mary is told by Gabriel she is with child. It echoes ancient celebrations of the Divine Mother, whose fertility mingled with the masculine as light and dark came into balance at the Equinox, and by now carries the fruit of this union.

The New Moon conjuncts Venus, goddess of value cos, and the Sun in self-oriented Aries. We can imagine the angels now announcing to each of us that we are gestating a divine being within: our own higher selves.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for the last several months, reworking the archetypes of authority and guilt. Luna and her consorts in Aries now square the planet of transformation, challenging us to reassess self-image and value our divine I AM.

This same configuration reminds us that to recognize and care for the sacred self goes against the status quo. If we are caring for a child, tending to its physical and emotional well being is obligatory. Somehow, when it comes to us, we easily relegate our needs, fulfilling a tacit social expectation of self-sacrifice. This portal nudges us to reconsider the requirements of our own wellness and spiritual growth, initiating a month of devotion to the child within. The angel invocations and prayers below are designed to direct the field of unlimited possibilities towards grounding that priority.


Have on hand a pen a page and if you wish a picture, since certain archetypes are quite strong at this lunation. These images could include: the Divine Mother, such as the Virgin Mary, Tara, Kuan Yin, and so on. Other apt images for this lunation include Archangel Gabriel, particularly if he appears with the Virgin, and your own dear self (really, it’s okay for you to say that).

Other synchronistic symbols include:

  • A bright red, pink and /or white candle
  • As at the Equinox portal, flowers are especially important now, including geraniums, carnations or other species, in shades of red, pink and/or white, as well as wild or cultured roses—particularly white ones, though any shade of roses will connect you with the Divine Mother.
  • Incense, myrrh and carnation are especially related to Aries
  • Granite, clear or smoky quartz, diamond, coral, or turquoise
  • Impatiens Bach flower essence
  • Whole seeds or kernels of any kind

Ceremony to bless the I AM growing in your awareness

1. Light your candle, saying something like:

This flame mirrors the light of Spirit shining deep within me, my sacred I AM that burns as brightly and is no less worthy than the sacred I AM of others.

2. Light your incense, watching the smoke rise and knowing that your prayers do the same, as an offering to Gabriel and to all divine beings now informing humankind of our true, spiritual natures.

3. Call on Archangel Gabriel and ask that he bless you with the recognition of your innate I AM, and with the will and information necessary to bring your spiritual self into its full magnificence. Take a moment to feel the purity of Gabriel’s presence.

4. Repeat words like those that follow for about six minutes:

I AM the love and the light that nurture the I AM awareness now growing in me. My attention to the love and the awareness that I AM makes them multiply and come into view quickly, and I accept my power and spiritual awareness now.

5. Make a self-esteem “to do” list, writing the kinds of care you should be giving yourself. Some examples include: making an appointment for emotional or physical therapy, allotting 15 minutes more of exercise daily, acquiring and reading self-help books, making a daily appointment to cultivate or exercise an innate talent, asking others to take a greater share of responsibility, making a treasure map for wellness and self-image, and so on.

Luna rules habits. Each new cycle opens a magical window to plant seeds of intent and to begin a 28-day pattern whose cumulative effects will move us onto a higher level of expression of our latent potentials. This New Moon portal in Aries sounds a call to stop projecting our love onto others, and direct a little more of it to the radiant spiritual being we have closest of all. Let’s start each of the 28 days of the current cycle by referring to a self-esteem “to do” list, taking some concrete action on it, however small, as well as incorporating I AM affirmations like those above into our spiritual practice during at least six minutes daily. Not only can such steps precipitate many personal miracles, they can contribute to a healthier paradigm of what it means to be a loving person, paving the way for the second coming of the Christ in a healthier humanity.

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