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Full Moon in Libra, March 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

The April Full Moon, called the Pink Moon in some traditions, holds the new life of Spring. Taking place in Libra, it complements the I AM awareness of Sun in Aries, by shifting the focus to relationships. This sweet magic can be used to clarify our intentions in that area, and, for those who choose, to make metaphysical Easter eggs.

The week in which this lunation takes place is a vital portal: for the Divine Mother and also for the archetype of resurrection. The latter was embodied in Jesus, and is actually a force field which permeates the Universe. In ancient Rome, Magna Mater (Greatest Mother) was honored from April 4 through 11.  Related pre-Christian celebrations were devoted to goddesses including Ostara (Scandinavian), Astarte (Greek) and Eostre (Saxon). Eggs, rabbits and flowers are ancestral symbols of her powers of regeneration. Egg customs—whose echoes have survived in popular usage—had a magical connotation. The suggestions below incorporate pagan and metaphysical blessings with these customs, and have been designed to invite the magic of resurrection into Libra’s arena: relationships.  

Prayerful alterations

  • Flowers: Libra rules them, as well as beauty in general, so make an effort to have an inspiring bouquet on hand during this portal.  Violets and white roses both relate to Libra as well as to Archangel Gabriel, angel of resurrection.
  • A candle or candles in soft shades, such as pink, violet or blue.
  • Minerals, such as rose quartz, quartz in general, coral, copper, cornelian, opals.
  • Incense, especially lilac or rose.
  • Your preferred image of the Divine Mother or Archangel Gabriel.

Also have on hand:

  • Page and pen for each participant
    For egg blessing: a dozen hard boiled eggs for each participant
  • Pink egg dye (cranberry juice is a natural alternative, instructions below)
  • A white crayon

1. Light your incense, saying something like:  

My (our) divine intentions rise like this smoke at the Libra Full Moon, as on offering for the Divine Mother and Gabriel, Archangel of Resurrection, whose help we now request to revive ideal relationships: in my (our) personal awareness and experience and in those of all living beings, including relations between nations and other groups, as well as humanity’s relationship with the earth and its species.

2. Light your candle or candles, saying something like:

I am (We are) not alone with our limited ideas in relationship, the light of Spirit is in our midst and in my (our) being(s), showing me (us) whatever I (we) need to see in order to give and receive true goodness in relationship.

3. Make one or more lists or lists of intentions that are most apropos for this portal:

    • The virtues you would like to bring to your relationships
    • What you would like to receive from your relationships
    • How you would like to see nations and groups relating
    • Your ideal for humanity’s relationship to our planet

4. Choose a total of 12 intentions from the lists you just made and write a word alluding to each in white crayon per egg.

5. Place your hands on the eggs and bless them like this:

In the Name of the Divine Mother and Archangel Gabriel, I bless these eggs as a symbol of resurrected good in my relationships and those around the world. I bless all creation, which responds to this intent and unleashes any necessary forces and resources for its fulfillment.

6. Dye your eggs pink—the shade for love and relationships—according to your preferred method. If you prefer natural methods, Timothy Roderick suggests soaking your eggs in cranberry juice for 30 minutes (see his monumental pagan work listed in references below).

7. Eggs like these can be creatively integrated into your Easter fest as decorations or gifts, for consumption, and/or in an Easter egg hunt which then becomes an oracle to see what intentions come up for each participant. As you eat them, mentally identify with the manifestation of the intention on each one. A blessing for that might be:

I am one with the good I can conceive of in relationships, and it manifests naturally through appropriate channels in my experience now.

Continue to read your intentions for ideal relationships and repeat blessings like the one in Step 7 during ten minutes daily for the next 15 to 28 days. The forces at play during this week’s portal are powerful indeed, and resurrected good will flow into your partnerships in response to your prayers. The connection to Spirit, like all other relationships, requires daily effort. Both kinds of work open us to a fuller life, a springtime of our existence at any age.   


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