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New Moon in Taurus, May 2009
Includes Metaphysical Innoculations and Hand Blessings

by Crystal Pomeroy  

This lunation holds esoteric keys to the flu pandemic, including a vaccine in consciousness against it and other global threats that may lurk in the future. In a post 9/11 world, pointed questions are inevitable: Was the virus really an accident? If not, who or what was behind it? Why the abyss between the pandemic alarm and the actual level of danger? Is the pandemic really under control or is this just the beginning of something bigger? These are a few of the most evident inquiries. The present portal can help bring answers to these and other even more provocative enigmas that we will mention a bit further on.

What’s more to the point: not only does Luna is Scorpio dredge up hidden muck, she can further the greatest project of incarnation on this planet: rebirth through crisis. Assisted by angels and positive prayer, we can use this window as an inoculation from hidden threats and an opportunity to move onto a new vibratory level.

Jupiter—ruler of media and hype—has just joined the Chiron-Neptune conjunction which combines issues of wounding-healing with the kind of confusion and possibly deception now played out in the sanitary alert. Luna and Sun now form a t-square to this stellium, showing a greater tension and creative opportunity to move beyond the wounding and discover the gold of higher wellness.

The New Moon that began this lunation favored the consciousness and manifestation of abundance, as well as global solutions emerging through connectedness. Some say that powers behind the scene use the lunar phases negatively, twisting their potential to bless the planet. If this is true, they certainly appeared to have achieved it in Mexico City, the supposed epicenter of the outbreak, where it went public on the day of that New Moon (and where I happen to reside).

Besides creating a state of paranoia towards contact of any kind—with surfaces, objects and the very air we breathe—the preventative measures most emphasized in the media have promoted separation: don’t touch other people, don’t gather in groups. While people were so preoccupied with avoiding potentially deadly contact, the presidency pushed through a Mexican version of the Patriot Act, conferring new powers on the Federal Police in violation of civil rights. As for abundance, this occurrence has interrupted several sectors of the Mexican economy, which recently had been improving.

An unusually high contagion rate is attributed to the influenza. Could there be an intention behind that characteristic that transcends the geopolitical and biological realms? It has been proven that mind control is most effective with terror and isolation. As with the ancient archetype of leprosy, the most fearsome aspect of H1N1 has been the supposed need to avoid human contact. One Mexican TV commentator mocked: they would have spouses sleeping in separate rooms. Sharing, company, closeness are basic needs, both in practical and spiritual terms.

A Course in Miracles describes the illusion of separation—from one another and from Spirit—as the lower ego’s main agenda. Perhaps the most dramatic expression of this aspect of the pandemic in the news was China’s treatment of Mexican nationals: Mexicans who happened to be there were quarantined on the sole basis of their country of origin, whether or not they had been exposed to the virus and including those who had been in China long before the outbreak. To a greater or lesser extent, humanity’s unmet longing for joyful connection may be our deepest wound, and the need to heal it our greatest concern. Could this be the primary element in what is the biggest news so far this year?

In our predictions for 2009, we noted that:

"…an opposition of asteroid China to Chiron in Aquarius suggests that the world will somehow increase its consciousness of wounding—healing as unexpected events bring that country to the fore."

Another China connection is Margaret Chan, director of WHO. (Note for astrology buffs: In that same article, we had predicted that an “Asian spokeswoman” would come surface this year: "as suggested by the following asteroids in the solstice chart: Amaterasu, the Mother Sun who predominates in Japanese mythology… and her mythical sister, Amaji, who was only minutes away from the exact position of Jupiter." This last aspect is particularly interesting in view of Jupiter’s present conjunction to Chiron and Neptune, and Chan’s prominence in the news controversy).

Can this global shock and whatever interests are behind itobstruct our unity to one another and to the Higher Power, a power that not only protects our welfare but is also the certainty of our continued existence? Almost a century ago, metaphysical author Clara Palmer wrote this about epidemics: “There are no variants in Spirit”. An apparently omnipresent threat can be of significant help if we choose to use it as an omnipresent reminder of the Power and the Connection that never vary. The prayerful suggestions below are designed to fuel that opportunity.

Altar-ations for the Full Moon in Scorpio

We are still in the period of Taurus Sun, the energy of shared abundance can be evoked by making a bouquet of wild flowers, and lighting candles in pastel shades, especially pink for love, green for abundance and/or lilac for transmutation, as well as a stick of vanilla or rose incense. Synchronize your space with stones that relate to both Taurus and Scorpio, jade, coral, blood agate, or smoky quartz. You may also enjoy using an image for this portal, which could be of the Phoenix bird and Archangel Zadquiel, ruler of transmutation.

Ceremony for the Full Moon in Scorpio

Light your candle or candles, saying something like:
This light symbolizes my awareness of the light of love that connects all beings to one another, to our wellness and to our uninterrupted supply.

Light your incense, saying something like:

This is an offering for Zadquiel, the Angel of Transmutation. I invite you help me use this appearance to move to greater inner and outer levels of good, lift my awareness above appearances, fortify my inner discipline, and help me find and maintain my conscious connection to other beings, to my omnipotent wellness and to our uninterrupted supply.

Affirmations to transmute the pandemic

The following thoughts can be spoken during and/or written during at least 15 minutes daily.

There is no influence over us except for Spirit’s almighty good. Nothing is hidden from Spirit, who knows how to use every situation to insure only good touches us. No power can touch us or mold our lives except Spirit’s almighty good.

When you find yourself worrying about infection and contagion, try blessing your surroundings:

The only influence over us is Spirit’s almighty good.

When washing your hands, surround them in blessings instead of fear with a thought like this one (adapted from Dr. Rosy Cortez):

I purify my hands as I remember they are givers and receivers of love and abundance.

Use the idea that others may infect you as an opportunity to remember this when you see people (whether or not you touch them), as you silently remember:

The good in us is connected in love.

About the word "influenza," Dr. Good Word has this to say: it is based on the ancient idea that the stars influence humankind, sending us illness. In our day and times, we understand that earthly and stellar environments present options. In any given set of circumstances, our powers of reflection and free choice allow us to connect with the highest possible alternative reality. Far from denying us these powers, shocking, planet-wide threats can be used like prayer beads, each bit of news, each worry as a reminder to stay focused on a higher perspective. May you discover a deeper level of connection, wellness and prosperity as you use and enrich ideas like those above to inoculate yourself and bless the world in consciousness.

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