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May 2009
5/24 Gemini New Moon
5/08 Scorpio Full Moon

April 2009
4/24 Taurus New Moon
4/9 Full Moon in Libra

March 2009
3/26 New Moon in Aries
3/10 Virgo Full Moon

February 2009
2/24 Pisces New Moon
2/9 Leo Full Moon

January 2009
1/25 Aquarius New Moon

December 2008
12/12 Gemini Full Moon

November 2008
11/27 Sag New Moon
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October 2008
10/14 Aries Full Moon

August 2008
8/30 Virgo New Moon
8/16 Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
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July 2008
7/2 Cancer New Moon

June 2008
6/18 Sagittarius Full Moon
6/3 Gemini New "Super" Moon

May 2008
5/19 Scorpio Full Moon

5/5 Taurus New Moon

April 2008
4/5 New Moon in Aries
4/20 Full Moon in Scorpio

Mar 2008
3/21 Full Moon in Libra
3/7 New Moon in Pisces

Feb 2008
2/20 Virgo Full Moon
2/6 Aquarius New Moon

Jan 2008
01/22 Leo Full Moon
01/08 Capricorn New Moon

Dec 2007
12/23 Cancer Full Moon
12/9 Sagittarius New Moon

Nov 2007
11/30 Gemini Full Moon
11/9 Scorpio New Moon

Oct 2007
10/10 Libra New Moon
10/25 Taurus Full Moon

Sept 2007
9/26 Aries Harvest Moon
9/11 Virgo Solar Eclipse

August 2007
8/12 Leo New Moon
8/28 Pisces Full Moon Eclipse

July 2007
7/14 Cancer New Moon

June 2007
6/30 Capricorn Full Moon
6/14 Gemini New Moon

May 2007
Full Moon

5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

Apr 2007
4/17 New Moon in Aries
4/2 Full Moon in Libra

Mar 2007
3/4 Full Moon in Virgo

Feb 2007
2/17 New Moon in Aquarius
2/1 Full Moon in Leo

Jan 2007
1/18 New Moon in Capricorn


New Moon in Gemini, May 2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

Ripe with the energies of the Mother, the honeymoon tradition originated precisely with Luna in June, when both she and beehives are full. Bees and honey are not only related to the earth’s cycles, they are symbols of the cosmic feminine, whose sweet nourishment flows directly into our spirits during the easy days of late spring and early summer. According to Manly P. Hall, in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the bee species is from Venus. The goddess of love and women also happens to be the astrological ruler of both these hymenoptera and their magical products. One of the Virgin Mary’s titles is Queen of the Heavens, an adaptation of the queen bee related to Demeter, Aphrodite and other ancient goddesses. She is also associated with subtle perception. To quote Barbara Walker, hymenoptera means “veil winged”:

“recalling the hymen or veil that covered the inner shrine of the Goddess’s temple, and the officiating high priestess who bore the title of Hymen and ruled over marriage rituals and the honey-moon.”   

In our day and age of romance addiction, the honeymoon is associated with giving ourselves to another. In many cases its sweet magic may be more suited for looking within to contact and nurture our own higher selves. In the words of Wikka High Priestess Dorothy Morrison, during this lunation, “We find it easier to… become the people we were born to be.” The latter goal also coincides with Boots’ assessment of June’s astrological influences. The prayers and charm suggested below are designed to optimize this promise.

Symbols for your altar, sacred corner or prayer circle

  • Candles, décor and/or garments in shades of yellow, gold and orange
  • Frankincense, myrrh or honey incense
  • Honey, dandelions, shed feathers
  • Mead, ale or beer
  • Amber
  • Honey sweets or baked goods to share after your ceremony

Elements for the Honey Moon Charm

  • A small, cloth bag-preferably honey-color or yellow
  • An small object that expresses your true self
  • Small strips of paper, approximately 2” x ½”, preferably pink or yellow
  • A pen
  • Optional: other symbols of bees and honey (each member of our prayer group used a piece of honey hard candy or throat lozenge and tissue decorated with bees)

Also have on hand a notebook or sheet of paper and pen.
Light your candle or candles, repeating words like those that follow three times:

This flame shines with the sweet light of the Mother that, filling (our) path(s) and providing all elements necessary to contact and develop my (our) true self (selves).

Light your incense, saying something like:

This is an offering for the Divine Mother and for my (our) guardian angel(s) who have always been with me (us). I now open to your assistance to contact and develop my (our) true self (selves) .

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Sagitarrius

The Same Mind that knows what my true path and dharma are also knows how to clarify and manifest them, and does so with Its almighty means and through Its infinite channels now.

After your first session with these prayers, you can fuel the process by writing down what you feel your true self and/or purpose are.

Results will become tangible as you repeat such affirmations for 7 minutes during 15 days or more.

Honeymoon Charm for Your True Self

(The following charm is inspired in another described by author Dorothy Morrison.)

  • Make a list of whatever resources you may need to identify and strengthen your inmost being. These may include any pertinent situations, strengths or things, such as:

    Daily time to discover my inner voice
    Discipline to do this
    Financial supply
    Signs or other guidance
    Harmony in my home
    Regular meditation
    A trip abroad
    Physical well-being

  • Copy the blessings you wrote onto the small strips of paper.
  • Put those and other objects (suggested in the above list) inside your bag.
  • Holding the charm in both hands, bless it affirmatively, with words like those that follow.

This token is a blessed symbol of my direct, personal connection with the Divine Mother, and my readiness to receive the assistance she sends to honor and develop my true self.

Take a few moments to feel the Omnipresent Love and Good that surround you and fill your space.

  • Wear the charm close to you for at least 28 days. Whenever it comes to your attention, remember that you are open to receive the gifts of Spirit now streaming to you.

You are a unique idea in the Divine Mind, with a purpose that is joyous and successful. Luna now mingles her rays with those of Spirit’s love, guiding you gracefully to know and live that purpose. Sacred initiatives like those suggested above help make a space in your vibrational field, allowing you to receive the gifts that flow like honey from the burgeoning comb of the Queen of Heaven. You deserve them. Pay attention to the caress from subtle realms that will come in response to your spiritual magic, and do whatever is in your power to use the opportunities that inevitably appear. Remember: audacious action is one of the most powerful kinds of prayer. 


Bills, Rex E., The Rulership Book (Tempe, Arizona, AFA, first printing 1971; 2007 edition now available).

Hart, Boots, CAP, Astrological Overview of June 2009 Influences,

Morrison, Dorothy, Everyday Moon Magic (St. Paul, Llewellyn Publications, 2003).

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