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Terry LambTerry Lamb
Planetary Overview
September 2014

The Planetary Overview provides an overview and synthesis of the month as a whole.

Daykeeper's September 2014 General Monthly Influences

by Terry Lamb

In September, our emphasis shifts from the Fixed-Sign process of stabilizing to the Mutable-Sign process of adapting and integrating. One of Murphy’s laws says that the first 99% of a project takes 99% of the time, and the last 1% takes the other 99% of the time. Completing and integrating a process is a fine art, and it is practiced by Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, each in its own way. The Signs of greatest emphasis now are Virgo and Pisces—Virgo in the form of the inner bodies, and Pisces with Neptune and Chiron.

This puts us in a healing frame, where we have been on an emphasized basis since Chiron and Neptune conjoined in 2010-11. The healing energies at first came through Aquarius, using thought to redirect the forces and fields. Now they flow and swirl in Pisces, reaching us as a field of magnetism and other rarefied states. These settle into our own energy field (aura) and circulate to dissolve the old obstructions they encounter.

This can be a bewildering process (to all but Pisceans) as it slowly, almost imperceptibly shifts our reality from within and moving outward and downward through the spheres. Its goal is wholeness of the entire unified field, both of the individual and of the collective, even the universe. Physical ailments are no longer pinned to the physical body but to deeper processes, finding their origins in karmic/ancestral patterns, unintegrated soul awareness, and connections with others in the hidden realms, among others.

The healing we seek now is the healing of the soul, which extends across many lifetimes. This makes some of what we experience inexplicable in "normal" terms. But the potential for healing is magnificent. This shift also turns death more overtly into part of the healing process (which it always has been).

While we experienced the peak of Neptune’s yearly cycle in late August, the peak with Chiron arrives on September 7–17 (with a kick from Neptune via Venus). Mars puts us to the test to see how we’re doing on the 21st and again on October 4.

One of the things we’ll experience is the recovery of fragments of Self that were separated off from our awareness in order to survive a trauma, perhaps not in this lifetime. For this reason, it is best to follow what we sense is leading us to greater wholeness and trust the process. No possibility for good is outside the box of Pisces’s healing balms. Let your soul be your guide.

We could allow Jupiter to undermine our healing if we rush to the feel-good moments we anticipate through this planet of optimism. Don’t brush aside the emotions that arise, the strange sense of alienation or abandonment, thinking that they will go away on their own. They could...but they showed up at the time they did because the context was right for them to emerge, and we will benefit if we honor their presence. They bring gifts of lightness and release.

One thing is a given: any strong emotion or reaction never finds its roots in the moment in which it occurs (unless it is warranted by the event). The source is in the past—in childhood, past lives, ancestral experiences that have become genetically encoded. Accept the random images, the strange dreams, the sudden irrational insight that accompanies any kind of pain.

And this should underscore that we need to befriend the Fixed-sign process of stabilization all the more. This will become increasingly prominent in the months to come, because it is not until August of next year that something you are working on now will be completed.

This has to do with the impending square of Jupiter and Saturn, a three-step process that will complete at that time. It’s not that we won’t make progress between now and then, but rather there is a need to remove old forms in order to bring in the new ones. Since the Fixed Signs do the heavy lifting, most of this takes place in the physical/visible world, with reverberations inwardly and echoes back. We already have the echo chamber going—the situations in which this process will operate.

This often plays itself out as something we are emotionally attached to versus something we are enthusiastically projecting ourselves into. Something we’re not sure we can or should leave behind juxtaposed with something we want. The attachments are primarily emotional, based on promises and vows that were made under the wrong circumstances or circumstances that no longer exist. Something about them is wrong, and they need to understood, adjusted, or thrown out altogether. For instance, a vow made by a child in childhood, although most likely a form of loving self-entrapment, is not something that we should feel we have to take responsibility for.

One of the challenges here as well, is the "too good to be true" challenge. It may be tempting to deny an emerging situation or energy because it simply seems "too good to be true." But we have to learn to accept our miracles after we have worked so hard to create them. Don’t let your gaze drop from the goal, and take the time to get used to and fully embrace your newly manifesting reality. Saturn in Scorpio has given us a hard run, full of emotional release, and we can’t let that blind us to the glittering jewel of spirit that we are as we move into what we deserve.

September carries us forward into a new phase of our growth and evolution which we have the chance to activate now through the end of the year and fulfill by next August. Give yourself time to heal and ground your growth this September, and you’ll set the stage for the maximum rewards in 2015.

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