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June 2009
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4/24 Taurus New Moon
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5/19 Scorpio Full Moon

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April 2008
4/5 New Moon in Aries
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7/14 Cancer New Moon

June 2007
6/30 Capricorn Full Moon
6/14 Gemini New Moon

May 2007
Full Moon

5/2 Scorpio Full Moon

Apr 2007
4/17 New Moon in Aries
4/2 Full Moon in Libra

Mar 2007
3/4 Full Moon in Virgo

Feb 2007
2/17 New Moon in Aquarius
2/1 Full Moon in Leo

Jan 2007
1/18 New Moon in Capricorn


New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July  2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

The magic of this portal is particularly intense. Due to its proximity to perigee, its duration is the longest of any total eclipse of the Sun until 2132. A window has opened to momentarily suspend common, rational perception and get in touch with our individual vision and courage, those strengths that empower us to act on the particular destiny of service that each of us incarnated with.

Eclipses activate one of the two lunar nodes, and this one connects to the Dragon’s Tail, indicating donation, or giving something, as well as release of energy from the past. The emphasis on the past is reiterated by its sign, Cancer, and two other pertinent energies: The corresponding Sabian symbol describes a daughter of the American Revolution. This metaphor has a strange echo in the fact that the eclipse day is also associated with an illustrious Greek seeress, Damo, who was also the daughter of Pythagoras and heiress to the secrets of his philosophy.

Each of these women brings fresh embodiment to the traditions of idealistic wisdom into which they were born: their images lead us to reconnect with our own highest legacy. In her book, Eclipses, Predicting World Events and Personal Transformation, Celeste Teal has named the current portal, “Desire for Reform.” The following suggestions for inner work are designed to help us rediscover the best of our inherited values and ideals, as we activate the capacity for personal and planetary improvement.     

Prayerful alterations

  • A candle: white, cream-colored or natural beeswax
  • Minerals, such as moonstone, silver, pearl, opal, quartz
  • Incense, especially lotus, myrrh or sandalwood
  • Wild flowers or plant
  • An object in tribute to those physical and/or spiritual ancestors that preceded this incarnation and whose contribution you value highly—it might be a book, picture, flowers, food, and so on.

Also have on hand: a notebook and pen

Ceremony to reconnect with your spiritual heritage

1. Call on the Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael, the angel of truth, and ask for their blessing in your prayer space, and assistance in freeing from lethargy, doubt, and brainwashing as you begin a new cycle of service related to your spiritual heritage.

2. Make a list of ideals you have inherited. These may be from your country, family, school of thought, line of study, preferred spiritual tradition, whatever tendency or context has positively flavored the highest and best you are today.

3. Write a heartfelt note of thanks to those ancestors who contributed to your legacy.

4. Ask yourself what parts of this legacy remain true to your highest self, to what you have come to give, and underline those tendencies or reformulate them in writing.

5. Take a moment to imagine that before you there is an angel, or a spiritual ancestor you especially admire.

6. Mentally ask your chosen guide what steps you can take to live the legacy of Spirit that you came in with.

7. Take a moment to listen for the answer.

8. Repeat thoughts like those that follow during 6 minutes with full attention:

The glow of Spirit in me is irresistibly attractive to whatever is necessary to express my highest legacy. I allow myself to receive the opportunities, inspiration, courage, guidance and resources that have been appointed for me and fly to me through the angelic network of the universe now.

9. Those who enjoy working with dreams will get even deeper results by repeating steps 5 through 8 each night before sleeping, and keeping the notebook on hand to write new insights that arise in dreams.

The current news and information tends to confirm the message of stellar events. So far during this portal, we can note the case of US Army Specialist Victor Agosto, who publicly refused to deploy with his unit to Afghanistan, on the basis that the war there is unconstitutional. This news evokes the courage and idealism that can now surge forth. I also just received a video of Declan, a young boy with an angelic voice, who sings plaintively, “Why am I here?”, questioning a world where people should be kinder to one another. To heed the child within, who was born with a dream of goodness, to recover the courage and love with which our ancestors opened paths of truth, these are intentions the current portal empowers. Those who give it a chance, opening the apparently small window of prayer, will connect with some mighty forces indeed, opening a new cycle of expression in our own original legacies.

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