Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
The Significance of These Times

2007 (from Maya's personal archives)

Aquarius in the Air


2006--A Challenging Year

Manuel Lopez Obrador Solar Return
Jupiter Square Saturn and the U.S. Election

Mars Retrograde and the U.S.
Last Call for Jupiter Square Saturn
Worse than 9-11
September 29, Day of Infamy for the U.S.

Mexico's Solar Return

The Road to 2012—Rerun
The Israeli Invasion of Lebanon
Bush, Lebanon and U.S. Retrogrades

Jupiter Times Three

Summer Solstice, A Season of Power
General Michael Hayden
A Note on the Jupiter-Saturn Square

Immigrants' Rights, the New Revolution
Happy Birthday, NYSE—No. 214

The Road to 2012
April 10: Special Note on Mars

To What Do We Say "Yes"?
Starhawk—Bioremediating New Orleans

Bolivia: A New Day Dawns for Latin America
The War Makers

2006, A Karmic Year for the U.S.
Bush Negates the Magna Carta

Dick Cheney in 2006


December 2006--A Challenging Year and Centro Engel Update
November Karl Rove Is Still A-Roving, A Note on Condoleezza Rice, and Neptune and Juno
October Katrina... What Now?
September Self-Assertion on the Rise; Global Warming, Alaska Update; and Special Section on Mexico
August Judge John Roberts, Ruling for Government and Corporations and Pluto, Neptune and UB313
July George W. Bush and the USA: Solar Returns; Centro Engel, a Healing Center for Women; Pallas Athena, Congress and Iraq; Justice O'Connor's Resignation; and Quincunxes, Yods and Patience
Is Social Security Broke? Part II
May Joseph Ratzinger, John Paul II's "Aries Hammer" and Is Social Security Broke? Part I
April The Wounded Healer Enters Aquarius and A Note on Terri Schiavo
March Global Climate Change... Why Now? and Paul Hawken, Environmentalist and Entrepreneur and Fear and Killing in Haiti
February Mars Retrograde and the U.S., Part II and Global Climate Change Demands Attention
January Pivotal Years for the U.S. as Mars Turns Retrograde (part 1 of 2), The Inauguration Chart, and Happy Birthday, Mr. Vice President

December 2005, The Year Ahead
November How Do Current Times Fit into the Picture Ahead for the U.S.?
October Election Influences and The U.S. Group Mind
September Chiron, Teacher of Heroes and Michael Moore, Crusader for the Common People
August The John-John Team

July Happy Birthday, Mr. President—GWB's Solar Return
June Venus Transits the Sun on June 8,
Haiti—Regime Change Strikes Again, Part III, and Special Update on Haiti
May Haiti—Regime Change Strikes Again, Part II and A Note on Dick Cheney

April Haiti—Regime Change Strikes Again, Part I
March Saturn and the U.S.
February Saturn and the Democratic Candidates
January The U.S. Neptune and New Year 2004: Mars as Spiritual Warrior

December The Water Walker and A Special Message from Maya: Holding Hope in These Chaotic Times
November Terminator Wins California
October Ceres and the Crisis in "Free" Trade
September Arnold, or Cruz?
August Will Gray Davis Survive the Recall Attempt?
July Saturn and the U.S. Birthday and Notes on Kucinich and Dean
June Keep an Eye on Kucinich and What's in Store for 2012?
May The Confederacy to the Rescue!
April Uranus in Pisces, and the Rush to War, and to Peace and Mid-Month "Report from the Front"
March Spiritual Awakening Begins... Uranus Enters Pisces
February How Has Uranus, Traveling Through Aquarius, Changed the World? and Reflections on the 2/1 Columbia Shuttle Crash
January What's the Shape of 2003?

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December A Time to Revise Consciousness
November Paul Wellstone, Man of the People
October Midheavens, Mars Placements and Composite Charts—Some Notes on the U.S. Administration
September Empire, or Democracy?
August Why Corporations Rule the Nation
July GWB and the U.S.—Some Birthday Notes
June Star Wars: The Mad Dream Commences
May Taurus, Juno and Terrorism: Israel, Palestine and the U.S.
April Where Is the U.S. Headed?
March What Can Ralph Nader Do for the United States?

February Where's Cheney? and U.S. Aquarian Progressions: Is this the Age of Aquarius?
January Elemental Connections Between the Charts of G.W. Bush and the USA

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December Pluto and Saturn, Messengers of Reality
November Pluto Strikes Again, Or, the Empire Is Not Invincible
October The Significance of These Times
September Saturn-Pluto Opposition, Part II
August Saturn-Pluto Opposition, Part I
July George W. Bush, A Planetary Snapshot
June Star Wars—Is That What We Want?
May Earth Changes III
April Earth Changes II
March Earth Changes I
February Blackout Blackmail
January What's Ahead for 2001? and Fateful Election

December Election Aftermath
November Mercury and Change
October The Election

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