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Cheney Birth Chart

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J A N U A R Y    2 0 0 5   

Cheney Birthday Charts

Dick Cheney was born on January 30, 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska (view birth chart). He has Sun at 11 Aquarius in the workaholic 6th house, and Moon at 23 Pisces in the 7th house of partnership. This is a combination which puts together intelligence and intuition, and can result in genius and/or some very weird fantasies.

Virgo is rising, with his ascendant flanked by Vesta and Juno. Juno there shows how ever-present his own fears are, and Vesta is the lady to provide protection (eliciting a remark by one of his peers in Congress that "he never saw a defense or gun bill that he didn’t vote for").

The asteroids all dominate his chart. Pallas Athena, the commanding lady with the smarts and sense of strategy, is on his nadir, providing his base, and Ceres, the Great Mother, conjoins his Mars. It may be that when he betrays his heart with his misuse of Mars, Ceres goes on strike, and refuses to provide his body with the nourishment of the blood.

Dick Cheney went through a very rough patch this fall, and difficult times continue for him (view progressed chart). His progressed Mars is in Aquarius, and it will enter his 6th house of health in a few years, when it is apt to attack his body. Now it is very close to his progressed nadir, a vulnerable place.

Next autumn’s eclipses will impact his progressed Aries planets in his 6th house, possibly adversely affecting his health.

Transiting Pluto is renovating Cheney’s 4th house of foundations. Moon, which shows our emotional needs, is the star performer now. Pluto began squaring Moon in November. It will do so again in October-November 2005. Pluto square Moon brings crises into our emotional lives which make us feel very alone. Our existential loneliness comes home to us.

At that time Cheney also has Mars retrograding over his Taurus planets. Next autumn will be a difficult period for him, beginning around October 1.

Cheney’s Solar Return, or birthday chart (view solar return chart), has mutable signs on the four angles, which are the most expressive locations in a chart. This indicates that his attitude in the world will be flexible, changeable, and perhaps with a focus on health. Vesta in Aries on the ascendant shows that he will ferociously guard his self-interests.

His self-interests will have much to do with his Libra partner, as shown by Moon, Pallas, and Jupiter in Libra in the 7th house. Moon directly opposes Vesta to send his partner’s emotional need messages straight to him. These 7th house Libra planets match GW’s stellium in Libra, including his Moon. They fill Cheney’s 7th house, and Bush is obviously the partner indicated.

Cheney’s protective Vesta also matches Bush’s natal Vesta. They will be particularly close this coming year.

Sun is in the 11th house of ideals and aspirations, along with Neptune, who dreams really big. Venus, Chiron, and Mercury add personality and personal motives to the action here, which is undertaken in pursuit of the larger picture. This is the house of government, especially the congressional arm, and of corporations.

The powerhouse team, Mars and Pluto, are in Cheney’s 9th house of foreign adventures.

Cheney’s Solar Return 7th house cusp of partnership conjoins his natal Neptune. Cheney has a tendency to be gullible anyway, and this enhances that tendency. His psyche will be wide open to that Libra energy partner, namely GW Bush.

The 12th house is where we hide things. With Juno and Uranus there, Cheney will have an undercurrent of fear and nervousness underlying his days. His effort is to keep terror at bay, but suddenly anything could pop out of the blue and upset him.

In general, Cheney shows a year of making many connections with the world, particularly with corporations and government, and showing much flexibility in his actions. He is tied to GW Bush with an umbilical cord. He is very assertive in foreign ventures and very protective of self. Surprises will come from "nowhere" and upset his equilibrium.