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Dick Cheney

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Notes on Dick Cheney

by Maya del Mar

There is general agreement that Dick Cheney is the most influential man in this Administration. When I first made a file for the aforesaid principals, I called it "Cheney and Friends." GW’s charts got placed in that file as well. Time has borne out this conclusion. Now they are holding hands in a cozy little untaped, unrecorded private conversation with the 9-11 Commission in the White House.

I did a write-up on Dick Cheney’s chart in February, 2002. I also mentioned the composite chart for Dick and George, and concluded that the combination of the two was a clear indication of war.

Dick Cheney’s chart can be found by clicking on the link to the left. His Pisces Moon, especially in the seventh house of relationships, has always been suspect to me. Pisces moon can be difficult. Moon shows our habitual and instinctive response to life. Pisces moon needs to find some way to transcend reality, a difficult habit on this earth. The tendency is to be a drifter and dreamer, to go off into personal visionary trips, perhaps with the help of drugs or alcohol. There can be a compulsive dependency, a difficulty in facing reality, and a life lived under a cloud of denial. This moon favors spiritual, artistic, and metaphysical endeavors.

Cheney’s secondary progressions show Mars conjoined his IC, his home base. This is a very pushy place. It shows conflict, possibly war, and possibly injury. Mars has been in that location for about one year, and will remain in orb of the conjunction for another nine months. The Venus transit on June 8 may have it in for his natal Mars, for it exactly opposes it. Cheney's natal Mars rules his eighth house of death and regeneration.

Cheney’s progressed Mars is exactly opposite progressed Transpluto, which is right at the top of the chart. Transpluto is the energy of resurrection.

Uranus, natal and transiting, also is part of this picture. Uranus acts suddenly, and rules Cheney’s 6th house of health.

At the time of the election, Cheney’s progressed moon in Cancer conjoins the Suns of the U.S. and Bush. The nation will feel very emotional about him, and there will be an affinity with him.

The Taurus New Moon, on May 18-19, sits on Cheney’s midheaven. This means a new start for him in public life.

Several possible scenarios can be pieced together from these highlights. Dick Cheney is a man to watch.